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Join Rob and Tim as they crawl out from under the thumb again, this week we're joined by stand-up comic Kevin Gootee who talks about his Amazon Prime Video show 'Comics Watching Comics', we also bring you news of Clive who delivers his sperm from his van, MDMA parties, Tim milks a pig at a 5 year olds birthday party and Rob is ready for the Russia World Cup with his new wall chart. We have another massive Beat The Intro Quiz for you, provided by Rob's wife Andrea and then we review Tim Burton's Batman from 1989, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.
We chose to record this episode on Friday 13th and suggest that it be called National Jason Vorhees Day from now on, also Rob’s Alexa gets filthy with her fact of the day and we talk about Kevin Hart. Tim has been celebrating his birthday this week and we find out that he is the IT department for the whole street and especially comes to the rescue of Elaine, the 80 year old from across the road. We have been provided with a listener story this week which is part two of a previous tale told by Anita of The Unexceptionals Podcast (which actually is pretty exceptional, so subscribe to that now!), Tim remembers when we rushed to the vet with a dying dog and Rob’s mum gets Tim’s name wrong and calls him Jim. Rob has been watching A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge from 1985 and comments on an actor who is like a fake Meryl Streep, also some of the great lines from the movie. In the news a man gets assaulted by someone with a padlock, a tradesman gets caught in a belt sander at work and ‘Thumb Boy’ who has an abnormally long thumb has shot to internet fame. Rob has provided this week’s Beat The Intro quiz so get your pens and paper at the ready.
Tim is finally back from his holidays and tells us of a hen do on his flight and wonders if Captain Jack was the pilot whilst Rob rumbled Marco partying whilst the boss was away. Rob has been to an awards dinner with his wife and gets compared to Peter Crouch and has to go to an emergency Irish singing dentist and we have a conspiracy theory about teeth. It has been Father’s Day since we’ve been gone and Rob had a problem with his takeaway delivery service and Tim breaks the news that ‘No Pants Man’ is moving away and the possible pitfalls of living a naked lifestyle. Rob has finally seen the original Child’s Play film, Tim’s watched Heat, Luther and Hereditary whilst Rob rewatches Wolf with Jack Nicholson from the 90’s. In the news we hear of a woman who loses her memory due to a strange reason, a phantom maid in Massachusetts, Boston and a woman loses her head in India. Tim has provided this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz so get your answer sheets at the ready. Our retrospective this week is focused on The Conjuring 2 from 2016, we have clips, the original terrifying trailer and some facts thrown in for measure.
This week Tim’s been to the barbers and has another ghostly experience in his house which gives both of us the creeps and you can’t tell, but we were on edge for the whole show (and stay tuned until the end as Tim manages to scare the hell out of us both), Rob’s watching ‘The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann’ on Netflix and have radio stations dumped the music of Michael Jackson? Tim’s watching ‘Night Flyer’ on Netflix which is in space, not at sea; whilst Rob gets a guy in to look at his broken dishwasher. In the news we talk about a woman in Bulgaria who made a private video for her husband but manages to live stream herself on Facebook instead. Rob has brought this weeks ‘Beat The Intro’ Quiz and then we dive into the 1990 children’s favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we’ve got the clips, trailer, we talk about the mistakes and the appearances of some now very famous actors. Please don’t have nightmares after Tim’s story, although he wasn’t kidding and I think he’s terrified of his own house at night.
This week Tim knows everything about the ladies at the Soft Play centre and breaks the news to Rob that dogs see with their noses whilst Rob finds it hard to be tall on the school run and is getting clumsier by the day. We discuss Def Leppard as they have done a new track for Christmas, Amazon are trying to ruin Christmas, Once Upon A Deadpool and the end of Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. In news, a shopping centre has to issue an apology for the Polar Bear Christmas display, a pilot shows off a little too much in Denver and a dog has a teddy bears picnic, we also dip into Daredevil Season 3 and the other Marvel shows on Netflix. Our geek session this week is dedicated to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, we have the trailer, clips and all our thoughts on Bale’s Batman voice You can contact us on twitter @underthumbpod, Tim is @anamazingpunk, Rob is @robdodsworth and we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!
