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Are you moving so fast you miss the best parts of life? (#024) (#24)
This is an episode for anyone who feels left behind sometimes. Life has accelerated to the point where we've broken the sound barrier many times over...and yet what is it all for?  In this week's episode of Getting Naked With Nate: Some simple practices for slowing down. How a stranger on a highway inspired a verse of my song Slow It Down. ...And a whole lot more Show notes at the show.
How to manage your mind as a creative (and why you’ve been doing it wrong) #32 (#32)
My friend Ainslie and I were chatting about life, the universe and everything recently and I was like, "Shit, girl, you got some wisdom, wanna come on my podcast and share with the people!?" And so, here we are! FULL SHOW NOTES AT Topics explored:-->Why it’s particularly important for creatives to know their minds and be able to manage them--> Negativity bias - what it is, recognizing it, what to do about it --> Why “being positive” and things like affirmations often don’t work to turn your shitty thoughts or negative mindset around - and what to do insteadSupport the show.
Free at last: how my break from social media is affecting my anxiety and life. (#39)
I've realised that I need help, which I talk about in today's episode of the Getting Naked With Nate podcast! This episode is filled with an energy I'm sure will bring you joy. I share about how my break from social media is going, play some amazing voice notes sent to me podcast listeners (thank you for sending! You too can send your own by clicking the button on the right of this page), I share some of my favourite songs by some of my best friends. Basically, if you wanna feel awesome, then I think this episode is for you. Let me know if I'm right (or wrong) in the comments below 😉 For full show notes with links to the songs in this episode, visit Please leave a review of this podcast at the show. Support this podcast
How my break from social media is going (#37)
Social media is addictive. This is not a mistake but is by design. I'm a week into my month off facebook, twitter and Instagram. This episode is about how I'm doing so far...and also about the biggest failure I've experienced as a professional musician. To enjoy full show notes, leave a comment or support this podcast, visit http://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
It's all music: do we live in a singing universe? (#36)
When science and spirituality agree, I believe we're getting somewhere. This episode is about how this whole universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different frequencies...and so in some ways, everything is singing and we truly are all one... for full show notes and to leave your thoughts in a comment of voice note, visit  Support the show. Support this podcast
Country to city: lessons in loneliness, nakedness and finding home (#027)
What is home? Is it the place we were born, the home we grew up in...or is it our friends, our family, our loved ones? Or, is it an alchemical mix of these ingredients? Maybe it's something we carry with us, a safe centre we can always return to? Today's episode explores these questions and more. Warning: it gets emotional 😭😍 In this week's episode of Getting Naked With Nate: Home as something we come from and also something we can find Why this song and the meaning behind it is about YOU 💛 Nakedness as a representation of innocence What it was like to move from a small village on the tip of South Africa (just the tip) to London And so much more... Comment and enjoy the show-notes at http://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
Can a burned and broken heart find the courage to love again? (#23)
Review this podcast on iTunes.  There's nothing quite like falling in love...Which is great, until you face the dark side: the infinitely painful Broken Heart. Today's episode is special because it is about the relationship in which I found the courage to love again and also why I was suspended for a week from high school (they are related, though not in the way you might think). In this week's episode of Getting Naked With Nate: How my suspension from high school has to do with shoes...and revolution. Does having a best friend as a lover always lead to a codependent relationship? What I love doing when I'm not happy And a whole lot more... To see original song lyrics written in my journal, share your thoughts and enjoy the full show notes, visit http://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
On giving up and falling apart (#44)
I nearly gave up on this podcast. I missed a week and suddenly it all felt pointless, just one more thing I failed at...and THEN I discovered a new review on itunes and suddenly it all changed. Listen to this week's episode to hear what happened. For full show notes, to join the conversation and to support this podcast, visit http://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
From punk to ashram: music and spirituality with singer-songwriter Sam Garrett (#20)
Sam Garrett lives his life from his heart, and his music is a testament to his clarity of intention. In this episode of Naked with Nate we talk about Sam's punk roots, how he ended up living in an Ashram and why he has never followed the expected musical path of major record labels. "You are the self, you are what you're looking for" - Sam Garrett Some of the things we discuss: Mooji, and inspiration from teachers Record labels wanting to rewrite Sam's lyrics The challenge of being a father Oh so much more... To get special downloads and support Sam's upcoming album release, be sure to visit his crowdfunding campaign before it ends:! Share your thoughts and find links to Sam's music, quotes and more at the show-notes: nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
