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John and Vivica talk to Andrew Cristi, screenwriter and editor of Wingman Magazine, about his life as a fashion editorial producer for Wingman Magazine and his experience working behind the scenes with models, actors and other celebrities. Links Andrew Christi Wingman Magazine Timestamps 00:00 - Welcome and Introduction 01:56 - How Andrew got into fashion editorial and production 02:36 - What is Wingman magazine? *04:34 - How is the celebrity scene changing from the pandemic? (Production value doesn’t matter any more) 06:36 - How Wingman finds sponsors to support the magazine. 09:09 - How Andrew got started in the fashion world. 10:40 - How the pandemic led to us creating the Fun Time Program. 13:36 - How life has changed in NYC during the pandemic. 18:20 - How the pandemic has brought out severe co-dependency in people *21:30 - Polyamory, Relationships and Companionship 29:37 - How has the pandemic affecting dating life? *30:52 - Is monogamy fueled by insecurity? 33:00 - Growing up with alternative education 34:00 - Perspectives on religion. 36:51 - How Disney contributes to societal perspectives on monogamy. *38:38 - Toxic masculinity and how not all masculinity is toxic. 41:58 - Defying categorization and stereotypes 44:13 - How Wingman Magazine is adjusting to pandemic realities and preparing for a post-pandemic future. 45:00 - On being a screenwriter. 46:20 - Plans for 2021.
John and Vivica talk to Harry, aka KnotSoCocky, about kink, shibari and developing deeper languages of love. Timestamps 01:25 - Harry’s introduction and background in Shibari 05:00 - How the emptiness of gay hookup culture led to a deeper exploration into kink 06:30 - How technology changed the gay dating and hookup scene over the years. 09:58 - Joining Recon for the first time. 11:05 - Meeting his first sub online. 12:45 - Harry’s first experience with rope. 14:00 - Learning more and refining his process and experience with kink sessions. 16:00 - How kink enabled Harry to slow down and have more intimate experiences with his partners. 18:20 - The different levels of shibari. 19:00 - The importance of safety in Shibari. 20:45 - Where to learn new ties as a beginner. 22:23 - Which ropes to start with as a beginner. 23:00 - How different ropes work differently. 30:24 - How shibari can be therapeutic and meditative. 32:24 - Is Shibari always a sexual experience? 34:00 - How to talk about what your looking for in an experience with new partners. *35:55 - How the Shibari experience is always a partnership and the dom is actually in service to the sub. 40:30 - Is sex a part of your Shibari practice? *44:04 - What do you need to know about safety to get started in Shibari? *49:15 - Where are you sharing knowledge and engaging with other people to learn? *52:36 - How to find an entry into the kink and Shibari community? 53:39 - Issues with FetLife 56:00 - Are all kinks acceptable? 56:45 - How to find the good communities for learning about kink *1:02:27 - How to come out of the closet about your kinky lifestyle 1:06:06 - How to get over your shyness as a newcomer to the scene *1:09:54 - How kink creates an opportunity for deepened intimacy. 1:12:26 - Tops, bottoms and switches and how to navigate your place in those roles. *1:14:20 - How to deal with people who are undereducated about safety and proper ways to engage in kink and rope play. *1:18:18 - How important is aftercare in kink? *1:28:32 - How Kink expands your languages of love 1:30:57 - Getting started on Recon for meeting other kinky people 1:31:26 - Where are all the lesbian dating apps and scenes and bars? 1:31:10 - Talking specific Shibari ties (watch along with us on YouTube). 1:56:45 - Vibrating rope for extra experience. 2:09:00 - Wrapping up.
