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EPISODE 29: OBSESSION IS TERRIFYING!Stalkers. Crazed fans. Obsessed people simply cannot stop, and their pursuit of their obsession leaves the victim crippled, through fear and even violence. Join us as we explore this terrifying topic!HORROR IN THE MOVIESPERFECT films for this episode: CAPE FEAR and MISERY!WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?Everyone's fave segment returns!WOULD YOU RATHR?A series of terrifyingly silly choices await Matty and Andrew... what will they choose?!
Audiences now know the genius work of actress Alex Essoe, after her brilliant take on Wendy Torrance in DOCTOR SLEEP, sequel to THE SHINING. Andrew and Matty welcome Alex to the show in this interview as they chat about her career, STARRY EYES, DOCTOR SLEEP, and, of course, her favorite koozie. (Hint - it's a FriGay koozie!)
CHICAGO IS TERRIFYING (BUT ALSO PRETTY COOL)!Join your favorite Chicago-based podcast hosts as they take you on a terrifying journey of the Windy City! HORROR IN REAL LIFEGhosts! Racism! Cabrini Green! A graveyard as big as a city! The devil baby of Hull House! It's all here folks, as thick as deep dish and as salty as a Chicago Dog.HORROR IN MEDIABaby Jesus BLESSED us all when he said "Let there be CANDYMAN and STIR OF ECHOES," and thus... we are chatting all about these truly amazing horror films. Listen to us GUSH over these flicks!WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?Tune in for a SPOILER FREE take on IT: CHAPTER TWO!SLICE LEFT, SLICE RIGHTIn our gay horror version of Tinder, who will the boys choose?!
BONUS EPISODE: The FriGays Go to HORROR HOUND WEEKEND!Andrew, Matty, and our producer Michael took a road trip to the crossroads of America, Indianapolis, for one of the largest horror conventions in the world. They met celebrities! They met fans! They passed out approximately 1 million koozies! They met She-Squatchers (listen in to find out what that is LOL!)! They drank profusely! It was a great time-- join in to hear all that went down!
HORROR HOOKUP: Mark Patton of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2!The boys are back, with their most exciting horror hookup yet-- the one, the only: MARK PATTON of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2: FREDDY'S REVENGE!Mark left Hollywood not long after NIGHTMARE 2, when he was poised to become a big star. He had just starred in the most successful horror film yet, he had already been onstage and on screen with the likes of Cher, Kathy Bates, and Sandy Dennis... but the homophobia of Hollywood in the 80s meant that he couldn't be who knew he was. Listen in for insights on Mark's life, his work, NIGHTMARE 2, and his experience as an LGBT person.
EPISODE 38: FOOD IS TERRIFYING (when you know where it comes from)!HORROR IN REAL LIFEFood-- we can't live without it. But what happens when a pandemic threatens to change the food supply chain? What happens when we REALLY know what goes into our food... and what it can do to our bodies? Come with us on a scary gastronomical ride!HORROR IN THE MOVIESMOTEL HELL and THE STUFF are two films we just couldn't pass up for this episode!WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?Tune in to hear what the boys have been watchin... bitch!QUEER EYE FOR THE HORROR GUYMatty and Andrew take a couple stabs at how these movies could have been better, if only they were a little bit queerer...
EPISODE 31: FEAR - BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!HORROR IN REAL LIFEFear-- it's everywhere these days. Matty and Andrew come to you from quarantine, each sequestered in their own homes, with a special episode all about something we all face: FEAR. From fear of flying to a fear of holes, this episode covers it all.HORROR IN THE MOVIESARACHNOPHOBIA (1990) explores the #1 fear most humans have, while THE DESCENT (2005) takes us deep down into the earth, where you have no choice but to face your darkest fears.WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?Well... they're gonna tell ya! Bitch!SLICE LEFT, SLICE RIGHTIn this terrifying game of Tinder, who will the boys swipe right for? Tune in and find out!FIND US ON THE WEB:Twitter: @FriGay13Instagram:
We are here to BRIGHTEN up your #quarantine with an interview with the one-and-only JERRY O'CONNELL! @mrjerryoc was so lovely to speak with. We had an amazing chat about #SCREAM2, #SatanicPanic, #StandByMe, #HIV and #AIDS, #RealHousewives, his lovely wife @RebeccaRomijn... and so much more! Don't miss this AMAZING interview!
EPISODE 30: WORK SUCKS!Work. We all have to do it, whether we like it... or we HATE it! HORROR IN REAL LIFEWorkplace statistics on happiness and despair are staggeringly terrifying these days. With more "deaths of despair" than ever, what does it mean to be a worker in today's workplace? And jeez Louise... if we hear any more stories about sexual harassment in the workplace? We're gonna LOSE OUR MINDS!HORROR IN MOVIESMAYHEM and THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (both from 2017) just fit perfectly for this episode. So strap on your strap-ons honey... it's gonna be a wild ride.WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?The boys have been watchin'... and now you're gonna listen... bitch!HOTTIE OF THE EPISODEYa gotta listen to find out!SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS-It's FriGay's TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! AHHHH!-Don't miss our HALF-O-WEEN event with Creepy Co. and The Music Box Theatre, coming Thursday, April 30. We're welcoming MARK PATTON, star of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2: FREDDY's REVENGE, and the new documentary SCREAM, QUEEN: MY NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET! Matty and Andrew will be interviewing Mark on the MAIN STAGE of The Music Box. It's our BIGGEST event yet... don't miss it!
