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Now, with some idea of the threat that faces Aeramis, our party begins putting their plan into motion.  To this end they teleport once again, rendezvous with some familiar faces, and […]
The party escapes the forces of the Black King and regroups back at the Institute. There they discuss recent revelations and plan their next move.
The party has been summoned for an audience with Mortindómë, the Black King himself. What could this ancient monarch want with our heroes, and how will they respond in turn?
After waking up safely in Crosswarren our party sets about fulfilling a few personal errands. Then, unexpectedly, they find themselves in someone else's court.
Join me, Jeff, and our players as we discuss our unfortunately lost Christmas special. First we go over the events of the 16th session, "The Shadow of Kringle," when our party was transported to a snowy landscape and asked to rescue a family f
Without much to do until their alchemical order is complete, our party gets some exotic food and discovers a bit more about each other.
Rejoined by Leander, the party makes their way back to Crosswarren, searching for a way to fix their stony companion.
Leander is missing, and the rest of the group takes a request from Dieter van Kampf to find another of the Institute's blood hunters before their journey back to the Black King's dungeon. They considering a few contracts on the side, and partn
The hour grows late, and our party continues to battle the horrors of the Lionheart Inn. Finally close to completing their task, they find deathly answers and an enemy with a familiar face.
The party has bested the Red Room with minimal injury, but the rest of the Lionheart Inn holds even greater dangers which find a few of them worse for wear. And, still early in the night, they realize they are not the only ones hunting within
Now in the bustling city of Crosswarren, our party discovers the difficulties of urban travel and meets with their client. They make an early attempt on the haunted Lionheart Inn, and begin to discover the dangers that await them.
Our party faces off against the wraith Arinlen, and they find a secret artifact that will shake the planet of Aeramis to its core. Trust and loyalty are quickly tested in the wake of this discovery.
Deep underground, the party discovers a hallway leading into an ancient dungeon. Inside they face many challenges of wit and logic, Leander discovers his worst fears have a physical form, and the party begins to question their honesty with eac
Talia wakes from her vision drenched in sweat, and after some discussion everyone agrees that they must reach Elcott as quickly as possible. A powerful ally makes a timely arrival, and our party finds that Elcott is not what they were expectin
At the foot of the walls of the Eldorani Crater our adventurers discover a lone mercenary who joins them on the hunt for Marrowblade. The gnoll situation turns complicated, tensions rise between the party, and Talia is beset by more visions of
We rejoin our party in the midst of their battle with the gnolls, attempting to save the life of a unicorn. Not long after they rendezvous with a few old friends, and then make a new one on the outskirts of the Eldorani Crater.
Still six days from their destination of Elcott our party discovers a remnant of the elves' dark past, hidden deep in the Weald. After learning about the larger inhabitants of the forest they come to the banks of the Calénduín, and from there
Hoping to reach Elcott by the fastest overland route possible, our party has ventured into the Weald, the territory controlled by Aeramis' elven population. Despite the elves the sylvan forest is large and full of dangers, and our heroes soon
Our party faces down the manticore of the Ghost Woods, and in the process discover that their contract had a much more grizzly origin than they had ever realized.
So begins the legend of the Nacre Amulet. Our heroes, monster hunters and slayers of evil, have begun their journey in the mid-west of Aerlon. Hearing rumors of a monster slaying contract near the Ghost Woods, the four are journeying east to
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