John and Vivica take a deep dive into relationship anarchy, polyamory and intersectional feminism with Dean Frolicks. Timestamps 00:00 - Welcome back. 02:02 - Relationship Anarchy. 03:54 - Valuing your relationship with yourself. 06:46 - Polyamory vs. Relationship Anarchy. 12:00 - Navigating Polyamorous relationships 26:30 - Behind the Bastards 27:30 - Jordan Peterson 34:40 - Intersectional Feminism 40:00 - Are the terms Karen and Becky helpful for the conversation? 1:22:15 - How all of this informs intersectional feminism 1:24:00 - First, second and third wave feminism. 1:35:43 - Gender and pronouns… just kidding 1:37:20 - The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case. 1:45:14 - Narcissistic abuse and gaslighting. 1:49:51 - The original gaslighting story. 1:59:09 - The Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM) 2:03:25 - How to recognize and avoid narcissism in yourself. QoIRyvKAAsY6ck9T7rl6
John and Vivica talk to Olivia Gray about CRISPR, Stem Cells and Genetics with Olivia Gray of U Chicago. Timestamps 1:21 - Olivia's research during covid 3:49 - Olivia's research more in depth 7:00 - Heartcells of Tibetans 11:30 - DNA discussion 14:29 - What got Olivia into genetics? 19:14 - Life in Chicago 21:31 - Advice for potential PHD students 23:32 - Focusing on the thesis 25:40 - Covid Diaries 27:20 - Checkin up on Pops 29:33 - Olivia's perspective on vaccines 31:02 - Anti-vaxxers 36:29 - CRISPR 36:57 - At what point do you delete the genome (CRIPSR cont'd) 42:31 - Gattica? 43:05 - Flatworms / neural mapping 49:10 - Mitochondrial Adam and Eve 51:36 - How has research technology changed since Liv started 54:24 - How likely are other lifeforms on alien worlds able to interact with us negatively? 57:43 - Be Nice to our robot overlords 59:30 - Diversity in Science 1:01:44 - Bechdel test 1:04:20 - Fav sci-fi author shout outs 1:05:18 - N.K. Jemisin 1:10:24 - diversity in science pt 2 1:17:57 - Discussion of Science in the media 1:19:05 - Progress in ththe scientific community 1:22:25 - racism in standardized tests and higher learning 1:31:58 - diversity in the Nobel prize 1:34:07 - more reasons diversity is important 1:39:15 - global genetic diversity 1:43:53 - Sex and gender from a biological standpoint 1:55:21 - "treatments" for being gay in the past 1:57:59 - clitoris talk 1:59:52 - different types of orgasms
John and Vivica talk to Rory of Get Smart with Rory about science, technology and futurism and building his YouTube channel. Get Smart with Rory Timestamps 08:52 - UBI 12:07 - Transitioning between trucking and coding 14:08 - Unleashing human creativity via UBI  16:29:28 - Ethical consumption  18:56:00 - CEO's influence over conglomerates  19:45:15 - Noam Chomsky and manufactured choice 20:09:08 - independent online news media  21:11:19 - favorite independent news outlets 22:35:21 - echo chambers on fb  23:13:00 - forming political  23:32:02 - Political identity formation  24:55:00 - electoral college 25:32:00 - The political disconnect between urban and rural areas 28:21:26 - 1 thing Rory could change with the US Governance if he could 30:31:08 - Election talk 36:23:13 - ranked choice voting 41:17:01 - how social media contributes to the facade of democracy  44:31:23 - the singularity  47:35:07 - whole brain emulation  51:59:23 - Neuralink 58:34:06 - Debate on living forever  1:04:49:07 - Amazonian Tribe that doesn't know "left" or "right" 1:10:59:24 - Invisible Gorilla 1:14:25:29 - Losing your curiosity  1:15:20:18 - What is Rory's "media diet?" 1:17:58:22 - science fiction  1:20:35:00 - Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality  1:29:29:00 - Managing viewership on YouTube  1:31:49:21 - John comments on YouTube content creation  1:35:21:26 - Handling commenters 1:39:31:14 - The Algorithm of YouTube  1:40:17:05 - The Problems with Algorithms  1:45:16:19 - The Way Computers influence our lives  1:51:43:08 - Reality perceptions being affected by technology