EPISODE 28: SECRET SOCIETIES ARE TERRIFYING!HORROR IN REAL LIFEThe boys are dishing out the intel on secret societies, and WOW do they have some shit to tell you. So listen in! From The Order of the Skull and Bones to a secret society in Chicago you've probably NEVER heard of before... we got it all right here!HORROR IN FILMYou know we had pick 2000's THE SKULLS... but you may not have seen 1989's SOCIETY. Don't worry, we have the secret handshake for you to get in.THESE MOVIES WILL SLAY!The boys chat about some films they are VERY excited about!HOTTIE OF THE EPISODE... it needs no explanation!
EPISODE 27: OUR BODIES ARE TERRIFYING/BEAUTIFULHORROR IN REAL LIFEOur bodies. They're ours for life. So why do some of us face an affliction where we simply can't accept them as they are, in all their shapes and sizes? It's a tough one, but the boys talk it out in this episode that tackles body dysmorphia and more.HORROR IN FILMA chat on 1996's THINNER and 2009's DRAG ME TO HELL!WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?Oh we been watchin'! Listen in to hear more.SLICE LEFT, SLICE RIGHTIn this terrifying riff on Tinder, who will the boys choose?!2019 LISTENER SURVEYDon't forget to take the survey before January 30:
EPISODE 26: IRELAND IS AMAZING (...but The Troubles Are Terrifying!)HORROR IN REAL LIFEMatty's back from his month-long stay in the Republic of Ireland, and WOW he had an amazing time. He also visited Northern Ireland, where the legacy of The Troubles continues. Join the boys as they discuss the complicated history that has been a real-life horror for so long.HORROR IN MEDIATwo awesome movies created by Irish artists, directed by Irish artists, and starring Irish actors: GRABBERS and THE HOLE IN THE GROUND!WHATCHA' BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?!Then boys discuss what THEY HAVE BEEN WATCHIN'... bitch!HOTTIE OF THE EPISODEWho will Matty and Andrew choose?! Listen in to find out!2019 LISTENER SURVEY!Don't forget to complete our 2019 Listener Survey before January 30, and secure your chance to win one of three $20 gift cards to Creepy Co.!
IMPOSTERS ARE TERRIFYING!Ever get that lurking suspicion that someone just isn't who they claim to be? From ex's to fake children, from fake heiresses to the everyday imposter-ing we all sometimes do, we take a deep dive into this fascinating topic!HORROR IN MEDIAImposters are ALL OVER THE PLACE in 1993's BODY SNATCHERS and 2014's THE GUEST!WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?The boys rattle off their recent watches, along with our selection from our Patreon patrons Drunk Dish Podcast and Parker Wesley! SLICE RIGHT, SLICE LEFTIn this devious game of Tinder-ish choices, who will the boys pick out of these hotties? Listen in to find out!
You've NEVER heard an interview like this... and we've never held one like it, either. Dr. Rebecca Foster is a spiritual guide and medium. The boys met her at Horror Hound in Indianapolis, and were astounded at what she had to say. She has more to say in this interview-- for Andrew, for Matty, and for YOU. Listen in... you DO NOT want to miss this!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!It's our annual Halloween episode, and it's our FAVORITE time of the year-- SPOOKY SEASON!HORROR IN REAL LIFEAndrew and Matty bring some spooky ass stories to y'all, with tales of real-life horror from beyond the grave...HORROR IN MEDIAOur Halloween episodes feature a knock-down, drag-out fight between two films, and this year it's THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT vs HELL HOUSE LLC! Which one will win? Which film will be sacrificed to the Dark Lord? LISTEN IN AND FIND OUT!WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?Oh, LOTS! This edition includes two films from our newest patrons on Patreon, IN THE TALL GRASS (from David) and VICTIM (fromSimon)!HOTTIE OF THE EPISODEWho will they choose? LISTEN IN!Have a FABULOUS Halloween! xoxoAndrew and Matty
IN SPACE, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU PODCAST!Join the boys and their robot MikeHAL on a terrifying journey through SPACE! This ain't aliens, folks, this is all about that terrifying black hole that surrounds us all. And lord knows, we love a hole!HORROR IN REAL LIFEThe boys chat about the Soyuz 11, when the Russians tried to beat the ol US of A! Wener von Braun! And Matty rattles off the 5 most terrifying things about space!HORROR IN THE MOVIESSUNSHINE is Danny Boyle's space masterpiece, and we have FEELINGS about it! Also, EVENT HORIZON is serving up some space demon nightmare REALNESS!QUEERSTIONS!We answer them!HOTTIE OF THE EPISODE...listen in to find out!
