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#69 Pt 2 – Subverting Expectations: Dragonball Super, Smash Bros, Dubbed Or Subbed & DIY Gang With Shao Dow

Released Sunday, 15th September 2019
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This week is part 2 of the long-awaited chat with the London-based independent rapper, manga author, entrepreneur and occasional ninja, Shao Dow!

This week, Mike & Shao Dow continue their chat, discussing a wide variety of topics, but they begin with Shao Dow’s Kaioken video and link to Dragonball Z/Super, which leads to a long discussion on what Shao Dow & Mike do and do not enjoy about the show as well as Dragonball & Dragonball GT, including what is considered in the new Dragonball canon. Shao Dow & Mike also talk about other anime they enjoy, some live-action adaptations of anime that aren’t as thrilling, the eternal debate over dubbing & subbing before moving on to discuss the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie and Detective Pikachu, plus they then have a lengthy discussion on Super Smash Bros and other video games as well as motivation in life before they finish by discussing DIY gang!

In case you missed it, in part 1, Mike & Shao Dow discuss how & why Shao Dow became a full-time rapper before they delve into the process of creating & releasing rap songs, Shao Dow then talks about his time on the high-street selling CDs (& why he no longer does this) followed by discussing Shao Dow’s manga “The Way Of The Shao”, his trip to China, how he got onto Fire In The Booth & his collaboration with Krizz Kaliko of Strange Music! If all of that wasn’t enough, Shao Dow & Mike also discuss Shao Dow’s friend & regular collaborator Zuby, Shao Dow’s track Dropkick Man, instant-gratification culture, Shao Dow winning the 2017 AIM Award for Hardest Working Artist before finishing part 1 with a discussion about Eminem.

Shao Dow’s site - Shao Dow's New Single Burn Out

In case you missed it, last episode Mike spoke with Calum of Placeholder – a UK metalcore band based in Southampton. Their chat is in two parts and they discussed a great many things, including Calum’s love for Gordon Ramsay, using CDs & streaming nowadays, before talking about all of the music Calum & Mike have been listening to (including Billie Eilish, The Plot In You, Lewis Capaldi & more) before they discuss self-promoting on social media, Placeholder’s three new music videos & their meaning along with the theme of their newest EP ‘Despise Me’, they then speak about misheard song lyrics, some of the negative & positive feedback Calum has received on various social media platforms and much more!

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