In our latest episode of the Fun Time Program, John & Vivica chat with Rev. Wendy Hamilton about her campaign for congress in the District of Columbia and the issues that inspired her to run including DC Statehood, Universal Basic Income and inspiring more people to become engaged by being a hope dealer in politics. Links Fun Time Program Rev. Wendy Hamilton Humanity Forward Timestamps 00:00 - Intro 00:21 - How Rev. Wendy got her start in politics 07:09 - Getting started with the Andrew Yang campaign 11:51 - What inspired Rev. Wendy to run for Congress? 17:30 - Why the fight for DC statehood is so important 18:13 - What role does the current DC representative have in Congress? 20:55 - Why it is important to advocate for important issues beyond statehood. 25:14 - On being inspired by The Squad 28:06 - The challenges of running against an entrenched incumbent 31:59 - Why having competitive elections is so important for voter enthusiasm 33:09 - On being a “Hope Dealer” 34:33 - Why running for office is about more than just winning, it’s about changing the conversation and enabling new ideas to be heard and considered. 35:12 - What is the biggest challenge in running for office? 39:54 - What is it going to take to get DC Statehood passed? 50:56 - Will the push for DC Statehood help the push for Puerto Rico Statehood? 54:50 - Why Universal Basic Income is the most important issue after DC Statehood 55:05 - MLK was championing for a UBI when he was shot and killed 57:09 - How are we going to pay for UBI? 1:01:04 - How far we have come since the Democrats laughed at Andrew Yang on the debate stage in Detroit just one year ago. 1:02:55 - How Andrew Yang transitioned from running for president to continuing to fight for his ideas with his non-profit Humanity Forward 1:06:27 - Why turnout is going to be the most important factor in this election 1:09:00 - What is has been like since announcing her campaign 1:11:06 - How can people help out with the campaign? 1:11:49 - How the ban on political advertising on social media has hindered fundraising. 1:13:25 - Rev. Wendy loves the Yang Gang! 1:20:24 - Final Words
John and Vivica chat with sex educator Ami Shikah of the Sex and Sanity podcast and blogger at Ami’s Diaries. Topics covered include sex positivity, safety in kink and dating, and the differences between the sex positivity communities in the US and Ghana. Stay tuned to the end for some fun sex toy demonstrations! Links Fun Time Program Ami Shekah Crave : Vesper Erostek njoy Neon Wand The Pleasure Chest Timestamps 00:00 - Intro 01:18 - On starting her Sex and Sanity podcast 02:14 - How do you find your guests for the podcast? 03:17 - Polyamory vs. Monogamy 13:49 - How to meet sex positive people in Ghana 16:03 - Are there any risks to talking about sex positivity in Ghana? 20:12 - Is there public support for changing the sexually repressive laws in Ghana? 23:37 - The state of LGTBQ+ safety in the US 26:32 - The challenges of exploring Polyamory for the first time 27:43 - Ami’s favorite sex topics to talk about 28:17 - Common kinks that people like to talk about? 28:54 - Is there a sex toy industry in Ghana? 30:01 - Favorite sex toys 31:26 - Vivica’s orgy contest trophy story 37:20 - The legality of orgy parties in New York 40:05 - Are the laws around sex and sex work changing in the US? 45:21 - Vivica demonstrating her electricity toys 47:45 - Neon wand demonstration 51:00 - Electric flogger demonstration 52:37 - Erostek demonstration 1:00:45 - How electricity can be used as a non-sexual introduction into kink 1:03:37 - How can people learn more about Kink in Ghana? 104:43 - Traveling with sex toys
In the latest episode of the Fun Time Program, John and Vivica chat with Boyce Littlefield of the Mindful Skeptics and The Trickle Up about his involvement in the Andrew Yang 2020 Presidential campaign, and how the behind Human Centered Capitalism are starting to take hold in this country. What is next for the movement? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Links Fun Time Programhttps://www.funtimeprogram.com Boyce Littlefield / Mindful Skeptics The Trickle Up Scott Santenshttps://www.scottsantens.com Andrew Yanghttps://www.yangforny.com Humanity Forward Of the People
