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A humorous and informative podcast on all things fitness, nutrition, and healthy, happy living! Jodelle Fitzwater is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Stand Up Paddle Instructor,E-RYT 200, and a self proclaimed mermaid. Bunny Gilchrist is an all out funny student, friend and co-cospiritor of Jodelle's on this podcast and gives a everyday perspective on the trials and triumphs of getting fit and staying healthy!

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Since the video quality was not optimal, I made this an audio podcast, but it's the content that matters, and boy does this content matter!!!! I have wanted to interview this highly educated individual, Dr. Jack Kruse, since the beginning of my podcasting career. So many thanks to him for doing …

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In this passionate podcast, I want to promote the need to stop the bashing that is going on around all the different styles and WOEs that are out there, and talk about how we can come together, perhaps maybe even support each other, even so far as helping each other no matter what our WOE. I …

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Dr. Zsofia Clemens holds her PhD, and is a nuerobiologist as well as a clinical researcher specializing in nutrition, nutritional therapy with regard to brain research. She is the senior researcher of the Paleomedicina Hungary Research Group where her clinic treats patients exclusively with what …

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Loved interviewing Amber O'Hearn, who is an expert when it comes to being a woman eating an all meat, carnivorous diet. For over 8 years now, Amber has eaten only animal products with wonderful health! Even her years of severe depression were thwarted on an all meat diet. Listen in as she tells …

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Integrative Oncologist, Dr. Nasha Winters, founder of Optimal Terrain Consulting joins me for an informative, energetic chat about all things related to ketosis and cancer, and even speaks on her thoughts on the Carnivore (All Meat) Diet. What an honor, and what a wonderfully inspiring woman Dr. …

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