Why is violence celebrated but sex and skin are taboo? (#11)
Let's talk about sex!But seriously, have you noticed that there is this weird paradox in our society, where violence in the media and our lives seems accepted, even celebrated, while at the same time sex and nakedness are demonised?In today's podcast I share some of my thoughts around this hot topic, as well as reading out some of your responses from twitter and even play you a song or two to smooth the ride!Welcome back to Getting Naked With Nate!Show Notes* Support this podcast on Patreon* Books worth reading (affiliate links)* The Tao Of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid* The Multi-orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia* The Multi-Orgasmic Couple by Mantak Chia* Articles worth reading* A study about children watching porn* Toxic Masculinity* Sexual Repression* An interesting conversation between a father and his 9 year old son about porn* TED talks to watch* Cindy Gallop* Ran Gavrieli* MUSIC* Fire by Kina Grannis* Lovers In The Morning Light by Nate Maingard* I Need To Get My Fire Back by Jesse Sheehan* Thanks to my sponsors at Tul Microphones for the f47 mic used to record this podcast, I love it SO MUCH, I've never sounded so darn smooth TweetingHere's my tweet about this topic, check out the great responses I didn't get to read out! Thanks to everyone who got involved :). but not least!As always, I am excited to hear your thoughts on the ideas I've presented in this episode, so please comment below, and also give me any suggestions for things to discuss in future episodes. I may read out your responses in future episodes .Wishing you a sexy day, dear listener .Your troubadourNateSupport the show. Support this podcast
Is it more important to be right or to hear and be heard? (#12)
I left this was just a little too late this week, but I'm actually really happy with what ended up coming out. Here is a brief exploration of whether it's better to win or to communicate, to hear and be heard, to really connect...Show Notes:* Amazing TED talk by John Francis about his 17 years of silence.* Support this podcast and my music on Patreon.* Listen to the On Being podcast by Krista Tippet.* Enjoy more of Sam Garrett's music.Support the show. Support this podcast
A conversation with an almost-preacher, turned nomadic ‘artivist’ musician, my friend Roaman. (#2)
This is my first public podcast, wahey (the first EVER one is right here)!I'm so excited to share this with you, featuring a laughter-filled, depth-exploring and musical conversation between myself and one of my best friends, a man called Roaman.We cover religion, art, activism, war and more...and even listen to a few of Roaman's stunningly catchy, meaningful and bouncy songs.If you enjoy this podcast then please do become a patron, and also support Roaman, cos he's the bomb!Note to current patrons: you can subscribe to this podcast in your usual podcast player (I use Pocket Casts). To do so, go to when logged in and copy the Audio RSS link in the top right, then paste it into your podcast player of choice! I'll be sharing both public and special patron-only podcasts with y'all ! Links to things we discussed in the podcast:Book which inspired Roaman: Conversations With GodRoaman's website, say hi: ROAMANMUSIC.COMCheck the video for Roaman's phenomenal new song, Spirit on Our Side.PLEDGE TO ROAMAN NOW ON PATREON!I'm so frickin' excited to hear what you think about this, so please do be in touch!Comment below, send me messages, fly me a carrier pigeon, whatever works for you, just get in touch!!!!To all my current patrons: you are the honey in my tea, the dates in my smoothie, the fuel in my tank and I love you all, like, LANK (south african slang for LOTS). THANK YOUUUUU!!!Finally, SHARE THE HECK OUT OF THIS!!!!More coming soon.....PS: if you're reading this and are not yet a patron, please consider pledging now to support my art, I am 100% reliant on the generosity of you, my global community. It all adds up, your input matters. Thank you, beautiful human! Support this podcast
The danger of words and the power of communication. (#4)
In this episode of Getting Naked With Nate I talk about how words can be used as weapons and how empowered communication can positively impact relationships. I share some of the tools I've found useful in communication in my life and relationships, and also some beautiful music to smooth the journey.Thanks to my patrons on Patreon for your support in making this -and all my creations- happen! If you love what I bring into the world and aren't yet a patron, please check out my page, pledge and share with your friends.Here are links and info related to the podcast:* Where to get your good news* Positive News* Good News Network* Article: 'Why aren't organic carrots just called carrots'* Music* Jesse Sheehan - Love IS* Ny Oh - Lovely & Honest* Drama Triangle and Winner's TriangleClearing and Communication Exercise:Can be used in romantic relationships, friendships or with family (anyone you are in relationship with)* Preparation* Diarise date and time and commit to it* Can book more than one session if you feel you'll need it* An hour is a good amount of time to set* Before Clearing* Create a safe, quiet, sacred space where you won't be disturbed* Can exchange small gifts if you desire* Timer (can use phone, but make sure it is on AIRPLANE mode)* Method* Sit comfortably and maintain eye contact* Thank one another for being there, connect with the love which is the base of your relationship* Whoever asked for session goes first* Set timer to 5 minutes and share equal time (this is important)* Keep communication in the form of 'I', eg: I feel...