In the latest episode of the Fun Time Program, John & Vivica chat with Athena Brensberger, aka Astro Athens, about her background as an astrophysicist and science communicator and the most exciting space exploration missions coming up in 2021! Links Fun Time Programhttps://www.funtimeprogram.com Athena Brensberger / Astro Athenshttps://astroathens.com What space missions are in 2021!?! | Astro Athens Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover NASA’s Aeronautics Experts Help Prepare Ingenuity to Fly on Mars | NASA Architects have designed a Martian city for the desert outside Dubai | CNN Style China’s Tianwen-1 Mars Lander & Rover NASA’s Juno Mission Expands Into the Future | NASA JPL James Webb Space Telescope NASA Artemis NASA Space Launch System (SLS)
John and Vivica chat with model, actor, mixologist, tech journalist and overall creative entrepreneur TJ Fink about how the pandemic forced him to pivot with purpose to create new opportunities for himself and his fiancé after all of their normal work opportunities disappeared over night. Links Fun Time Programhttps://www.funtimeprogram.com TJ Finkhttps://www.tjfink.com Covidisorhttp://covidisor.com TJ’s Tom’s Guide Articles TJ’s Laptop Mag Articles Tara Novie (Voiceover Artist) Into the Heartless Wood (by Joanna Ruth Meyer) Griffin Novie (Musician) The Long and Short of It Podcast Timestamps 00:00 - Intro 01:07 - Introducing the Covidisor 04:55 - Robot maids 05:25 - Plugging Tara Novie voice acting 07:09 - How has COVID completely changed the landscape for creatives 09:38 - Building an recording studio in your home during pandemic 13:35 - The TJ Fink backstory 16:45 - How a weight loss casting led him into modeling 18:50 - What was it like when the pandemic first hit? 37:32 - Starting online mixology classes 41:54 - Would this transition have been possible if the pandemic had happened in previous decades? 57:08 - Obsessing over The Expanse 1:02:15 - Back to pivoting with purpose 1:04:08 - The challenges of watching porn on dialup 1:05:04 - The incredible rate of technological development 1:09:37 - How has the pandemic forced you to focus on fewer opportunities? 1:14:52 - How important is it to have a diverse skillset to survive and thrive in changing times? 1:23:05 - Thoughts on the Covidisor bubble helmet 1:33:21 - Is the pandemic going to still be a problem long enough into the future that people will want to start wearing bubbles on their heads? 1:40:16 - Final thoughts
John and Vivica chat with Edward Nirenberg of Deplatform Disease about the fears and myths around vaccines and the importance of encouraging more people to get the COVID-19 vaccines. Links Fun Time Programhttps://www.funtimeprogram.com Edward Nirenberghttps://www.deplatformdisease.com Younger Adults Caught in COVID-19 Crosshairs as Demographics Shift Are COVID-19 Vaccines Going To Cause Infertility? Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines: Should You Be Worried? Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center Vaxopedia Skeptical Raptor Science Based Medicine
John and Vivica talk to Kateri Ransom and Meghin Brooks of the Yang Gang Book Club about how the Andrew Yang movement inspired them to start a book club and keep studying the values that sparked the movement in the first place. Links Fun Time Programhttps://www.funtimeprogram.com Yang Gang Book Clubhttp://yanggangbookclub.com Kateri Ransom Meghin Brooks Andrew Yanghttps://www.yangforny.com Scott Santenshttps://www.scottsantens.com Humanity Forwardhttps://movehumanityforward.com Timestamps 1:28 - Are they excited for Yang's run for mayor? 3:18 - How did the book club come about? 3:32 - Shoutout to Rethinking Humanity 8:26 - What is their process for picking out books? 10:51 - Do they reach out to authors gor interviews before picking a book? 11:49 - Shout out to Scott Santens 14:45 - Little history of Universal Basic Income (UBI) 17:18 - Bringing that history full circle 20:03 - Talking about Andrew Yang's Mayoral campaign 20:43 - Do they see themselves staying connected to the Yang Gang longterm? 25:26 - Who are you trying to enable with this book club? 28:26 - Chatting about Blueprint for Revolution 31:31 - Ways the book club is different than traditional book clubs 32:16 - Why is Blueprint for Revolution such an important book right now? 46:07- How can we apply tactics for a revolution to our everyday lives? 47:18 - Their initiative around buying books 50:36 - Uplifting libraries, Overdrive and Libby, especially in pandemic times 53:46 - Why UBI can be so beneficial to society overall 55:52 - Where can they be found?