EPISODE 20: HOLLYWOOD HORROR!Lights! Camera! ACTION! The boys traipse over to Tinsel Town to chat all about Hollywood Horror! Learn about EDDIE MANNIX, the fixer that did nefarious deeds all over Hollywood, and about sleazeball Bryan Singer... the boys DO NOT hold back on this!Next, listen in as they chat up two Hollywood-centric films: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? and STARRY EYES!AND! There's a new segment at the end... but you gotta listen in to learn more!LISTEN NOW!
Bigfoot. Yeti. Sasquatch. Andrew and Matty dive in to it all with Jen Kruse, Team Leader of SHE SQUATCHERS, the Midwest's first all-female team searching for Bigfoot. Learn about the history of Sasquatch, the importance of Sasquatch in Native American lore, and all about real-life searches for Sasquatch himself.
EPISODE 50: LOVE CAN BE TERRIFYINGAs Newman once said on Seinfeld, “Love is a spice with many tastes; a dizzying array of textures and moments.” Well, eat up, kids, because the boys have prepared a spicy dish for you, all about LOVE. Andrew has some scary stories to share, and Matty has some thoughts on the terrifying nature of love, and why we keep doing it wrong. HORROR IN THE MOVIESTHE CRUSH and FEAR? Yikes, you may never want to date anyone ever again! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN’, BITCH?!Listen in to hear what the boys have been watchin’... bitch! LISTENER CALL IN Hear from your fellow FriGays as we play real recordings of voicemails left on the FriGay Hotline!--A proud member of DREAD PODCAST NETWORKSupport FRIGAY THE 13TH: Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @FriGay13Website:
EPISODE 49: PUBLIC EDUCATION IS TERRIFYING!It’s a terrifying time in America for teachers, staff, and students as they continue to trudge through the COVID-19 pandemic. But when has education in America not been scary? We also welcome special guest Eva Padilla, teacher in Chicago Public Schools, to chat about the conditions in Chicago, and the looming teachers' strike.Dig in with us, as we crack open the books for a deep study on the horrors of public education! HORROR IN THE MOVIESCUTTING CLASS and THE FACULTY? Two perfect specimens for this lab report! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN’, BITCH?!Their book report… OOPS, MOVIE REPORT is ready for you, Mr. Johnson! HOTTIE OF THE EPISODEThe jock or the nerd… who will the boys choose?!--A proud member of DREAD PODCAST NETWORKSupport FRIGAY THE 13TH: Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @FriGay13Website:
Grab your coffee, slam a Red Bull, and pop a caffeine pill… because the boys are taking you on a terrifying journey you can’t sleep through! You’ll never sleep again after hearing these tales… HORROR IN THE MOVIESIt’s finally time: we’re talking all about Nancy’s Dream with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, DREAM WARRIORS, and NEW NIGHTMARE! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN’, BITCH?Listen in to hear what Andrew and Matty have been watchin’... bitch! NIGHTMARE ON MY STREETHow would Freddy use the boys’ fears to get them in their dreams? LISTEN IN! --A proud member of DREAD PODCAST NETWORKSupport FRIGAY THE 13TH: Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @FriGay13Website:
Dive to the deepest depths of the sheer TERROR of the ocean with Andrew and Matty! Pollution? SCARY! Shipwrecks? OMG! Weird fish and other creatures? HOLY CRAP! HORROR IN THE MOVIES1989 had MANY horror films on the ocean… and we focus on LEVIATHAN and DEAD CALM! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN’, BITCH?!Tune in to find out what the boys have been watchin'... bitch! BEST OF 2020What films and performers did Andrew and Matty admire most in 2020? Tune in to find out!--A proud member of DREAD PODCAST NETWORKSupport FRIGAY THE 13TH: Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @FriGay13Website:
FriGay the 13th has officially certified the entirety of 2020 as TERRIFYING. It was a tough year, but the boys stuck it out with you-- and now it's time to review the year that was.  HORROR IN THE MOVIESTALES FROM THE HOOD and IT COMES AT NIGHT offer some interesting lenses through which to view and process this awful year. WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?!Tune in to find out what the boys have been watchin'... bitch! PREDICTIONS AND RESOLUTIONSThe ouija board and the crystal ball have given us some clues...--A proud member of DREAD PODCAST NETWORKSupport FRIGAY THE 13TH: Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @FriGay13Website:
HO HO freakin' HO! There may be a pandemic, but the Holidays are here-- whether you like it or not! Even without the insanity of COVID, Christmas has always been a stress-fest. Listen in as Matty and Andrew wade through it!  HORROR IN THE MOVIESThe cinematic gem SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT and Shudder's BETTER WATCH OUT are perfect picks for this episode! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH?!Listen in to hear what we've been watchin'... bitch! HOTTIE OF THE EPISODEWHO WILL THEY CHOOSE?! Listen in to find out!--A proud member of DREAD PODCAST NETWORKSupport FRIGAY THE 13TH: Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @FriGay13Website:
From HAPPY ENDINGS all the way to Shudder's upcoming CREEPSHOW holiday special and everything in between, our conversation with Adam Pally was a delight. Listen in to hear more!--A proud member of DREAD PODCAST NETWORKSupport FRIGAY THE 13TH: Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @FriGay13Website:
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