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Lots of changes announced in this week’s episode, but it all stems from me responding to the statement “You became a Human Design Expert”. Something has felt ‘off’ in my business for a long while, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. And I final
Second time is the charm for this episode as I’m learning when to listen to my gut (sacral authority) and it telling me that something doesn’t feel right, and to wait for the clarity to come for me to respond and pivot. This is all MY correct w
TW: mental illness, depression, OCD, suicidal thoughts Oof. I had A DAY this week friends. I legitimately went from happy-smiling and feeling so pretty about having done my hair, wearing real clothes, and putting makeup on, to a sobbing mess cr
One of my favourite apps that I use on an almost daily basis is called Moon Calendar (I don’t know if it’s available for Android, but I know it’s available for iOS). And this week, the energy around the moon and my signs has been telling me to
Welcome back! After a summer of taking stock in my energy, learnings, “shoulds and coulds” — I’m sharing a rambly episode of what my summer reflections entailed, what you can expect from the podcast moving forward, and how important it is to me
I went on a bit of a rant-tangent on Instagram this week, and I felt called to expand on it for this week’s episode. This week I talk about the next “up-level” I’m going through in my journey to honouring my own energy, and how I’ve discovered
This week’s episode is all about another part of commitment that I don’t think a lot of people think about, that I haven’t really talked about, and that I for sure have struggled with. Too often I see people (and have experienced) feeling stuck
Listening to Johise’s feelings about vulnerability very much reminded me of how I used to view it. This week episode, we’re talking to Oxford University Graduate Johise Namwira about her experience navigating new environments from high school,
I have all of the white privilege that I feel uncomfortable and have become so detached, and like I don’t have the right to be biracial… even though I am. This week’s episode talks about growing up biracial, what I witness in the different betw
Oooooooou, this was a fire episode, you guys. I loved recording this for you. I feel like it's so easy to get wrapped up in what we see on social media and online and compare ourselves to other people’s success and what they’re doing and accomp
This week’s episode I’m talking about rest. Which might seem like it doesn’t belong on a podcast all about “Grit” — but I feel like we’ve become so programmed to hustle, and grind, and push ahead and like Rihanna says, “work work work work work
Something that’s been weighing on my heart this week is all the people who are trapped within their struggles and aren’t seeing that as their comfort zone. I was hit by a wave of heartbreak nostalgia when an old high school band came onto my Sp
This week’s episode is all about self-forgiveness and why it’s so important. I polled my Instagram audience last week on what they wanted to learn more about, and I was so pleasantly surprised that self-forgiveness won the majority. The main me
This week's episode is all about belief and your mindset, and focusing on your energy - even through your doubt, and especially through other people's. The fact is, these feelings of fear and doubt are always going to be around us and within us
First interview episode in a while! And I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you guys to my dear friend, Jessica Sealey. She is a business coach that is KILLING it in the online space. However, my favourite part about her content, persona and o
Today’s episode, I want to talk to you about one of the mental hacks that really helps me stay committed to a task. Like always, I share what works for me in hopes that it helps INSPIRE you to find what works for you in a similar (or maybe comp
Whoa — it’s been some time since I’ve felt this fired up about an episode I’ve recorded and i’m so excited for you to tune in. Last week, I put up a poll in my Instagram Stories asking what you guys wanted to hear about, and my new morning rout
The other week I was on a call with the member of The Healing Society (my monthly membership program) and we were talking about how sometimes people we look up to sometimes seem out of reach, and how that can be disheartening. So I wanted to ta
For the episode this week, I have a follower on Instagram to thank for the inspiration. She messaged me telling me how upset she was by something that she really wanted, but didn’t end up working out. So I talked to her about the This or Someth
This week was supposed to be a guest episode… but I felt weird about going on with the podcast as though we were’t in the middle of a global pandemic thats affecting everyone — it didn’t feel honest. And it didn’t feel authentic. I don’t know w
This week's episode, I’m doing a little bit of story telling on my experience with comparisonitis, and how this episode became inspired to be created. The thing is, we all have insecurities and comparisons that come up trying to stop us from ac
All roads need to mindset. On the podcast this week, we are talking to Steve Setka all about committing to your goal. Moving from struggle, to learning + growth, and finally embracing power. And how mindset affected everything. Instant Access
This weeks episode took a HARD left when my introduction 6-minute tangent explanation turned into the theme of the episode. Going in with one plan can sometimes completely be altered into a different direction or a different plant, and this wee
On today’s episode we are talking to my SOUL SISTER, Lauren Ashley. Who is the Queen of Mindset, Manifestation and embracing flow. I’m so excited for you to witness the genius this girl has to gift to the world and to each of us to honour what
Some people are into Astrology, some are into Human Design. Some look for guidance in their Enneagram, or look for answers in their Myers-Briggs personality type. In this week’s episode, my goal is to try and give you an alternative perspective
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