Christina Roman is a sixth year PHD candidate studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics with a focus on RNA structure using x-ray crystallography and protein engineering in Dr. Joseph Piccrili's lab at the University of Chicago. In her spare time, Christina has also been serving as a race and pedagogy graduate coordinator at the University of Chicago helping students, faculty and administrators develop more racially inclusive teaching practices and programming. Before that she served as the president of her local Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native American's in Science (SACNAS). She also co-founded a graduate student organization called the Graduate Recruitment Initiative Team (GRIT) which seeks to improve the recruitment and retention strategies graduate programs use to recruit and train diverse students.To learn more about Christina's work, you can follow her on Twitter @CR_FabEngineer. Links Christina Roman Lab Members | Piccirilli Lab ( Grad students DJ Speed and Christina Roman receive HHMI Gilliam Fellowships | UChicago Biosciences Graduate students organize to provide face masks and first aid supplies for protesters - UChicago Medicine Graduate Recruitment Initiative Team (GRIT) | UChicago Biosciences Graduate Recruitment Initiative Team (GRIT) grows to the PSD and beyond | University of Chicago Department of Chemistry ( Resources for Black People Experiencing Racial Trauma Anti-racism resources for white people How to Be an Anti-Racist - Ibram X. Kendi White Fragility - Robin DiAngelo Timeline 2:53 - The elevator pitch for Christina's PhD program 5:05 - Why take pics of RNA? 8:32 - Is her research funded by the NIH? 9:05 - Where do you see yourself going with this research? 11:16 - How do you see your work changing our response to future viruses? 14:18 - Why having a better understanding of RNA is so important 15:01 - Did RNA exist before life? 16:05 - John wanders off to the "primordial soup theory." 17:29 - Can we ever watch evolution in a petri dish? 21:33 - Making science research approachable for the general public 22:24 - Christina's work in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 25:47 - How navigating race in academia became like a second job 28:50 - How is this work changing things for future students? 30:56 - what would a "perfect" academia look like to Christina? 33:40 - What tactics and resources might be useful for diversity training? 34:38 - What would diversity training look like within logic-based subjects? 35:36 - Is there a consistent diversity training manual for professors? 37:04 - Why is talking about race/ diversity in all subjects important? 40:58 - How do we reach people who haven't had the exposure to learn? 42:14 - What can universities do to empower professors? 45:13 - How can prospective students vet schools for diversity? 51:34 - Where does she see this curriculum going? 54:06 - Does she see herself staying involved with this work? 56:20 - Any go-to resources? 1:02:06 - How important is empathy?
John and Vivica talk to Lacey Delayne, former Advance Team Lead of the Andrew Yang 2020 Presidential Campaign and co-host of the Rethinking Humanity podcast about why a complete rethink of our political, economic and creative education systems is so important right now and what we can all do to help. We also touch base on the Special Election for US Senate in Georgia and the crazy day of domestic terrorism by Trump supporters in Washington DC. Links Fun Time Programhttps://www.funtimeprogram.com Lacey Delayne Rethinking Humanity Podcast Humanity Forwardhttps://movehumanityforward.com Andrew Yang Scott Santens (The Godfather of UBI) https://www.scottsantens.com Dave Wasserman Footage Capitol Police Open Barricades Allowing Trump Supporters Into Capitol Reading Recommendations Sherry Terkel - Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age Dr. Gabor Mate Helen Russel - The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country
