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Today we are here to bring you something light and feel good.  This is the beginning of a new series, Seasons!  We will discuss how we love the season of Fall and check in with each other.Join us today as we discuss Autumn and share some awesom
Having a mentor in Corporate America is great. Having a sponsor in Corporate America is awesome. Being a top-tier worker is outstanding! While all of us would love to have these speak to our phenomenal skill and talents at work, it’s not quite
Today we want to talk about how to be a great worker.  Your coworkers are the people who we have to work with, be it in the office or virtually as in work from home. These are the people you will have to deal with day in and day out for the maj
Full-Time Black Women are phenomenal. Despite the adversity we face, we still manage to succeed and advance. For those that feel they are pushing through alone and those who may need a little inspiration, this episode is for you. Listen in as K
Picture it...It’s Monday and you are awakened by an obnoxiously loud alarm clock. You get through your daily morning routine. You’re dressed looking your best in record time. And now you’re on your way to work. All is well until your commute en
Too many of us have had to face death more than ever due to the number of people COVID has impacted around the world.  Most workers have come to the same realization during the pandemic, my time is more valuable than a job.  Therefore, employee
I am a Strong Black Woman! We hear this phrase a lot. It’s usually said with a level of pride, but sometimes there is an undertone of exhaustion. We tend to wear this phrase like a badge of honor, but in reality it’s becoming another trope. The
We are going to talk about Black Office Anxiety.  What is it?  Black Office Anxiety is the space most professional black employees are dealing with at this very moment.  It is the scenario laid out by the pandemic of black employees feeling anx
So we already know that black women are typically more ambitious than our female counterparts; however, we often receive the least help as we progress through our careers. All too often, we succeed by trial and error. So today we wanted to talk
Whether it’s at work or at home, we all have had a task or two that we just didn’t feel like doing. Whenever the task arises, you have more fun watching paint dry than doing whatever it is you’re trying to avoid. This is where procrastination c
So you talked to your Get It Gang, built up your Bitch Bye Bye Bank, and decided to leave your current employer. First of all congratulations on choosing yourself. Tired of being underpaid, underappreciated, and overworked, you chucked the deuc
Growth is hard. Some will describe it as a difficult and uncomfortable process of development. In fact, people commonly refer to it’s moments of struggle as “growing pains”.  One aspect of development that can be particularly difficult is criti
Issa Bonus Episode! We’re just jumping on the mic to bring you some things we had heard and comment on them. If you are expecting "Tea", consider this strong ice tea. Been marinating a minute, but still fun and enjoyable.  Let us know if you li
According to Harvard Business Review, developing a diverse leadership pipeline can benefit companies in all sectors. Firms with the most ethnically diverse executive teams were 33% more likely to outperform their peers on profitability, and tho
We are some busy people! And often being busy involves us looking at multiple screens at different points in time. Computer screen, phone screen, tv screen, tablet screen etc. Technology is super helpful for the multitasker, but when is it too
Are you PTO Rich? Do you have hours upon hours of paid time off just accruing as if it were gaining interest? We talk about the importance of taking your PTO and will continue to push that point. Taking time away from work is the TLC we all nee
The conversation continues with the Full-Time Black Men of #JustSaying Podcast, RingoMandingo and Double Gee! How to date, who to date and the drama of actually dating has been all over social media, and a lot of times black men and women end u
How to date, who to date, and the drama of actually dating has been all over social media. It’s become a battlefield of different factions like Casual, Intentional, Red Pill/Blue Pill, Hypergamous, High Value, Simping, Sugarbabies and so much m
So we’ve talked about how to avoid getting stuck in the cycle of bad employers. We’ve also discussed how to prepare for an interview. But, there are some people out there that don’t quite understand that the interview is not just an evaluation
No one anticipated our past year folding out the way it has. This is a new normal for all of us. With new normals come changes that most can accept while others fight to hold onto the past. COVID-19 has made our vision as clear as ever when it
One thing for certain most Full-Time Black Women can agree on is the common issue of Corporate Karens. What is a Corporate Karen? A Corporate Karen is a white woman who always seems to be looking for trouble/drama; and if they can’t find it leg
Gossip, like to talk about it? Here we go! Gossip is defined as casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true. Now society usually denounces gossip as a nega
Today the hosts of Full-time Black Woman podcast are joined by Steph to discuss what a mentee/mentor relationship is, what it isn’t and how beneficial it can be to all those involved. So whether you have a mentor or you’re still trying to find
Paid Time Off is a valuable resource. It’s limited and necessary. Don’t let them fool you, you should be taking your PTO. But have you ever been apprehensive to request time off for fear of what’s to come when you return? Do you ever spend the
Picture it: You just finished watching the Fresh Prince reunion and you decide to watch a few reruns. You come across the episode where he’s rapping about his enhanced date, and get inspired...  (rapping) Sitting at the desk, flipping through i
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