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This week, we take a look at “Invincible” on Amazon Prime. This dark comedic animated series is an adaptation of the “Invincible” comic series and we spoil the shit out of it so we must suggest you, at the very least, watch the first episode be
This week, we take a look at the changes in the American workforce resulting from the pandemic. Are we seeing a shift in which workers are gaining power in the workplace by pushing for better paying jobs? How have things changed given that work
This week, we are re-joined by our friend Nathan Gerber to talk Mortal Kombat! Yes, there is a new movie on HBO and we all watched it. Nate is a big fan of the video game and the 1995 movie so we look at all things Mortal Kombat. Except Mortal
A few weeks ago, Matt Kesson was on with us and we talked about the idea that science is pretty cool. We think science is so cool, we got our good friend Breanne Bilyeu to join us to do an entire episode about how science is pretty cool! A lot
This week we are once again joined by Jonathan Palmer to help us discuss the latest Marvel series, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. While the series is longer than the Snyder Cut of Justice League, it seems to have a little bit more to say. Jon
Content Warning and something to PLEASE consider: Molly and Nick talk about a show called “Them.” Since recording this episode, that show has taken an incredibly dark turn that feels exploitative. Some folks are calling the show “trauma porn,”
This week, we are re-joined by our friend Matt Kessen of Reverend Matt’s Monster Science! He is with us to talk about Cryptozoology, which is basically the “study” of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other such creatures. Matt is something o
This week, we have another boners episode queued up for y’all! Tim has a new Apple TV and he’s pretty excited about it. Nick has been doing all sorts of projects around the new house. Molly has nothing but free time right now and she’s going to
This week, we are joined by Melissa Kaercher to discuss the epicness that is “Godzilla Vs. Kong.” Melissa was our first guest lo so many years ago and we are pleased she was able to join us to discuss this new installment in the Kaiju lore. She
This week, we have a conversation with Andy Blau, who performs at Renaissance Festivals as Zoltan the Adequate. He is a magician who has a lot of great stories to tell. We talk about how magic got him involved in the atheist community and how i
This week, we watched the entire length of the Snyder Cut of “The Justice League” and we get our buddy and DC apologist Ronn Bauman to join us for a discussion. Please note, we spoil the shit out of this movie so if you want to watch all four h
This week, we are joined once again by Pat Wick to talk about house rules in board games. You know, stuff like getting money when you land on Free Parking in Monopoly even though that’s not actually a rule. Sometimes house rules are there just
This week, we bring back our resident Marvel expert Mark Sherman to talk WandaVision! We recorded this episode after the finale had aired so please be aware we spoil the shit out of the series. As we live in what can be fairly called the golden
This week, we are joined by Windy Bowlsby to talk about pandemic baking! We’ve all developed new hobbies during the pandemic and Windy has been doing a lot of baking. We talk about our baking experience and other pandemic hobbies. But mostly we
This week, we talk to our friend, magician William Bradshaw. Will works as a street magician in Las Vegas as we thought he’d be the perfect person to ask about the new Hulu film “In and Of Itself.” It is a filmed stage play directed by Frank Oz
This week, we take a deeper dive into Ted Lasso. We’ve mentioned the show a few times in recent episodes but we think it deserves and enter episode because the show is just that good. There are spoilers a-plenty so if you haven’t watched the sh
This week, we take a look at the 2020 film “Faith Based,” about a couple of guys who decide to get rich by making a Faith Based film. We all thought this movie would be a lot of fun and the concept certainly seemed like it was going to be somet
This week, we take a look at the Netflix documentary series “History of Swear Words” starring – no shitting you – Nicholas Cage. The series is only six episodes long and each episode focuses on a single swear word. They have an entire damn epis
This week, we are taking a look at cleaning house. Specifically, going through all the shit you have and figuring out when it’s time to get rid of some of it. Molly and Nick are getting ready to move and Tim’s mom just downsized to an apartment
This week, we are joined by Pat Wick to take a look at the Netflix series “Bridgerton.” Pat is a fan of the original book series so she helps us talk about not only the series (which we all enjoyed) but talk about some changes between the books
This week, we get together with Josh Humphrey to discuss American political events of the past few weeks. Specifically, we look at the fallout from the Trump-led insurrection in Washington D.C. Obviously, the landscape keeps changing and we don
It’s time for us to play with our latest Geeky Boners! As a reminder that we are atheists but we’re also twelve, we have another episode filled with dick jokes! We’ll talk about the stuff that has us super hard including updates of classic game
This week, we are taking a look at “Wonder Woman 84,” released on Christmas day 2020. We watched it on HBO Max because – you know – pandemic. This episode will spoil the shit out of the movie so be warned. Also, you might want to be warned that
This week, we are taking a deep dive on the announced slate of upcoming Marvel and Star Wars projects. Well, “deep dive” might be overstating it because there is SO MUCH coming that it is hard to go too deeply into any of it. It may not all be
For our final episode of 2020, we are re-joined by Jeremy Stomberg (take a drink) who, aside from being the most referenced non-host on our podcast, is also a huge Star Wars fan. The four of us take a long look at everything in Season 2 of The
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