* Absolutely NO interruptions, listener listens and speaker speaks* If nothing to say, sit in silence until timer goes off and then swop* Keep swapping until you feel you have reached a resolution or time limit* Agree to meet again in necessary* Conclusion* Thank one another, you've done so well!!!Thanks to my aunt for this exercise, and whoever came up with it in the first place!!!Please let me know what you thought of this by commenting below! I'd love to hear your ideas, feedback, etc. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I'll certainly get back to you asap!Wishing you empowered and inspiring communication, dear friendsLoveNatePS: please do check out my Patreon page, I am 100% reliant on your presence and generosity, together we are bringing beauty into this world: credit for main image goes to: Joan M MasSupport the show. Support this podcast
An exploration of why I am just like you (#25)
Review this podcast on Apple Podcasts. Although it is may be easier to think that we are 'better' than 'that person or those people over there', it is empowering to realise how similar we all really are. This is our question for today: are we really so different, or am I, in actual fact, Just Like You? In this week's episode of Getting Naked With Nate: Are you alive or are you dreaming? Learning to let go... How I came to understand my bullies And so much more... For full show notes, visit http://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
I need help (what a relief)! (#41)
It's been a tough week, but there's always hope, right?   Sharing some very personal explorations around my past this week. May it shine light into the parts of you which need love, or may it inspire you to reach out and support someone you love in their own shadow-walking... Share your thoughts, find links and get all the good at the full show-notes:  Support the show. Support this podcast
Do you leave or support when things get heavy? (#45)
We begin with one of the most moving messages I’ve ever received, and then move on to an unexpected phone call. Welcome back, dear listener! This episode was inspired by a phone call I received after an old family friend listened to last week’s episode and felt she had to call to check in on me. You’ll understand once you listen… To comment and enjoy full show-notes with links, music and more, visit https://www.nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
How strange is the human animal! (#43)
Today's episode explores the idea of 'purpose' (a human invention) and what it means to attach self-value to 'doing'. Also, expect some stunning music by my dear friends Thomas James Smith and Jesse Sheehan... Some of the things I chat about: What gives us value as people? I'm ok, you're ok (or not?) The garden of Eden and how it might relate to us now How a caterpillar can't be rushed For the full show-notes, visit http://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
Irresistible fun and subtle depth: a conversation with musician Creature Kingdom (#35)
It is no surprise to me that this conversation ended up covering such varied and interesting ground. Today's guest is Spencer Handley, a mad-skilled musician, software engineer, sensitive soul, part of the Patreon team and even my Patron! When I heard the first song, Act So, from Spencer's new music project Creature Kingdom, I just had to get him on to chat about it! Things we chat about: How Instagram inspired the song Act So Why Patreon is so important for the world right now What the heck Reality Surfing is Social media addiction Death and how it can bring us together Omg, and seriously so much more! Enjoy, I know I did 😁 For full show-notes, visit: http://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
I've been quietly sharing my self-love videos on a site called Make Love Not Porn. Meet the woman who's seen them all! (#33)
I've been quietly sharing my self-love videos on a site called Make Love Not Porn. Meet the woman who's seen them all. In today's episode I chat with special guest Sarah Beall (aka. Madam Curator) about why I share self-love videos on the internet, how hardcore porn is affecting society, toxic masculinity, social sex...and oh so much more! This was turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and informative episodes I've recorded, I'm so happy to offer it to you 💛 For full show notes, visit Become a patron to keep the gears oiled Give some love by leaving a review on itunesSupport the show. Support this podcast
A fun & inspiring talk about moving through challenging times, with yogini & meditator Alex Leikermoser (#46)
Today I chat with Alex Leikermoser, a yogini and meditator who closed her yoga studio and left her life as a serial entrepreneur in the busy city to discover her Self. Alex is someone who has explored her own 'dark night of the soul' and is moving through it with sensitivity, grace and an honesty I found invigorating. I'm sure you will too, so please enjoy this episode of the Getting Naked With Nate Podcast and be sure to support by leaving a review, becoming a patron and leaving a comment! Just a few of the topics we chat about in this episode: Why being as bad at meditation might be good for you The importance of rediscovering how to play like children How a dark night of the soul can be an integral part of growing in life The power of realising you have a choice about how to spend the time you have And oh so many more! As always, full show-notes with links, comments and more are at https://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
