Get Rich Quick with Josh & Noel

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Episodes of Get Rich Quick

Get Rich with LARPing! Roll the dice, play the part, and dress for the dragon you want to slay. How many hit points does your accountant have?
Get Rich with Imposters! Tom is an imposter Josh, Noel is still doing that Noel impersonation of his. Double your bucks!
Get Rich with Spring! Its a time of new beginnings where everyone gets a little bounce in their step and pep in their pants. Your portfolio will be in full bloom!
Get Rich with Cannibalism! Humans eating humans for ritual, survival, or just for the kink of it. We hope you have a taste for the Benjamins!
Get Rich with Nessie! Is the Loch Ness Monster a dinosaur, eel, alien, or just a tourist attraction? Any way you slice it he's green!
Get Rich with Kid Lit! Fill the hole in every kids heart left by authors who got cancelled or let their copyright expire. One fish, two fish, red fish, you rich!
Get Rich with Fingerprints! They unlock your phone, lock up the criminals, and unleash your creativity. Hopefully each million you make will be just as unique!
Get Rich with Snakes! They are deadly cold blooded creeps who fight fear in the hearts of many, but maybe they are just misunderstood. Unhinge your jaw and swallow your fortune whole!
Get Rich with Reincarnation! When they say you only have one shot or one life to live, they clearly don't know what they are talking about. Hopefully you can actually take it with you!
Get Rich with Bounty Hunters! Collect and trade bail skippers just like Dog. Learn how to catch all the Benjamins you can hold!
Get Rich with Nuts! Low hanging, sometimes dangerous, always delicious! Spread the wealth like peanut butter!
Get Rich with Meditation! Right now a lot of people need to chill out and get more empathetic, but just don't have the time. How many Oms in a Milliom?
Get Rich with the North Pole! The magnetic top of the world that is cold as ice, but is also a hot property. Our compass points to the bank!
Get Rich with Snow! They say no two snowflakes are alike, but if you can convert them to money they all spend the same, You will need a shovel for all your cash!
Get Rich with Luddites! They smash the loom, shun the iPhone, and want to go back to the old ways. Whittle yourself a new piggy bank!
Get Rich with Knights! Medieval crusaders of chivalry and righteousness, or misogynistic rich kids with a penchant for violence? Everyone call you Sir when you're rich!
Get Rich with Elephants! They are big and smart and can remember the days when the world was calm enough for us to do shows based on topics we thought would be fun. Wrap your trunk around some cash!
Get Rich with Pandemic Holiday Fun! It's a new world with all new rules and all the cash from the biggest consumer holidays is yours for the taking. Masked Santa has a great big package for you!
Get Rich with Ego! The Id is a bit much, and the Superego has gone to hell lately, so jut be the you that you pretend you are on Instagram. With a head as big as that you are going to need a new hat!
Get Rich with Anxiety! Fear of the possible, just picture them all in their underwear, unless sex gives you anxiety too. You'll be able to afford that top shelf prozac!
Get Rich with Elections! If our ideas don't make too much sense it is either because they are like our ridiculous electoral system, or we are too worried to see straight. Hopefully you'll be too worried to notice. Oh, and you'll get rich!
Get Rich with the Witness Protection Program! Get them to tun on their bosses, get them to testify, then get them into a new life. After the election we have a hunch the witness protection program will be booming again!
Get Rich by Faking it! If you can just keep everyone from finding out until you've figured out what you need, then you may finally be happy. We'll let you skip straight to the making it part!
Get Rich with Desperation! Sometimes you want something so bad you don't know what to do, don't know how to get it, and don't know how you'll survive if you don't. Soon all you'll be desperate for is a bigger billfold!
Get Rich with Prayer! It doesn't matter if you are offering them up to a particular god or the universe in general, you don't get anything unless you ask for it. You can't spell pray without pay!
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