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Episodes of Garbage of the Five Rings

26. Hidden Emperor Part 8: Toturi’s (E)dic(t)sToturi is finally back and Amelia and Jude are not happy as they lament the fact that no one learned any lessons from the last time an emperor was conspicuously absent and then came back weird and e
Ep 25. Hidden Emperor Part 7: Oatmeal is Back on the MenuAmelia and Jude wish everyone a merry snake-mas as they uncover the story of The Nothing and finally figure out where they were hiding that emperor. Recorded: 12/22/2019About Us:The Podca
24. Hidden Emperor Part 6: The Storming of the Secret of the Storming of Morikage CastleAmelia and Jude attempt to discuss the finding of the Hidden Emperor, but don’t actually get there because they spend the entire episode just reading the ca
Jude and Amelia did a very stupid panel at AcadeCon 2019: We made a yearbook for the Clan Wars! Join us as we hand out superlatives for the various luminaries of 1128. recorded: 11/8/19 Acadecon:
22. Hidden Emperor Part 5: Rooster IssuesJude and Amelia discuss the daddy issues amongst the phoenix's new elemental masters, the problems with timelines, and how stupid Yakamo is. Plus bloodswords and ronin. Recorded: 10/24/19Acadecon: https:
21. Hidden Emperor Part 4: Rokugani Health CodesAmelia and Jude discuss whether Hitomi is properly trained to tattoo all those people, whether Kuni Yori knows anything about taxidermy, and what kinds of jobs ghosts take after retirement. Record
20. Hidden Emperor Part 3: Law and Order RokuganAmelia and Jude revisit their favorite ninja in dress uniform, get excited that the unicorn are up to literally anything, and wonder how long is too long to hold a grudge when it comes to the Jade
19. Hidden Emperor Part 2: Something Funny About Absent ParentsAmelia and Jude try to figure out why everyone in Rokugan is a terrible parent. We meet Yokuni’s kid, Kamoko tries to avenge her mom, and Kachiko doesn’t give a shit about orphans. 
18. Hidden Emperor Part 1: Oatmeal and Hands Jude and Amelia at long last launch into the Hidden Emperor arc! It's a new era for L5R but some things never change. Jude still hates Hida Kisada, Amelia defends the Phoenix, and your hosts love and
Episode 17. Bad Decisions at GenCon Amelia and Jude realize that are too tired to finish the outline for the next episode, so they talk about their trip to GenCon instead. Recorded: 08/11/2019 Mentioned in this Episode Heart and Spire by Rowan,
16. Scorpion Clan Coup Part 3: Walls Walls Walls Amelia and Jude feel kinda bad that Shoju has no friends, discuss the numerous mentions of walls in this arc, and (as always) hate on Toturi a bunch. Recorded: 07/12/2019 About Us:The Podcast Twi
15. Shoju and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Coup Amelia and Jude do some rage math as they try to figure out travel times, discuss the death/not death of Doji Satsume, and refuse once again to hop on the Toturi Train. Recorded: 06/24/2
14 Scorpion Clan Coup Part 1: Amelia and Jude ponder important questions like what else is in the basement of Kyuden Bayushi, why is Toturi still not dead, and just how chubby were Sotorii’s hands? Recorded: 06/24/2019 About Us:The Podcast Twit
13.5 Rokugan 101 Amelia and Jude might have been wrong about the audience for the show, so they attempt to give some basic background about Rokugan. It’s unclear if this will help or just make things worse. Recorded: 06/28/2019 About Us:The Pod
13 Bonus Episode 2: Clan Wars Scroll 1: Scorpion In this episode, Amelia is mean to Jude, but Jude was mean first by making her read this book. Recorded: 06/06/2019 About Us:The Podcast Twitter: @G5RPodcast ( Inst
12.Bonus Episode 1: New5R !!!SPOILERS!!! PALATE CLEANSER EPISODE! Amelia and Jude take a quick break from their dumpster diving to talk about what’s going on in the Fantasy Flight timeline. They discuss big changes from AEG lore, why those chan
Clan Wars Part 11: Clan Wars was Offal In the final clan wars episode, Amelia and Jude discuss all the stuff that was too stupid to make it into the rest of the show, say the word ragamuffins too many times, and take one more chance to complain
Clan Wars Part 10: 2 Day 2 Thunder Amelia and Jude explain the 2nd Day of Thunder, wonder why no one is likeable, and learn that the black scrolls were in our hearts all along (or at least in Yokuni’s). Recorded: 04/18/2019 Also mentioned in th
9. Clan Wars Part 9: Let's get ready to RUMMMMBBBLLEEEEE Amelia and Jude are so close to the end of clan wars they can taste it. They discuss how Beige Jesus saves the day, the tragic death of Jude’s boy Ishikawa, and what color umbrella Junzo
8. Clan Wars Part 8: Monks, Mantis, and McGuffins Amelia and Jude are exasperated by new characters, passing references, and just how swole Yoritomo is. They are perfectly okay with Ishikawa being just the best boy. Recorded: 03/25/2019 About U
Clan Wars Part 7: Squashsada Amelia and Jude discuss the weird hand fetish happening in this game, glory in a few comeuppances, and continue being exasperated by inconsistencies. Recorded: 03/06/2019 About Us:The Podcast Twitter: @G5RPodcast (h
Clan Wars Part 6: Blackened Chicken Amelia and Jude discuss the mistakes of the Phoenix Clan, such as bad hats, messing about with taint, and opening entirely too many black scrolls. Recorded: 01/15/2019 About Us:The Podcast Twitter: @G5RPodcas
Clan Wars Part 5. Kachiko Does A Plot Amelia and Jude discuss the ongoing soap opera of Bayushi Kachiko, why there are yet more arms, just how cool Toshimoko was, and where one takes Kuni Yori on a date. Recorded: 01/15/2019 About Us:The Podcas
Amelia and Jude try to figure out why the Kolat loves stabbing so much, what was going on with the elemental terrors, and why all the black scrolls just made people ugly. Recorded: 12/22/2018 Sources:
Amelia and Jude try to sort out how many battles happened, who had which hands when, and why on earth anyone would trust Kuni Yori. Recorded: 11/28/2018 About Us:The Podcast Twitter: @G5RPodcast ( Instagram: @G5RP
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