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  FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Kyle Racki, Co-founder & CEO - Proposify Every time I interview a Founding CEO from Canada, I am struck by the sincere, humble, hard working nature of the country's startup community. Kyle is a shining example. He overcame some significant adversities to build the tool that helps business close deals faster. His honesty, charm, and candid stories about his journey from Founder to CEO will made you think about your journey. Send me an email and let me know what you think.
  FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Kelly Boyer, CEO & Founder - Paleta   Kelly beat cancer and now leads a fast-growth farm-to-table meal delivery company. She is an amazing person and CEO. She shares some of her triumphs and challenges as well as what happened when she hired the wrong operations executive.
Today's Podcast:   Robby Mathis, Co-founder & Partner - The Robby Group In the financial services world, any time I hear about organizations that are growing by another team member every 2 months, I take notice. This is especially true in the accounting, bookkeeping, and tax areas. Robby Mathis talks about the secret to growing his company and his own growth as a leader as he scales himself and The Robby Group. I think many of you can also relate to the fear he has about one component of business. 
FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Andrea Vidler, Co-founder & CEO - LocalAdventura Andrea ("Drea") and her team inspire me. I have personally traveled the world and fully appreciate when I am able to authentically connect with the people of the region I am visiting. Drea's emphasis on authentic experiences rather than simply bus "drive by gazing," is a refreshing approach to a travel industry that is increasingly dominated by familiar experiences. As she has built LocalAdventura, she has also experiences her own personal growth. In this interview she gets personal about: Why her favorite quite is from Margaret Mead How overcoming overthinking and over-planning helped her grow the company How using experiments and taking more risks were key to growing the company Why she invites other founders to speak with her team What happens when she sponsors team experiment competitions
David Mandell is one of those people whose deep caring of other people and whose deep sense of responsibility for others shines through everything he does. I was super excited when he agreed to this interview with me. I have been reading his blog for a while and have been very impressed with the depth of his writing and the sincere, candid expressions of his feelings, emotions, struggles, and wins on his personal leadership journey from Founder to CEO. Plus, he's just a really nice guy who happens to be changing real estate for the better. Please listen to the very end...I think his emotional story about his "most difficult decision" is worth listening to twice. As always, let me know what you think.
WAS THIS PODCAST VALUABLE TO YOU? IF SO, WOULD YOU TAKE A MOMENT TO RATE & REVIEW THE PODCAST ON ITUNES?   Click Here   FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"     Today's Podcast:   Dennis Brown, Founder and former CEO - Logistic Dynamics   How he used LinkedIn to grow his $45 million company His unwillingness to giving up control in order to grow the company. This quote: "You can't do it alone." This quote: "I started hiring to my weaknesses and giving them more control."
FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Will Henshall, Founder & CEO - Focus At Will Labs   It's not often that I get to interview a music legend like Will. Will was a member of the UK soul/pop group Londonbeat and co-wrote the group’s #1 selling songs, “I've Been Thinking About You,” and “Come Back." And, he is a serial entrepreneur whose HOT startup, focus@will, is helping millions focus better and boost productivity.  He was fascinating in this interview. He can talk about neuroscience in one moment, pop music in the next, and all the challenges shifting from founder to CEO in the next moment. He's truly a very talented man. In this interview you'll learn about: The two resources he believes are key for Founding CEOs What role he wishes he filled when he started focus@will How you can use music to become more productive
Renee Wang, Founder & CEO, CastBox Have you ever wanted to search INSIDE an audio product like a podcast or audiobook? Well, Renee (her real first name is Xiaoyu) and her team of 30 are tackling this huge opportunity. She personally brings an incredible resume to the founding of CastBox. A former Googler and admitted code geek, Renee's love for audio drove her to become a founder and start CastBox. I think her story about the loneliness of being a Founder & CEO may resonate with a lot of you. And, her tips to combat this all too common founder feeling will help you think more deeply about this.
We lost a valuable member of our team. Chelsea Berler. I miss her so much. In this episode I share the three things I learned from Chelsea and what you can learn from her, too.
