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Get Rose: Awaken & Rise to the Spiritual Truth

A weekly Religion, Spirituality and Society podcast
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Episodes of Get Rose

Even after you have done years of inner work, even if you have confronted your shadow, even if you have gone through your third rebirth- you may need an external healer. They provide an objective outsider perspective and can see things you cann
Love is freedom. Without freedom, there is no love. Steph Palermo, returns to have a deep discussion about the roles of partners in a love relationship. Her new book "It's Not Personal, Sonny. It's Business" discusses treating business like fam
Just in time for the New Year, Danielle & Daniela are reinventing Get Rose Podcast! We are being guided to provide healing and guidance sessions on this platform to empower souls on their own journeys. Anyone can request a healing via our form
What is light language? In this episode, our magical guest Alexandra Dumitrescu dives into the truths of this healing modality and how she has worked to fine tune her skills over the years. Alexandra Dumitrescu has been working as an intuitive
What is a Channel? Channeling is a powerful tool some practitioners use for healing and communication. Amy Sikarskie is our intuitive channel who channels The Council of Light.  She takes clients for angel and aura readings, energy healing, pas
Move into Expansion, Abundance, Love and Intimacy ✵In this episode we discuss why it is important to heal our nervous systems. We talk about how to connect with your own energy and how to regulate it. We learn how to move slowly and to rest and
Direct connection with Source is the main goal. We all have the ability to communicate directly with God, but how do you do it? How do you build that connection? How does God communicate with you and vice versa? Carolyn communicates to God via
Have you ever lost a loved one? It can feel like a painful separation. You may find solace in knowing there are ways to connect with them after life. In this episode we dive into how to connect with those who have passed, how to you allow yours
Meet Molly Mandelberg- a nomad, world traveler who has extensive experience in healing modalities. While traveling, Molly had to use her intuition to understand where she was supposed to go next. It led Molly to heal her past traumas and open h
A common wound we all carry is Abandonment. What is it? How do you heal from it? How does it present in your life? Deborah Acker shares the magic of her book today "Living Deeply: A Transformational Journey Through Deep Pain, Loss and Abandonme
We came here as souls to live our own individual truths. What is right for someone, may not be right for someone else. It is incredibly important that we have freedom of choice to truly to into our fields, minds, bodies, souls, ancestral lineag
Art is an expression of the Soul. When created consciously, it tells a story of the heart. That's why when Danielle saw paintings by Anu from Art by Lakshmi, she felt a deep emotional reaction. So, how can Art be healing? Anu from Art by Lakshm
Danielle & Daniela reflect on a couple readings from "Tao Te Ching; The Book of the Way" by Lao Tzu. We discuss aligning with our hearts, rethinking how we set goals, Karma & Karmic Cycles, and more Homework: Extend compassion to your own heart
You don't have to do anything. You can just live. Our guest, Pradeep Susarla has been doing just this. He has not experienced anxiety or stress in this lifetime, and uses this clarity to help others. He is a spiritual guide and coach based out
Steve Nobel is a Starseed who has stepped into his power and is truly fulfilling his mission in this lifetime. He creates meditations and transmissions to help Starseeds. With a YouTube channel that has reached over 130k subscribers, he continu
What is Judgement? Daniela & Danielle take a deep dive into "Judgement". What is the true meaning and how does it impact our lives? It is easy to get caught up in our perspectives and opinions. It is so important to take a step back and see the
You are capable of compassion, creativity, generosity, and miracles. Today we welcome John Lefebvre, a fortunate man who has lived a lifetime of extreme cycles. There is much to learn from someone who hit mega wealth, gave most of it to charity
Today is the Lion's Gate Portal. What does this mean? What should you do? Listen to this short and sweet episode to find out more! Homework: Hug a tree & invest in yourself! *Stay Connected, Rosies! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: @getrosepo
Danielle and Daniela just finished a separate 3 month class and initiation into the Sacred Feminine led by instructor- Nikki Ananda. Nikki, from Episode 70, returns to recount both of our experiences and dive into the learnings. What is an init
CALLING ALL GREEK LISTENERS (you will vibe with this one)In this episode, we follow the journey of Kristina Headrick- a writer, a meditation teacher, a movement/yoga teacher and more. Kristina hosts workshops to promote wellness which include a
Can you follow the Catholic Religion and also be a healer? The answer is YES. These can go hand in hand. Our guest today, who has a wealth of knowledge of religion, explains how. Steph Palermo from Just Steph joins us to discuss coming into her
Let's talk about Intuitive Eating! First of all, food is nourishment. Food is an exchange of energy. It is highly important. It is easy to become unbalanced with food and develop a toxic relationship with consumption. How can you clear these ha
Have you ever heard of Light Language? Let's talk about it! Light Language is a way to heal and empower yourself. It is a way to step into sovereignty. It allows you to tap into connecting with your soul, your guides and angels and helps you de
What are Akashic records? How are they useful? What can I learn from akashic records? Listen to this episode for these answers. We welcome Melissa Squeo from Melissa's Carma to the podcast today. She is an intuitive healer and Reiki master, wit
What stories are you telling yourself? Are you blaming other people for your circumstances? That may mean you are surviving in a "victim" mindset. What would happen if you changed that? What would happen if you recognize you are NOT the victim
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