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Gaylords of Darkness

A weekly TV, Film and Society podcast featuring Anthony Hudson and Stacie Ponder
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Episodes of Gaylords of Darkness

Episode 144: Blob of Hufu This week the Gaylords revisit the 2011 film Lovely Molly! Stacie & Anthony swim like Scrooge McDuck in a pool full of human tofu and working class downer horror before finding glory—and crushing defeat—on The Chopping
Episode 143: UFO Car In celebration of Hwasa’s new album this week, the Gaylords try on The Red Shoes (2005)! Stacie & Anthony tackle communes, language barriers, pink shoes that are not in fact red, and Korean & Japanese history, all before be
Episode 142: Riot Grrrandma The Gaylords tune in to the 1992 BBC classic Ghostwatch! Stacie and Anthony get the shivers over this found footage masterpiece and commemorate it with a catalog full of glory holes and eyebrow wigs before another ed
Episode 141 - Long Computer Mouth The Gaylords plug into their gamer chairs and try to Stay Alive (2006)! Stacie & Anthony celebrate formative feminist game developer Elizabeth Bathory and address computer faces, Ani DiFranco, Mike Flanagan, an
Episode 140: Psychic Straps The Gaylords turn back time to Halloween H20! Stacie & Anthony go gaga for Jamie Lee Curtis and this O.G. legacy sequel, along with heterosexual cultists, CGI masks, Rapture logistics, and a touch of NCIS: Wig just i
Episode 139: Halloween No Hear the Gaylords' raw thoughts on Halloween Kills, recorded mere minutes after their watch—now with slam poetry, manic pixie dream survivors, baked potato testicles, not enough bangs, and the highest of hopes for Hall
Episode 138: Straps 'n Chaps This week we’re celebrating THREE YEARS of Gaylords of Darkness! Put on your finest leather for an anniversary grab bag episode covering Elvira, ghost law, more placenta talk, a rant against Malignant for the ages,
Episode 137: Human Flesh Vessel The Gaylords double their remedies for The Skeleton Key (2005)! Stacie and Anthony discuss millennial prestige horror, lesbian hospice nurses, Boston marriages, and restaurant pronouns before embarking on another
The Gaylords search for The Blackwell Ghost! Stacie & Anthony discuss this (so far) five-film found footage series, mannequin mazes, Real Sex, and placenta pâté before donning Strictly Strode™ wigs for another abysmal edition of The Chopping Bl
Episode 135: Oliver Twist Hair The Gaylords take a Mars train to Mars town for John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars (2001)! Stacie & Anthony address finger earrings, No Doubt, subtle misogyny, and Lisa Loeb’s "Dragula"—all before facing off with a C
Episode 134: Death Math The Gaylords see a different side of Fulci with The Psychic (1977)! Stacie and Anthony celebrate psychic decorators, secretary detectives, The Real Housewives of Potomac, and being worm-free before facing The Headsthey o
Episode 133: Hakuna Patata The Gaylords take a walk with a Zombie (1979)! Stacie & Anthony get gross-out giddy over Fulci’s zombies, wife buffets, and potato shout-outs before making stunning showings on The Chopping Block. Find out more at ht
Episode 132: We Are the Bindle The Gaylords take their Fulci Feelings™ to the City of the Living Dead (1980)! Stacie & Anthony talk about white people protests, that maggot scene, that intestine scene, hobo booze, and The Beverly Hillbillies be
Episode 131: The Heaven Problem This week the Gaylords unleash Lucio Fulci's Demonia (1990)! Stacie & Anthony stay firmly nuzzled in their Fulci Feelings™, now with hot nun fetishes, Sexy Wigs®, Petco, the extended Farmiga family, and more. Fi
Episode 130: Jerky Soap Queens The Gaylords go to The House by the Cemetery (1981)! Stacie & Anthony get Fulci Feelings™ for gross-out gore, soap ladies, and more wigs—plus some Deltapalooza, Dune, and more on another installment of The Choppin
Episode 129: Tree Branch Science The Gaylords go on a Blind Date (1984), from the maestro behind .com for Murder! Stacie & Anthony discuss Kirstie Alley, fashion plates, Walkman brain implants, showtunes punks, Marina Sirtis as “Hooker,” and ye
Episode 128: Oh No This week the Gaylords get uncomfortable with Brian De Palma's Dressed to Kill (1980)! Stacie & Anthony talk sleaze, negative (mis)representation, messy history, and more...plus an artistic reevaluation of Tubgirl and a court
Episode 127: Waterside Fisting The Gaylords get possessed by Cathy's Curse (1977)! Stacie & Anthony address French Canadian DIY filmmaking, misogynist little girls, consensual egg injections, and more before a partially triumphant, mostly incoh
Episode 126: Columnar Cherry The Gaylords go back to 1956 to cultivate The Bad Seed! Stacie & Anthony worship Rhoda Penmark and tackle penmanship awards, the fine line between melodrama and tragedy, Jennifer Convertibles, and this film’s explos
Episode 125: Blast the Rosebud The Gaylords are BACK!—and ready to secede from society like The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)! Stacie & Anthony talk Jodie Foster, Pride, smooth brains, blasted rosebuds, misandrist isolationist quee
Episode 124: Lady Police Academy The Gaylords cackle like harpies over Knock Knock (2015)! Stacie and Anthony fall hard for Eli Roth’s unlikely femme troll masterpiece thanks to Lorenza Izzo, Ana de Armas, Colleen Camp, and Sondra Locke, and ro
Episode 123: On Brand The Gaylords go full circle with The Haunting of Julia (1977)! Stacie & Anthony come to terms with ghost children, impostor Ponders, a spectacular failure of a Chopping Block, and...eggs?  Find out more at https://gaylords
Episode 122: A Blowhole That Fits This week the Gaylords bust out their charred femurs for The Devils (1971)! Stacie & Anthony re-evaluate the controversy and sexual politics of this classic shocker, plus Vanessa Redgrave’s wig(?), off-camera e
Episode 121: Laser Egg Vault The Gaylords got to Three...Extremes (2004) and worship at the altar of Bai Ling! Stacie and Anthony tackle trauma, pain, anguish, egg updates, and a war with a dish soap empire before placing their heads on The Cho
Episode 120: Ze Flubber The Gaylords have an uncomfortably close encounter with The Fourth Kind (2009), starring Actress Milla Jovovich as Dr Abigail Emily Tyler and also another actress as Dr Abigail Emily Tyler! Beam this episode up for logic
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