WAS THIS PODCAST VALUABLE TO YOU? IF SO, WOULD YOU TAKE A MOMENT TO RATE & REVIEW THE PODCAST ON ITUNES?   Click Here   FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"     Today's Podcast:   Martha Huntley, Founder & CEO - WeGUSH I am very excited to share this Thanksgiving Day special episode with all of you around the world. In this episode we have the uplifting and inspiring story of Founding CEO, Martha Huntley, who is on a mission to help people expand the expression of gratitude around the world. This innovation platform is the perfect story to help us all think about expressing appreciation more often. However, it's not just for Thanksgiving, Martha's platform continues to expand as users connect and share gratitude 365 days a year. Hear her talk about: Why she is so passionate about her company. How she found her team members. What she learned about sharing her business idea.
Brian Schoenbaum, Founder & CEO - Vuka Collective It's not a secret that Austin, Texas is prime real estate for the startup and scale-up world. But, you may not have heard of a Founder & CEO who has been a big part of nurturing that spirit of innovation with a healthy dose of personal professional development. Brian Schoenbaum is one of those unique founders who can keep his success in perspective while embracing a thoughtful reflection on his own personal development. This former University of Georgia football player talks about what makes Vuka Collective special and how he manages to deal with the stress of scaling three mission driven companies.
  FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Greg Sausamam, CEO & Co-founder - Topper's Creamery   Who doesn't LOVE ice-cream? What Founding CEO doesn't love a simple, fast-growth, high ROI business model? That's what Greg Sausaman has helped create with Topper's Creamery, a premium soft-serve company that has a unique and profitable value proposition. Greg will win you over with his kind, honorable leadership and you'll love his story about the time one of his key people was leaving the company. 
FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Kerriann Greenhalgh, CEO & Founder - KeriCure, Inc   I love interviewing Founding CEOs because I get to speak with highly intelligent, impact leaders who are doing great things for others...and Dr. Kerriann Greenhalgh is a great example. She is using the power of nanoparticles to revolutionize wound care and even bring new life to old antibiotics. And, she is an equally amazing leader. Listen as she explains how she put all this together and her helpful tips about how to vet outside vendors and providers...her "buyers' club" is pure genius.
  FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Derek Tye, Founder & CEO - How Did He Knows   I am so fortunate to meet some amazing people with this platform we lovingly call "From Founder To CEO." Derek Tye is one of those amazing people. His creativity, determination, commitment to family and his wife and keen business acumen all combine into one really awesome person. His startup, How Did He Know, is pretty ingenuous. And, his personal insights about the transition from Founder to CEO are very insightful. Listen for yourself.
 FREE DOWNLOAD: "63Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs" Today's Podcast: Christopher Thompson, Founder & CEO - truBrain Christopher is forging new paths in the beverage andproductivity markets by measuring brainwaves usingneurofeedback to gauge how various factors (meditation, diet,distraction) affect performance in the in the modern, stressfulsetting. His company, truBrain, has captured the attention of agrowing number of enthusiasts in addition to being backed by asyndicate led by Sherpa Ventures, 500 Startups DistroFund,Brightstone Venture Capital, and Blueberry Ventures. It's Christopher's enthusiasm for growing his company and hisearnest desire to learn how to best motivate his team that willalso capture your attention. Gamification for team development?Yes. That's what Chris is doing. Listen and let me know what youthink.
FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs" Today's Podcast: Alex Kopicki, CEO & Co-founder - Kinglet Alex Kopicki is an experienced Baltimore real estate entrepreneur who is bringing airbnb and eharmony like experience to the commercial real estate world. Do you want to hear his story behind this quote: "Make sure you are communicating those little wins." Listen and learn as he shares the wisdom he has earned on the road from founder to CEO.
FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast: Bart Lorang, CEO & Co-founder - FullContact Bart Lorang doesn't give up. His focus on "being awesome with people" is not only inspirational, but it is also the secret sauce of his company value proposition. And, his candid expression of struggle and his story of sharing vulnerability will make you question whether or not you should keep things "bottled up" like many other Founding CEOs. He'll also share some unique accountability techniques that helps his team become exceptional.
  FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Danielle Morrill, CEO & Cofounder - Mattermark   Danielle turned a challenging startup outcome into a new, fast growing business that is dedicated to helping the world find the business information they need. I truly appreciated her candor in this interview. Her honest appraisal of her leadership challenge and key lessons about hiring executives are points I highly encourage you to think about. Listen and let me know what you think.
Regina and her team are bringing together tech, in-home services, and professional consultation at scale for women of color looking to simply their lives. This former Macy's leader is bolding going where no one has really gone before. And, and along the way she has learned many lessons that she shares with you in this revealing interview: Why being an expert marketing professional hindered her, at first What she learned about the best timing for public relations services Why doing the things that don't the beginning...helps to scale later My favorite quote: "The path to pretty should be easy for everyone."
Kent Gustavson, Founder & CEO - Blooming Twig Kent has the distinction of a first on the podcast. So far he is the only guest Founder who has played the banjo on the show. And, wow, is he good. His talent is relevant to the show's topic. Kent discusses the challenges of scaling an award-winning publishing company that is focused on quality, not necessarily templates that other firms use. In the process he has learned a lot about: Leading a remote team of creatives  Replacing himself when his talents have been key to the company's success
From Ukraine, to Germany, to New York City, Olga has traveled far for her entrepreneurial dreams. And, she has created a very unique experience for women in a growing number of cities. Turning the traditional dance class into a multimedia experience at major sporting events has brought Olga both success and challenges on the trail from Founder to CEO. Olga tells a harrowing travel story that led to physical exhaustion, sage advice from her father, and an awakening about the type of CEO she needs to be in order to grow her unique company. Plus, her philosophies around hiring are definitely worth a listen. I really enjoyed speaking with Olga and I know you'll enjoy this interview.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for hockey? Yes, former Olympic skating champion, Craig Buntin, left the Olympic ice for the hockey ice when he and his co-founder launched SPORTLOGiQ. Craig goes into great detail about: Why AI is misunderstood Which terms are likely to indicated an real AI company Why 25 NHL teams use SPORTLOGiQ How AI will impact betting in the United States Patents in AI Why his shifted from self-driving AI to sports AI The interesting way he got Mark Cuban to invest in his company The processes of removing responsibility "hats" as he has moved from Founder to CEO Why it was hard for him to personally leave behind product development as he has shifted to CEO
FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"     Today's Podcast:   Radha Basu, CEO & Founder - iMerit Technology Services   Do you think you know about technology? Do you think you know about shifting from Founder to CEO? You may think twice about that after listening to THE woman who founded Hewlett Packard's operations in India and set up the first software center of any multinational in Bangalore, India. Radha Basu will make you laugh, move your soul with her inspiring mission, and stir your imagination about just what can be done as a Founding CEO. It was such an honor to interview Radha. She is the type of leader we can all learn from. Listen. Take lots of notes. And, let me know what you think:
  FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"   Today's Podcast:   Matt Ehrlichman, CEO & Co-founder - Porch Matt Ehrlichman has experienced some tremendous success over the years. This humble Standford grad was selected as USA TODAY's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014. He even successful built other companies before his struggles with building a home for his family prompted him to co-found Porch in 2012. He and his team quickly raised $100 million and Porch grew very fast. In 2015 he and the company started experiencing some head winds and decided to right size the company and its focus. I personally really enjoyed speaking with Matt. His kind, humble, and generous demeanor will bring you renewed hope that people like him exist. He candidly shares his company's rise, it's struggles, and speaks at length about the challenges he has faced transitioning from Founder to CEO.
  FREE DOWNLOAD: "63 Productivity Hacks From 50 Top Founding CEOs"     Today's Podcast:   Steve Waterhouse, CEO & Founder - Predictive Results   Steve Waterhouse knows his strengths and limitations. Then again, you would expect that of the Founding CEO of a company that uses assessments to predict the success of your team members. Steve's charisma, knowledge, and personal revelations about his challenges "letting go" will make you think about hiring and building your company in new ways.
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