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"What is God?" (Quid est Deus?) For centuries, ancient and medieval philosophers have wrestled among themselves with all manner of questions regarding the first cause of all things, the nature of divinity, and our role in the created cosmos. F
Can you burn incense or use tarot in prison? How do you acquire crossroads dirt as an inmate? What happens when someone serving time for murder walks down an esoterically-charged labyrinth? Jacqui Winn - witch, magical teacher and pagan prison
What were the first manuals of Catholic exorcism procedures from more than 1,000 years ago? When did magical technique merge with these rituals, and what are the similarities between grimoiric magic and Catholic exorcism procedures? Former Trad
Why is the reputation of occultist, magician and philosopher Aleister Crowley so notorious? What are the ‘Four Books of Magick’ and their relationship to Thelema? What are Crowley’s flaws and what is his important, impactful legacy? Internation
What does it mean to forge an authentic, idiosyncratic magical practice from the myriad of new grimoiric research and publications dotting the landscape in the last 20 years? What are the key elements that make magical ritual work? Magician, au
What does integrity mean in magic? How can we get out of our own way and embrace connections to spirits both in formal ritual and in everyday moments? Frater Acher - experienced magician and author - shares about his latest tome “Rosicrucian Ma
How does the tradition of St. Cyprian operate in the gray area between heaven and hell? Why does this current neither accept nor reject the outer religious expressions that St. Cyprian comes from? Jason Miller - practicing magician, author and
How do magicians pay attention to esoteric shifts and tides? What are obstacles to magical development? How do we work with setbacks and ‘failures’ in magic? The great Josephine McCarthy - author, occultist, magical teacher, and director of th
What are the connections between Western esotericism and Vajrayana Buddhism? How can we initiate ourselves into this powerful tributary and transform our fundamental engagement with reality? Greg Kaminsky - a close student of Traktung Rinpoche
What are the big misconceptions about Jinn, Angels and the cosmology in the Islamic esoteric tradition? What is the deep influence and wealth of wisdom that the Islamic esoteric tradition has imbued onto the European grimoiric tradition and oth
What is the deep esoteric and poetic force encrypted in Homer’s The Iliad and Odyssey, and how can we claim that power and integrate it into our magic and lives? T. Susan Chang (certified professional tarot reader, author, and co-host of the Fo
What are the keys to unlocking a more balanced magical approach in the underworld? Who are the untold magicians from hundreds of years ago who walked this path? How can we engage with spirits in skull divination? Frater Acher - experienced magi
What are the significant insights, corrections and restorations to Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s classic, The Three Books of Occult Philosophy? Eric Purdue - translator, author, practitioner of medieval astrology, and a santero (olorisha) in Luc
What are practical methods that unlock using ‘The Ars Notoria’ grimoire for the rapid acquisition of knowledge? What specific steps are needed in the operation, and what parts could be left out? Internationally acclaimed author, practicing magi
Who are the powerful gods and goddesses worshiped by the people of the first civilization on earth - the Sumerians? How can one approach these deities and become an initiate into their magical currents? Samuel David - Mesopotamian polytheist, a
Do spirit registers really matter that much? What about merging science and magic? Why is it so important to re-establish and maintain covenants with the Divine to successfully do the work? What is the deeper meaning of the 72 spirits of the Le
What are the Pentacles from the Key of Solomon, and how are they crafted, cared for and used with spiritual engagements? Also, how can teachers of the occult maintain healthy discussions with members, avoid toxic behavior and appreciate disagre
Carrie and Aaron Leitch are both practitioners of Solomonic magic, are involved in the Golden Dawn and co-founded the online Solomonic materia magica shop, Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios. In this episode, we discuss their magical property in Flori
The 13th century text ‘The Fountain of Wisdom’ is one of the most challenging works of the Kabbalistic tradition. In an upcoming book with the full text translated into English by renowned scholar-translator Dr. Mark Verman, David Chaim Smith (
How should you deal with fear during a ritual? Why is it important to slow down and take your time in preparing magical materials? What does it mean to have “exchange” with the spirits? What is “limited astrology” in Solomonic magic? Frater Ash
What are the biggest misconceptions about scrying? What does ancient druidic wisdom teach us about perceiving spirits and listening to the silence of our hearts? Benn Mac Stiofán is a master spirit scryer and druid. He is the founder of the Dún
What demonic and necromantic experiments were circulating in Italy in the 1490s? What connection does this have to the powerful Medici family, the shores of England the demonic hierarchies of other grimoires? Humanities scholar and translator B
Why is it so important to approach magic on its own terms? How can we combat superstition in magic? What does “add the usual” mean in many Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri (PGM) spells? Alison Chicosky - practitioner and scholar of the PGM, pro
How does other people thinking create a kind of negative pressure for spirits during a magical ritual? Why is it important to conduct an operation away from heavily-populated areas? How can you recite “practice” conjurations as you memorize, wi
What are the dark, chthonic roots of the Heptameron? What necromantic text was Trithemius abbot of Sponheim, condemning in 1508, and how does it relate to a sanitizing process evident in the “angelic” Heptameron grimoire of 1559? Ceremonial mag
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