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Episodes of Friendshipping!

It's the last episode of the Friendshipping podcast... but YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF US!! Sign up for our weekly newsletter at the top of this here website to get friendship-related advice, tips, and pictures of our respective dogs. This wee
Class solidarity means paying your friends fairly! But sometimes, our buds would prefer a little special treatment, even if we can't reasonably give it to them. This week, we'll go over what to say when your friends demand a discount, what to g
After seven years, it's the beginning of the end. This is the first of the last three episodes of the Friendshipping podcast.  But good news for all you Friendshippers: this is also the beginning... of the beginning?! Soon, Friendshipping will
Our asker this week lacks one of the MANY very specific skills that society asks us all to have, and guess what? It ain't that big a deal! Tune in this week for a spirited conversation about how bad cars are. We also go over the etiquette of ca
If you want to know what your friends want, you’ll have to either ask them, or search your memory banks in hopes you can recall what they actually asked of you in the first place. This week, we’re going to be careful with how we share our exper
If there’s one thing we at Friendshipping Incorporated can promise you, it’s that if we read your question on the show, we will answer it to the best of our ability. Today, we give an answer that nobody wants to ever receive, and it goes a litt
In this absolute doozy of an episode, our asker hopes to save a long-term friendship that has recently plummeted down the toilet. Unfortunately, his friend has absorbed and accepted a whole lot of questionable-to-terrible opinions from YouTube.
In this week's thrilling installment of Friendshipping, we're discussing pre-grets: The regret-like feelings that plague a person before anything bad has even happened yet. We'll also cover making tough choices, kicking your own ass, and  start
Friendship and Food are two of our favorite F words. But sometimes the etiquette of dining with pals can be a bit tricky! This week we'll discuss screwing up, doing better, and cringing quietly to yourself every night as you go over your Person
A new, interesting, and difficult thing has occurred: this week’s asker is going through a life transition and experiencing bittersweet nostalgia. Today you will hear about cherishing memories whilst you make new ones, enjoying all of the lives
A group of friends is fracturing, and now there are far too many group chats for this week’s asker to keep up with. Let’s take a deep dive into the impermanence of friend groups, the importance of stated boundaries, and defaulting to the lowest
I'm fixated on one friend who doesn't seem as invested as I am. In fact, I find myself obsessing about our level of communication. I feel caught in this loop of waiting to be talked to, and sending messages that don't always get replies. How c
Alright folks, let's say it one more time, with feeling: Crushes are mostly meaningless. And past crushes? Extremely meaningless. This week, we'll discuss coming out piece by piece, tappin' some mapes, and how no gay+ people should ever have pr
Here's an episode about how to talk to your friends about your break ups, or how to not talk about them, if that's your preference. And don't miss our new segment, Adding Jenn's Name To Song Titles!CWs: divorce, brief mention of COVID-19.
In this week's episode, we discuss the astounding fact that we can start seeing people again, and what that might mean! A special thank you to Jamie Sanchez for guesting as our expert extrovert: also highly recommend
You are cool and interesting, and people want your time. Unfortunately, you are a mere mortal human. You can't just give out your time and energy like free samples at Costco. In this episode, we'll discuss being present for, but not solving, yo
It's springtime now folks, and you know what that means: everybody's itching to go out, and everybody's getting vaccinated. Wooo! Though it's still going to be a little while before it's safe to party, this week's asker is already worried about
When seeking advice about joking around with your pals, asking two people who have a podcast about friendship and also occasionally write comedy for a living is a pretty solid place to start. Today we’ll talk about being too depressed to find a
Roommates: can't live with 'em, can't afford an apartment without 'em. Sometimes they're friends, and sometimes they're just another human being stinking up your home. It's time to set some ground rules, bust out some clear communication, and s
When your coworkers describe themselves as a close knit dysfunctional family, are you obligated to participate? This week, we'll talk about how very healthy and normal it is to have a job that is "just a job." We'll also discuss why you should
Teens these days have a lot going on! Too much, if you ask us. This week we'll discuss never going to therapy, always protecting your energy, and occasionally telling your friends information about yourself sometimes. Have you ever wondered wha
A very nice bisexual woman has been repeatedly failed by the members of her book club—and not just in the normal ways, like never reading any of the books! Instead, they're failing her in much more disappointing, homophobic, misogynist ways, an
Extroverts in the pandemic. Much like dark matter, our calculations suggest that they must exist, but we've had no hard evidence or firsthand accounts... UNTIL NOW. Our asker wants to know if she should just give up and move on from her less-ac
There are few things more frustrating than attempting to take an Internet Cleanse... only to be continuously derailed by memes from your pals. This week, we'll discuss discouraging your friends from sending you links to Instagram drama, and Int
Tale as old as balls: All of your friends really love doing ONE THING together, and it's the ONE THING that you simply do not want to do. Today's asker is tired of playing the often stressful online game "Among Us." Sounds like it's time again
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