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Episode from the podcastFull Curl Podcast with Rachel Ahtila

FCP- Ep. 001- Interview with Cody Rich of The Rich Outdoors Podcast

Released Friday, 5th May 2017
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Hey Everyone, and welcome to the first official episode of the Full Curl Podcast! It only felt right to start with one of the biggest mentors for the podcast, Cody Rich of The Rich Outdoors Podcast. Cody and I first became friends back in 2015 when he had approached me about coming on his show back in Episode 048- Chasing Your Dreams. With kindred spirits, I have been able to rejoin Cody as he tackled some of the questions surrounding pack animal uses in the backcountry in Episode 076.   
This past winter, a few of us jumped in a car, and road tripped between the overlapping industry trade-shows. One of which involved a questionable Arnold Schwarzenegger podcast, and some roadside Mexican cuisine. After exposing Cody to the Wild Sheep Foundations' Annual Sheep Show, we talk with Cody on his new found addiction for sheep hunting, and just how he plans to accomplish this experience. We chat about why people start podcasts, and his big move from Oregon to Bozeman. 
If you have questions for Cody, or myself, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Head on over to The Rich Outdoors Podcast, and tell him I sent you.  I hope you enjoy the show! - Rachel 

(3:42) Interview Starts
(4:15) Starting The Rich Outdoors Podcast
(9:45) Transitioning from editorial to audio platforms
(12:40) Road trip from Las Vegas to Reno, NV, with a Yank, an Argentinian, and a Canuck for the Wild Sheep Foundation' Sheep Show
(17:15) Setting goals for hunting sheep
(20:00) The reality of going on a sheep hunt
(22:25) The Rich Outdoors Takes over Full Curl Podcast
(26:50) My First Sheep Hunt, 1 (33:30) 'May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour'; Drawing odds, and do you count on them?
(35:44) Moving to Montana for a sheep tag, a die hard already
(37:50) Missoula Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous
(38:22)  Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance
(43:10) Inflation, sign of the times. Supply and demand, heavy, intellectual stuff.
(45:50) Tools; goHUNT Huntin' Fool onXmaps
(46:23) Booking a first sheep hunt
(52:30) Success rates, hunter vs guides fault
(54:00) Do outfitters specialize in weapon use
(58:15) Idols of sheep guide- Anna Vorisek
(60:14) Cody’s Game Plan, and his two cents
(62:46) Closing, 500,000 in debt, and sorry Kelsey Sweigert