Burnout to badass: how did Layla El Khadri do it? (#47)
Layla El Khadri is a multi-talented powerhouse who, at 21, left her career as a rising actress, model and filmmaker in Spain when anxiety, depression, burnout and a terrifying desire to 'check out' helped her to realise that she needed to focus on her own healing before anything else. Fast forward to today and she is putting the many years of her 'pilgrimage into Self'  to good use by supporting people around the world in finding their own strength and truth. Her most recent offering is a powerful video called The Feminine Rise, which has already garnered 500k+ views on facebook and youtube. TRIGGER WARNING: we touch on many challenging topics, including sexual assault, abortions, losing a child and suicide. This is all with a purpose, but just be aware of that before you listen. Onwards... Just a few of the topics Layla El Khadri and I chat about How depression, anxiety and burnout at 21 kickstarted Layla's journey into personal development We talk about this quote from Layla's website: "Growing up, those who guided my path always told me, 'Layla you have immense potential,' while I was feeling lost and experiencing the angst of having to choose one thing to 'be' in life.” How the day she was hit with the magnitude of her ‘failure’ was the instant that her life changed How Layla created an inspiring video which has reached over 500,000 people And a whole lot more... Visit the full show notes to watch Layla's video, share your thoughts and enjoy many other wonderful things: https://www.nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
I'm just letting you know: a reminder for the lonely. (#31)
If you're out there and you feel alone, this one's for you! It came out of such a deep and unexpected place and I am so much in love with the song this episode is based on! Visit the show notes to see the video of the song (where I managed to clone myself, whaaat), as well as read the lyrics and a few other special things I threw in there: http://nakedwithnate.comSupport the show. Support this podcast
From player to celibacy: or, why I got punched in the face (#028)
The first woman I connected with sexually after my period of celibacy is the one who punched me in the face. Listen to today's episode for the song and the story... Comment, subscribe and enjoy the show-notes at Leave a review at Support this podcast on Patreon at the show. Support this podcast
Braver & Stronger: an honest look at the dangers and triumphs of romance (#18)
The wolves are waiting for you in the woods of your life. Sometimes you'll need to wrestle them, sometimes you'll have them curled asleep at your feet. In today's podcast episode I explore the joys and challenges gifted to us by romantic relationships, through the lens of a song named Braver & Stronger, a fairy-tale about romance, love and relationships.Please enjoy the links below and thank you, as always, for Getting Naked With Nate! "Feet, speak to ground, lead to heart. You hold me so close 'cos you know what I've seen in the dark"  - Braver & Stronger I became unexpectedly emotional towards the end of this episode. It left me feeling grateful for the people who inspire me with their honesty and beauty. Anyway, just wanted to share that little tidbit. If you're listening anywhere but my site, be sure to check out the show notes to comment and enjoy all the goodness: Support the show. Support this podcast
On shadows, music and the meaning of love. (#5)
Our shadows are always right beside us, and today I discuss some of the things I've learned in my attempts at escaping from them. Also, some lovely music for your aural pleasure, plus a book recommendation and some good news to remind you that there IS good news! Enjoy, and do comment with your thoughts below, I'd love to hear from you!Also, this podcast is now up on itunes, if you're enjoying it then please take a moment to leave a review, it really helps!Show Notes:* Lyric Video for In The Shadows* Listen to Oh, Sister* Book recommendation: The Wonderbox* Music recommendation: Warrior by Aurora* Feed the creator (me), become a patron on Patreon* The Gangsta Gardener Article on Positive NewsLyrics to In The Shadows:It’s hard to open up my eyesWhen I feel like I’ve been blindAll of my days, now I’mWandering through the hazeAnd the world is looks so crazyMaybe that’s just meMaybe it’s just me We all find our secretsPatient in the shadowsRight there where we left them waitingNo matter how far we runThey run right beside usOur demons know our namesBetter than anyone See me trapped within this constructBeating at the locked up door andGripped tight deep within my fistIs the key to all I’ve missedThat the pain is just the teacherAnd the cage is just a myth We all find our secretsPatient in the shadowsRight there where we left them waitingNo matter how far we runThey run right beside usOur demons know our namesBetter than anyone I spend oh so many hoursBuilding up and giving powerTo the worst I can imagine lives in meAnd now oh to my surpriseWhen the ghost as me disguisedIs the best at breaking everythingEverything, everything I dream. You who presume you can stay dry byDodging all the raindrops fallingThick, try lifting up your tongueTo the rain not just the sunNothing quite so simpleWas ever so much fun We all find our secretsPatient in the shadowsRight there where we left them waitingNo matter how far we runThey run right beside usOur demons know our namesBetter than anyoneThanks again for being here, be sure to sub, comment, share and come back next week for more!Warm hugsNatePS: download my new song Echoes now on Patreon!Support the show. Support this podcast
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