This week Rob has to wait in for a delivery and realises he’s never had a grandma, Tim gets a £2 cheque for his birthday every year from his grandparents, we talk about non uniform day’s at school and the stress that goes with it and Tim gives us an idea of what his school was like. We discuss the amazing story of Bob Lazar and his recent interview with Joe Rogan, we also wonder if this has sparked the ‘Storm Area 51’ Facebook group which everyone is joking about in the press. Tim reveals that he gets Google notifications for Cliff Richard as Rob watches ‘Sightseers’ from 2012 and in the news we hear of a wedding pooper, how looking at boobs can increase the male lifespan and there’s a terrifying ‘gimp’ on the loose in the UK. This week we finish with our ‘Beat The Intro Quiz’ so get your pen and paper ready and let us have your score sheets @underthumbpod on Twitter or on our Facebook site.
This week we remember the corner shop having a VHS rental section, Rob has a parking dilemma when going to the Mobility shop and has Tim had another ghostly encounter? We find out that Honey isn’t allowed to be eaten by Vegans because it comes from a Bee.. and we’re confused, Tim is ready to talk about his addiction to After Eight chocolates, Rob watches Stakeout starring Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez then Tim gives us his verdict on Brightburn. Our listener story this week is told by Mark ‘Fevois’ Feathers who’s been up to no good with his company laptop. If you would like to tell us your story on the show then feel free to record your beautiful voice (you can use your phone, it’s not complicated) send it to or DM us on Twitter @underthumbpod and you will be our star for the week. Rob brings news of contraception gone wrong in China, Fanny gets her advert taken down by Google and an exploding blister during a flight has passengers furious. To finish, as always, Rob has brought a Beat The Intro Quiz which is made up from intro clips from all our previous shows so we expect 20 out of 20! Please remember to subscribe, say ‘Hi’ on social media, like our Facebook page and tell your friends about our weekly ramblings.
In this weeks episode Rob and Tim remember finding mucky magazines at the train station, Marco has a cold, Tim drops his child off at an empty day care centre and an important update on Rob's stair lift. Rob has problems with Deliveroo and Burger King, the sad passing of Stan Lee, Charlie Austin feels robbed in the football and how many people still watch Black and White TV?  In this weeks news a teacher shows the wrong video in class and an armoured vehicle falls to earth in North Carolina.  Tim presents our Beat The Intro music quiz so send us your quiz sheets on social media, then the boys get to geek out over the eighties classic 'Back To The Future', the original trailer, clips and talk of deleted scenes are all here. You can follow us on twitter @underthumbpod, Rob's @robdodsworth, Tim's @ anamazingpunk or find us on Facebook.
This week Rob’s dog has an unfortunate stress related accident, Tim’s been to see a man who he hopes was a doctor for a prostate examination and a dentist sets fire to something in Rob’s mouth! The Great British Bake Off is back on Channel 4 here in the UK but don’t try and watch it using on-demand services, Tim watches a YouTube video about Benny Hill whilst in the bath, Rob’s wife may have a Minecraft addiction and we try to make a playlist for Marco and stumble on Housework Hits on Amazon Music. Rob has watched Runaway from 1984 starring Tom Selleck and thinks his moustache could have been a hindrance to his career and Tim talks about a Flight of the Navigator reboot. In the news we tell you of a woman who went to the doctors and was found to have a venomous spider in her ear, then to finish, Uncle Tim has brought our weekly Beat The Intro pop quiz.
This week Rob has the pain of taking Charlie to the tip after last weeks incident and they have experiences about the Car Boot sales, Tim’s been to the doctors for his ear ache and has a ‘Crazy Trev’ update for us. Rob talks about one of his daughters friends who can burp louder than anyone else on earth, Tim is taking his lady friend on a surprise trip for her birthday and we talk about Weird Science from 1985. We talk about Apollo: The Forgotten Films on Discovery which shows some footage of the moon landings that hasn’t been seen for years and what would probably happen if the did fake the footage whilst filming. Isaac from Somerset provides our listener story for this week all about his 21st birthday in a Las Vegas strip club; if you have any story that you think we might find amusing, scary, embarrassing or anything really then please record yourself telling it then send it to us at In the news we talk about a 4 year old going on a joyride, a cat slowly tries to kill it’s owner whilst he sleeps and a man walks into a Manchester pub and closes it down. Then Tim and Rob are joined by Abbie (Tim’s other half) who loves our Beat The Intro Quiz enough to come on the show and do it with us.
