Episode from the podcastGet on the Box: tell your story

How to win more business with Sandler sales trainer, Lauren Valentine

Released Sunday, 17th June 2018
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Lauren Valentine is a highly motivated professional with a passion for sales and business development. Using the Sandler tools she works with companies to grow their businesses through effective sales and management practices.
Lauren works with Sandler Training – the global leader in management, sales and customer service training and consulting.  
1.   A "sponsor" is someone who  advocates on your behalf even when you're not in the room. They look out for you by opening doors you didn't even know existed.
2.  Selling is understanding and then solve a problem someone might have. In order to do this effectively, a sales person must be a good listener. We have two ears and one mouth; use them in that proportion.
3.  Utilizing storytelling throughout the sales process helps the buyer to "self discover" how your solution can solve their problem.
4. Good sales people follow a processes; they don't wing it.
5. Track "leading behaviors"and focus on what you can control. "Measure the task and not the results."
6.  You can't say yes to everything and everyone. Doing so can lead to you doing a lot of different things poorly.