John and Vivica talk to Dr. Logan Levkoff about the challenges and advantages of teaching sexual education in a modern technological landscape. Links Dr. Logan Levkoff Got Teens? The Doctor Moms' Guide to Sexuality, Social Media and Other Adolescent Realities Advocates for Youth Amaze.org SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council for the United States) Timestamps 00:00 - Welcome and Introduction 00:28 - Dr. Levkoff’s history with Sex Education 02:07 - How has technology changed Sex Education during the pandemic? 04:00 - What is the best age to start children with sex education? 04:44 - Why is Sex Ed so important? 07:08 - Why condom education and availability is so important. 08:32 - How has the pandemic changes people’s perspectives on sexual health and protection? 10:14 - Why it’s important to normalize talking about sex around children from a young age 12:30 - How is social media playing a role in how adolescents are coming of age today? 17:10 - Should children have a say in what their parents post about them online? 20:44 - Do we need technology and social media education for teenagers in the same way we have sex education? 23:58 - What is your perspective on ethical non-monogamy and how do you introduce it to people of all ages including children? 27:48 - What is one conversation all new couples need to have? 28:19 - How to have a conversation about boundaries and why it’s so important. 32:30 - How to Get Your Wife to Have Sex With You (A Good in Bed Guide) 35:50 - What constitutes good sex? 38:20 - Why talking about all non-standard forms of sex is so important. 42:23 - How has the sexual education landscape changed over the past decades? 48:01 - What would you do to improve sex education nationally? 51:44 - What organizations are helping promote quality sex education nationally? 53:33 - Outro
John and Vivica talk to Alex J. Holte about his research in experimental psychology and applying psychological principles to technological use and what we can learn from original research and hard data about how cell phones and technology are taking over our lives. Links Alex J. Holte Amy Orben and Andrew Przybylski The Association between adolescent well-being and digital technology use Jon Elhai Dmitri Rozgonjuk Linda Kaye Development of an Offline-Friend Addiction Questionnaire (O-FAQ): Are most people really social addicts? Linda Kaye and Amy Orban The Conceptual and Methodological Mayhem of “Screen Time” David A Ellis Nir Eyal - Hooked
John and Vivica talk to Jackie Summers about dating, relationships, the challenges of launching is own liqueur, and the Daoism of Dating and Life. Links
John and Vivica talk to Dean Frolicks about sex, kink, gender, pronouns and trans rights. To learn more about trans issues and rights, check out some of the links below. Links Trans 101 - A short (7 minute) video Trans terms All about pronouns Transgender FAQs Transgender FAQs - with more info How to be a better ally to trans folk Our trans loved ones Genders around the world PBS gender map
Nick Stryker is a New Yorker who has worn many hats and lived many lives. Join us for this fascinating conversation where we discuss living and working in NYC, from building a garden on his rooftop to starting a naked handyman company to discovering the kink scene in the most epic way possible. Links Nick Stryker Bare Hands Timestamps   0:00 - Intro 2:49 - On starting his eponymous fetish gear company, Nick Stryker. 3:30 - On starting his naked handyman company, 4:42 - Changing careers to message therapy. 14:20 - On working in reality TV. 15:52 - Applying knowledge from the corporate world to building your own businesses. 17:37 - NYC living and creating a community space on his roof. 25:40 - Growing pumpkins and watermelons on his NYC roof. 48:00 - Dealing with crazy roommates in NYC. 55:12 - On the importance of building connections. 55:31 - Becoming a kink wear designer. 57:48 - Coming to NYC for the first time and discovering the kink scene. 1:07:44 - Is 50 Shades of Grey is a good introduction to BDSM? 1:17:34 - How to explore the kink scene is a safe way? 1:20:06 - Why after care is so important in BDSM 1:29:35 - Can men be victims in abusive sexual encounters too? 1:35:53 - On the importance of long-form conversation to avoid misunderstanding and intentional straw-manning 1:36:58 - On the importance of staying calm and developing an app to help people with that. 1:37:39 - How social media is contributing to the national pandemic of fear and anxiety. 1:39:45 - How to find a “trauma informed” dom 1:42:16 - How to recognize red flags when you are new to the kink scene. 1:43:26 - On writing his short story “Nosferatu” 1:43:38 - All about 1:55:18 - Final thoughts.