This week Rob has a rant about the local crossing guards / Lollipop Men and Women and has a window salesman with a wind problem, Tim watches Wimbledon in his whites whilst Marco brings him Strawberries and we ask if it’s OK to listen to your own podcast and think it’s funny? Rob starts watching Stranger Things season 3 on Netflix, he’s also been a little unwell, Tim is watching the BBC drama The Bodyguard and then we play another round of our Beat The Intro Quiz. We have news about a gent in Brighton who only dresses in clothes from the 1800’s ..and he’s only 25 too, we also tell you about Brad the Australian brothel investigator but is it the best job in the world? Our movie retrospective for the week is Coming To America starring Eddie Murphy, we have clips, the original trailer, facts and we make some predictions about Coming 2 America which is in the pipeline.
This week Tim's been to Scotland and goes to Loch Ness, he also gets a full frontal from 'No Pants Man' opposite; Rob's had to do the GDPR exam at work, much to his disgust and finally had the operation on his wrist. We tell the story of not getting into the cinema to see 'Terminator 2' when we were kids, 80's cartoon 'The Raccoons' and it's raining liquid poo in Canada?! Tim is the host of another fun filled 'Beat The Intro' music quiz and to finish, we bring you our review of 1982's Poltergeist by Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg.
During lockdown the guys are using the internet to record and have a catch up with how things are going. Rob has an unfortunate incident that would rock any couch potatoes world, we remember the old portable handheld televisions, Rob is missing Marco and Tim is trying to keep his son entertained and the Couch to 5k app. We discuss clapping for the NHS and the other ways to show our appreciation, people who sing in the street for our pleasure, Schwarzenegger in quarantine is Twitter gold, Rob’s worried that he’s going to get hit by golf balls during lockdown. Tim has watches Tales From The Loop, Jojo Rabbit and Signs; Rob watches I Am Not Okay With This and Raising Dion which are both on Netflix and also watched The Crow with Brandon Lee for the first time. All of this and so much more but unfortunately we were unable to do our beat the intro quiz as usual, as soon as things are back to normal we’ll be able to play again.
This week, now that Tim is back in the country and refreshed, we can talk about the sad loss of Chas from 'Chas & Dave' and also Jeffrey from the popular kids TV show 'Rainbow', Rob hears Kylie & Jason for the first time in years, Tim has an update on his house ghost and we ask are Linda Hamilton and Jon Bon Jovi the same person? We go into Terminator 3 a little, Rob has news of an online scam involving iTunes gift cards and celebrities as well as everything else! We play another round of our music intros quiz, this week it has been supplied by friend of the show Tara; then we take rewatch Highlander from 1986, its soundtrack, movie posters and lost deleted scenes.
This week Tim is on his own so Marco has ordered the strippers again, we’ve got a small update of Tim’s ghost, Rob’s been to play Laser Tag at a kids party and he’s upset with KFC. Also Tim’s new TV, Agent of SHIELD, the beauty of PLEX, Rob watches ‘Upgrade’, Sex Education on Netflix and more. In the news we have an incident with a can of Glade air freshener, a man injects himself with semen to cure a back problem and the revelation that 2Pac is alive and in the studio. Tim brings this weeks Beat The Intro quiz and then we go into the 1995 action comedy ‘Bad Boys’ with clips, facts and the original trailer. 
This week Tim fills us in on the Seann & Katya situation in Strictly Come Dancing, Rob's doing the school run and is having problems with a stairlift, we talk about a couple in Dublin who have missed their Ryanair flight and an advertising campaign in the University of Surrey. We play another round of our Beat The Intro quiz (49mins) which Rob has put supplied and Leo Sayer nearly gets in on the act (but not this time Leo, sorry) then we stop to talk about the 1996 Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson slasher 'Scream' (1hr, 12mins).
