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On September 30, 2020 I was thrilled to lead a language learning Podcasters panel for International Podcast Day. You can watch the video of this panel on YouTube,, OR you can listen to this on this episode. Thank you to Dave and Steve, the geniuses behind IPD, for holding yet another amazing year's sessions of Podcasters from around the world. And for allowing us to use the audio versions of our panel on our podcasts. Since you are language lovers, you may want to check out the other IPD sessions on YouTube IN other languages. More info:
In this episode we are talking to Ken Hirano, who was born in Japan but his family moved to the U.S. before he started school. He has returned to Japan to live a few times in his life, and now is one of them. He moved back to Tokyo about a year ago and recently wrote a post on LinkedIn on this geographic anniversary about his cultural and language identity. And that is what we are digging into today. This identity path took us through how he feels in different languages, why he feels more simple and defenseless in Japanese than English, how Japanese locals versus expats in Japan treat his Japanese & Americanness and where he is the most comfortable. Spoiler: none of these issues have a clearly defined answer and that is what made this nuanced discussion with Ken so interesting to have.  You can find the full show notes, links, etc to this episode at
Welcome to a language learning conversation in 3 acts with Kerstin Cable of The Fluent Show Podcast. Act 1 is where Kerstin and I share our empathy for the language learner during the sometimes arduous process. But then we hit heads in act 2 by arguing (respectfully, of course) about natural ability when it comes to learning languages. But don't worry, by act 3, we shift to swooning, with languages being the things we fall in love with. Do you want to learn German? Try the German Uncovered Course. I am! show notes:
This is our first before and after language follow up episode. Cameron and I chatted about his Mandarin Chinese language learning process and progress in September 2019, in episode 21 ( At the end of that episode we had him write his own questions for this six month follow up chat.  More info:
I really hope you join us in reviewing podcasts that you love to share the podcast joy. I already have 2 reviews that I know I will write myself. Remember, #PodRevDay is on the 8th of every month, so if you can't participate this month, mark your calendars for September 8th!
The Geopats Podcast has SPLIT into many podcasts. The old Geopats Podcast feed is now Geopats Podcasitng, the podcast about podcasting that taps into the global experience. All other shows from the old Geopats Podcast podcast are listed below with new episodes highlighted for you. Please follow any and all of the podcasts that you enjoy. We have some new content on many of them that I think you will enjoy!If you can't find any of the below podcasts, please email me and I will make sure they are added to that listing site. stephfuccio@gmail.comGeopats Network Podcasts Currently available (more coming soon):-Geopats Podcasting (this feed)-Geopats Language ep: more mini language episodes, see Geopats NaPodPoMo below)))-Geopats Books: ep: Coffee: ep: NaPodPoMo: Online: formerly Virtual Expats: eps available mid-August 2020-Geopats Reflections :formerly Expat Rewind: eps available by the end of August 2020
In this episode, Steph Cook of Transcontinental Overload is kind enough to ponder 3 aspects of German that strike me (Geopats Steph) as strange. Her insights and humo(u)r about these differences is a sheer delight. You will never hear the German language in the same way again. More info:
How much overlap is there between music and language? Sinologist, Linguist, Jazz Pianist & returning Geopats Podcast Guest David Moser, joins us again for a dive into this question. More info:
This week due to an evil head cold I have something different for you. This mini language episode includes:-a personal German language update (get ready to cringe)and-an unpublished language snippet from a previous interview with Yunus from September 2019More info:
Ever get frustrated with how little of the language in your textbooks can be used in real life conversations? Davey, Founder of Popcorn Club in Shanghai, China isn’t. Why not? Because he is too busy enjoying his conversations to care. I asked Davey how he keeps conversations going and here are his top 3 tips for doing so.  ​​More info:
How sound sensitive are you? Our guest today, Phoebe, grew up with Mandarin Chinese but has learned a myriad of languages including English, Finnish, German & more. But her sound talent goes far beyond languages into sound and voice research in her current PhD life in Ireland. She is currently researching the connection between recorded voices and listeners’ emotional responses to them. This sensitivity and Phoebe’s general curiosity touch every aspect of language that we discuss in this conversation. More info:
Can the making of a language be a riveting story? Yes, yes, and 对啊. According to Sinologist, Linguist, Jazz Pianist & returning Geopats Guest David Moser, for modern day Mandarin Chinese there are power struggles, harsh words, a jazz music studio and a bit of Abbot and Costello behavior that contributed to the language story. In this conversation, David and I chat about his story and people packed book about the manufacturing of modern day Mandarin Chinese via his book "A Billion Voices". ​More info:
Have you ever had to create your own path to succeed at something? That is exactly what Venture Capitalist Ryan Shuken did to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese. In fact, he was so successful at it that he ended up being the Lead Interpreter for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 in China. This is a 2 part interview about his amazing language learning story. Come back tomorrow and the day after for the rest of Ryan's inspiring language story. ​This recording originally appeared on the Geopats NaPodPoMo podcast in 3 separate episodes:, and has been compiled and added to Geopats Language for your language geekery listening pleasure. More info:
“Language is the center of everything I do.” -David Moser. David’s Twitter bio says that he is a Sinologist, Linguist, Jazz Pianist and Author of "A Billion Voices: China's Search for a Common Language" but what it does not say (most likely due to understandable platform space constraints) is the thread of curiosity that permeates everything he does. That curiosity is infectious and one of the reasons why we are pleased to say that he has agreed to become a repeat guest on the Changing Scripts part of the Geopats Podcast. We need time and space to dig into the linguistic, psychological and motivational topics that we started to cover in this conversation and we are super pleased that he is willing and able to do so.More info:
In this episode I am pleased to welcome Cameron, Host of the Mandarin By Mistake podcast. Cam is an Australian man learning Mandarin Chinese for business purposes. Cam and I had this conversation a few weeks ago and the video is already available on the Changing Scripts YouTube channel: -YouTube version of this interview on the Changing Scripts YouTube Channel, but I also wanted to add it to the Geopats Podcast Changing Scripts show as well, thus this replay of sorts. I have talked about him and his podcast on Changing Scripts before because his approach to language learning and his podcast are unique. As you may guess from his podcast’s name, he focuses on mistakes that he makes when learning Chinese. He even has a section of the podcast dedicated to the mistake of the week. The emphasis by doing this is by practicing a lot and letting go of the idea of perfection. More info:
Lucy grew up in Shanghai, China speaking both Standard Mandarin Chinese and a local Songjiang dialect. She later learned other languages both as a child and an adult. Her descriptions of both the Chinese and foreign language classrooms in China are fascinating. She is now working in an English language workplace in Shanghai in the Social Media arena of a local publication, Sixth Tone: . More:
 In this podcast episode, Steph talks with Thom Clairmont, Thomreads on Instagram, a French university student who is studying Sinology in graduate school. Sinology is the study of Chinese language, history, customs and politics. He has studied French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian but it is Chinese that he is the most fascinated with. In fact, he admits to not even liking learning languages until he started learning Chinese the last two years of high school.​What is it about the language that pulled Thom in and kept his attention? I’m afraid that you will have to have a listen to his language story for the details of him studying Mandarin Chinese both in Europe as well as in Asia. What I can tell you is that what Thom puts out into the world about his studies and about his reading experiences outside of Academic texts, is thoughtful, relevant and shared from a place of heartfelt enjoyment.  More info:
In this episode, we chat with Angela, a Canadian who went to China for the first time in 2006, which is where she met her husband. She left China and returned, as so many expats do. Lucky for me, she came back to China in 2010 and worked at the same school teaching Academic English to students who were about to study abroad. Angela’s relationship to languages and language learning is the complete opposite to mine: before learning Mandarin Chinese she fluently learned French, Spanish and Finnish, with a strong emphasis on speaking the language. She is now a teacher in Canada and is able to help International students from China and other countries, adapt to their new learning and academic life in a small study group environment as well.More info:
Nine Years Ago Joshua Ogden-Davis left graduate school in Texas, moved to China and taught himself Chinese. He is now a Mandarin Chinese Translator, does audio and video production in multiple languages, and is a Puppeteer. In this Changing Scripts podcast episode we dig into Josh’s fuller language story, including this switch from English to Mandarin Chinese as well as his experiences with Spanish, German and English from his beforetime.​More info:
This is the conversation that started the Changing Scripts Podcast. Phil and I initially did this interview for the Changing Scripts YouTube channel but it felt like too long of an experience for a video. It felt like a podcast. So here we are. Phil's journey learning Mandarin Chinese is nothing less than impressive. But he is humble and shares not only his experiences but very practical tips and resources that he has found along the way.More info:
 In this episode we chat with Lotta, a Finnish college student who lived in Shanghai, China between High School and University. During part of that time she took intensive Chinese language courses. Lotta has continued with her Chinese language learning even after returning to Finland by using TV shows and other media until she can take more language classes at her university.More info:
In this episode, we talk to Taylor, an American Marketing Professional who grew up with a strong language learning curiosity. Mandarin Chinese was one of her first language loves and one that she has kept in contact with. I am using people analogies because Taylor used them in the interview and it is simply a brilliant way to see the time, energy and commitment that it takes not only to learn a language but to maintain it over the years as well.More info:
In this podcast episode we chat with long term China Expat Andy Curtain about his geographical movement from Melbourne, Australia to Shanghai, China and what effect it had on his online activities/presence. Even though he was online quite early in Australia with IRC and ICQ, he admits that most of his current online activities have been utility based, focusing on his stand up comedy promotions and community building. ​As a fellow Content Creator (and Influencer, lol), I find it very interesting that the making of his podcast, Stuck in the Middle, helps him process his own comedic material. There is so much to say about Andy, the deep impression he has made on the stand up comedy scene in China and his own business savvy that has impacted how I think of my own creative endeavors on and offline in the short time since this interview took place. But for now I will just say thank you Andy for coming on the show and sharing your story. More info:
In the Podcast episode, we talked to Tanya Crossman, author of Misunderstood The Impact of Growing Up Overseas in the 21st Century  about her experiences learning and using Mandarin Chinese since she was a teenager. Tanya has a deep connection both to Chinese culture and language but her language story does not stop there.More info:
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