Dr. Sukrit Ranjan is a co-author on a recent paper published in Nature Astronomy announcing the discovery of phosphine gas on Venus. In this episode he explains why this discovery is so interesting, what the implications are for the search for extraterrestrial life and what we are going to have to do to figure out whether this particular discovery of phosphine on Venus really is being produced by life. Links Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus (Original Nature paper about the discovery) Phosphine as a Biosignature Gas in Exoplanet Atmospheres Excitement mounts for planned Venus flyby after new discovery hints at signs of life Is Phosphine in the Mass Spectra from Venus' Clouds? (Re-examining data obtained from the Pioneer-Venus Large Probe Neutral Mass Spectrometer) Rocket Lab aims to launch private Venus mission in 2023 Breakthrough Initiatives to Fund Study into Search for Primitive Life in the Clouds of Venus
John and Vivica discuss the CROWN Act and how society and culture are leading the way in changing public perception of natural hair in the effort to stop discrimination against race-based hair styles in schools and the workplace. The CROWN Act, which stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,” is a law that prohibits race-based hair discrimination, which is the denial of employment and educational opportunities because of hair texture or protective hairstyles including braids, locs, twists or bantu knots. The CROWN Act is led by the CROWN Coalition, founded by Dove, National Urban League, Color Of Change and Western Center of Law & Poverty. Links The CROWN Act Hair product use and breast cancer risk among African American and White women Essay: Health Effects of Chemical Hair Relaxers on African American Women Black consumers spend 9 times more in Hair & Beauty than other ethnic groups. Angry Black Girl by Elexus Jionde Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry Texture Typing 101 Natural The Brand Detangling Brush Tangle Teezer Black Malden charter students punished for braided hair extensions - Kay Lazar, The Boston Globe The untold story of wrestler Andrew Johnson’s dreadlocks - Jesse Washington, The Undefeated Georgia Elementary School Is Accused of Racial Insensitivity Over Hairstyle Guidelines Display - Neil Vigdor, The New York Times
John and Vivica talk to Seth Underwood of The Dividend Report about technological advancement, UBI and his experience with the Yang Gang. Links The Dividend Report Ray Kurzweil The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence Bullshit Jobs - David Graeber The War on Normal People - Andrew Yang Google Career Certificate Program Timestamps 00:55 - Why Seth wears the MATH hat (Make America Think Harder) 03:23 - How Seth discovered UBI 05:40 - Influence of Atlas Shrugged 06:56 - How VR led him to UBI 15:12 - Rate of technological change (Ray Kurzweil) 26:30 - Window of comprehension getting shorter 29:29 - How to introduce people to UBI 30:53 - What if robots take every job? 32:05 - The Abundance Gospel 42:13 - The first time hearing about UBI 44:11 - Shoutout to Scott Santens 47:58 - How the social contract and poverty are holding back society. 50:35 - How slavery held back innovation in the 19th century 52:49 - Why an income floor for everyone makes society strong 58:18 - UBI is just a universal tax break 1:04:46- UBI for selfish reasons 1:09:22- Conservative Argument on UBI 1:12:32- Technology/ The internet is taxpayer funded 1:25:42 - How would UBI interact with other welfare programs? 1:33:51- 3D printing and the future of scarcity 1:38:42- Can UBI solve the housing crisis? 1:45:17- Congress Members for UBI 1:45:35- Dolly Parton 1:50:06- UBI Resources
John and Vivica interview comedian Chewy May about comedy in NYC post-pandemic. Links Joanna Briley (creator of Black Women in Comedy Festival, manager of Brooklyn House of Comedy) Franqi French Winner of 2019 NBC’s Stand Up Sydnee Washington Comedy Central/MTV Calvin Cato NYC Comedian Vanetta Schoefield Comedian/producer Dara Jemmott Comedian/producer Lauren Hope Krass Comedian and a speaker at the Save the Clubs protest/rally
November 3rd, 2020 may be the most important day of the year as US citizens head to the polls to make their voices heard on the local and national level. In this episode John and Vivica take a deep dive into the importance of voting, why you're vote matters more than ever and how to make sure you are registered and prepared to vote either by mail-in ballot, or in-person with early voting or on National Election Day on Tuesday, November, 3rd. Make sure you are registered to vote here: And research the candidates on your local ballot here to make sure you know who to vote for before you get into the voting booth: Sources State Laws Governing Early Voting Early Voting Information for NYC Register to Vote - Confirm Voter Registration - How to Vote in the 2020 Election - FiveThiryEight Up the Vote: Reddit’s IRL 2020 Voting Campaign Why Local Races Matter Now More than Ever - Ben & Jerry Who’s On My Ballot - Vote411 The House Passed a Bill That Would Make It Illegal to Discriminate Against Natural Hair (The CROWN Act) - InStyle Stacey Abrams Fair Fight Black Lives Matter Justice Democrats Rock the Vote
John and Vivica take a deep dive in the deviant side of sexuality. Everything you wanted to know about kink, fetish and BDSM is covered in this 3 part episode. Sources Erin Houdini The Most Common Fetishes in the U.S. Shibari: The Healing Properties of Japanese Rope Bondage The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage The Baroness Sybian Neon Wand
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