This week Rob takes his son out on Halloween, Noddy Holder gears up for the festive season whilst Tim watches The Snowman already and has magic glasses on. We discuss angry tweets about airlines, how Marco bathes Tim, the Avatar sequels and Terminator 3 is not Terminator 6 (it’s upsetting Rob). In the news we discover how much money a woman can make by selling shoes and socks to foot fetishists, Kurt Russell and Tim’s missus plus a scientist who loses his sh*t in Antarctica. Rob has made this weeks Beat The Intro music quiz so get your pens at the ready; but then after all that we get to geek out over one of our all time favourite films 'Aliens', we have the original trailer, clips and all our observations and more. You can get in touch on Twitter @underthumbpod, Tim is @anamazingpunk, Rob is @robdodsworth, we're on Instagram and Facebook too.
This week Tim has been to see a Billy Idol tribute at the local social club and finds an old door in house whilst Rob tries to find the yoghurt thief in his family; we bring news of soft core porn on, an awkward note from a neighbour and Tim's brother has a mishap in a cafe during breakfast. Join us for another round of our Beat The Intro quiz which has been donated by our good friend Henno again. We also review the Spielberg masterpiece that is Jurassic Park whilst it celebrates it's 25th anniversary year. Also, Gladiators UK, Zayn's new Bee Gee's single, Wagner follows us on Twitter and Eurovision 2018.
This week we hear how Rob has broken his toe, Tim’s missus is probably having an affair and Marco has to pick up 10000 little rocks during the show due to a little accident just before hitting the record button. We discuss Hank Azaria who has decided to step down as the voice of Apu in The Simpsons and who could take over, we find out that just a fart machine can lighten up the Snooker finals but we miss the days of streakers at sports events and Tom Jones has knickers thrown at him on stage. Rob has watched the new Netflix documentary ‘Don’t F**k With Cats’, we watch ‘Sex Education’ also on Netflix and Rob has got round to watching John Wick Chapter 3, will there be another Matrix movie and the problem with the first season of ‘24’ (no spoilers). In the news we learn that a man can legally challenge his wife to a sword duel during a divorce, a man wakes up to an intruder sucking his toes and a woman gets arrested with drugs in her hair. To end the podcast Rob has brought another Beat The Intro quiz for a maximum of 20 points.   As usual you can contact us @underthumbpob on Twitter, find us on Facebook or email us at
This week Tim and Rob decide they need to do a warm up quiz so we play the A-Z game with 60 seconds on the clock, Tim gets Movie Titles and Rob gets Band Names, you can join in at home and tell us how well you did. Both guys have had a kids birthday to endure whilst Rob has to start his diet again plus his graphics card died and went through the trauma of fixing that whilst scrolling through the forums. Tim has nearly finished his X-Files binge, Rob watches October Faction on Netflix and has issues with the ages of the cast, we recommend The Morning Show starring Jennifer Anniston and discuss how difficult it must be for the cast of Friends to shake off those characters as well as the reunion rumours. Our movie chat this week is all about Bird On A Wire starring Mel and Goldie then we discuss Robocop 2, does it get treated fairly in reviews? In the news we hear how you can have a burial for your pre-loved sex doll in Japan and even come away with a keep sake and Rob rages when he finds out that Battersea Dogs and Cats home is having birthday parties for cats! As always we finish with our Beat The Intro quiz which Rob has brought for you all to play but is it too easy this week? Show us your answers @underthumbpod on Twitter or it doesn’t count!
This week we start to talk about gaming as Tim is trying to get his game ready for XBOX, we bring up GTA Vice City, Roblox, Minecraft and Battlefield V, Rob’s son finds a mud slide before school, the loudest clock in the world during a meeting and Tim asks for Mince Pie recipe’s. Rob watches Cam on Netflix and hopes nobody catches him watching it, that leads us to Nymphomaniac Vol.1 & 2. Daredevil on Netflix gets cancelled are Marvel starting their own streaming service? We demand that GamesMaster is brought back to our screens and we remember Nightmare on ITV and we discover that Tim’s missus has been on Wackaday! Rob’s been listening to Queen, a phantom farter at the darts in Wolverhampton and how to do a proper gender reveal on YouTube. It’s Rob’s turn to bring our ‘Beat The Intro’ quiz so have your pens and papers ready and we have picked Cobra from 1986 featuring badass Sly Stallone, as our weekly geek out with the usual clips, original trailer and did you know about the X-Rated version?
