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Get Fit with Jodelle

A Health and Fitness podcast

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A humorous and informative podcast on all things fitness, nutrition, and healthy, happy living! Jodelle Fitzwater is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Stand Up Paddle Instructor,E-RYT 200, and a self proclaimed mermaid. Bunny Gilchrist is an all out funny student, friend and co-cospiritor of Jodelle's on this podcast and gives a everyday perspective on the trials and triumphs of getting fit and staying healthy!

Recent Episodes


Brother and Sister Nutritionist Duo, Zach and Jodelle team up to bring you the latest understanding in all things insulin. With type 2 diabetes on the rise and insulin resistance being the beginning stages, it's time to get educated and learn what you can do to REVERSE diabetes and insulin resista...

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In our first ever youtube podcast, you will enjoy this audio only version of Zach and Jodelle, brother and sister Nutrition Coaches exposing some much-needed facts about digestion. Learn what causes digestion distress, and what could be causing yours. Plus what to do about it with real tips and s...

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And impromptu podcast where Bunny and Jodelle dive into gallbladder health, sleep issues, and what it might feel like to have a Nutrition Coaching session with Jodelle. We didn't plan on doing a podcast, so this just happened. Enjoy this quick teaser, and let us know what you would like to hear th...

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Is your closet killing? Does the fabric we wear matter? Could wearing leggings actually make cellulite worse? What about Febreze and fabric softeners? Are they safe? Bunny and Jodelle will blow your mind with more toxins in our environment to avoid, and what to look for instead. Tips and tric...

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Could the foods you are eating in a clean, paleo fashion actually be harming you? Are your vegetables doing more harm than good? You eat healthy, but seem to get sicker and sicker? IF so, you NEED to listen to this podcast. Brother and sister team, Jodelle and Zach are ranting on all things havi...

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