This week Rob’s diet is going very well but Marco’s brownies are just going to waste and Rob still won’t let Marco bathe him. Tim turns up looking like one of the Gallaghers, movie trailers are too long as we talk about the latest Annabelle Comes Home trailer and we ask how many adverts do you need before a film starts at the cinema? Tim’s other half believes the ghost in his house looks like Adrian Brody and also thinks Terence Trent Derby is dead. We talk about some of the strange things the Amazon Echo does without being prompted and we remember when we stumbled upon a Bollywood premiere in Bradford. In the news we find a New Yorker who gets locked out of his iPad for 49 years and Slattery’s café has a chocolate challenge for you. Tim brings this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz and then we dive deep into the 1990 Sci-Fi / Action movie Total Recall, with the original teaser trailer, some clips and some facts you may not know., with the original teaser trailer, some clips and some facts you may not know.
This week Tim goes straight in on Rob with the insults and Marco has been poisoning the family again, Rob pulls out his sons tooth and we talk about Tim’s sons love of the Hoover; we also find out how much things are on Fortnite. Rob listened to the podcast ‘Rock Candy’ who have been talking about Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and Rob needs to talk about the tracklisting and how Thriller was released as a single, we remember seeing Whitesnake live and we talk about the news of Terminator: Dark Fate. In the news we give you a story of a lady who marries a zombie doll, a worried man who’s girlfriend is stealing him sperm and a lawyer who causes contamination in court. Rob is supplying this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz for you to play along with and send your answer sheets to us @underthumbpod on Twitter or get us on Facebook or join are new Discord server and come and chat to us anytime you feel the need. Finally we geek out over the 1982 Stallone classic Rambo: First Blood featuring the original trailer, clips and facts you may not know.
This week Tim is planning to take his lady away for a few nights and gets all romantic, Rob’s been to the hospital for a check up on his wrist again and we remember the days of Speedball 2, Kick Off 2 and Rainbow Islands on the Atari ST/Amiga and Fortnite has given us Season X. Rob has finally found a copy of the thriller ‘Pacific Heights’ from 1990 starring Michael Keaton, Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffiths and we also figure out that Michael Keaton has an occasional trait when delivering some of his lines. Tim talks about The Boys on Amazon Prime, the Seth Rogan link and Rob tells us that he just doesn’t like James Franco and has no idea why. This weeks listener story is by Tara who tells us of her daughter’s possible past lives and the stories she tells (but Rob reads it out as she didn’t want to deal with the fame); in the news a lady in Australia gets offered money for her under garments, a delivery driver leaves an unexpected parcel and what does Amazon Alexa hear that you might not want her to? To finish the episode, Uncle Tim has put together this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz but the question is, Can you beat Rob? As always we want to hear your listener stories and feature you in our show, record them on your phone or computer, voice, video or simply write the story and we’ll do the rest, then send it to; it couldn’t be simpler.
We are back after a short break and Rob has been to Scotland where he had to be a proper Dad and tell some kids off, he finds a place that deep fries cheese burgers and goes over his Scottish check sheet. Tim has been to the hospital again with chest pains, we talk about CBeebies and Mr. Bloom; Rob discusses the worst films ever made, harsh reviews and “critical acclaim”. Rob watches The Blues Brothers for the first time ever and we applaud Aretha Franklin. Also The Meg, The Fast & Furious, In The Night Garden and the lady who feel off a cruise ship. Tim brings the news that DesktopDaydreams ready to release the game The Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead after years of work, it will be available on PC (Steam) at first and the XBOX one after that. Long time listener Tara has provided our Beat The Intro quiz this week and it's a tough one; then we take an in depth look at Raiders of the Lost Ark for this weeks main movie review.
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