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33 All Beef Premium Hot Dogs
Like a proud preggo with her first ultrasound, Drew, Nicol and Sona are bringing you some sketch comedy whether you like it or not! You can try to avoid it like a salesman at the opera, but pretty soon you'll be lulled in by the gentle tones and your fate will be inescapable! You get another episode of The Actor's Little Corner, so take an Ativan and try to relax. We'll make this as painless as possible.
46 Hooker Blood
Let's be honest, this is the most boring time of year. What are you going to do? Carve pumpkins with your weirdo friends? Watch the political debates and pretend you know what's going on? Get high and watch The Wonder Years on Netflix? Loiter at the movie theater? No, you're going to listen to Glitter in the Garbage with Drew, Scott, and Joe and you're going to like it!
44 Couples Therapy
Okay guys, I think we need to have a meeting. First of all, you need to work on your first date etiquette. I mean, it's a date not an asshole party! Secondly, you can't use your sibling's fame to try to propel your own career. I don't want to see that! Lastly, and this is most important, you need to get off your butt and listen to this episode of Glitter in the Garbage with Drew, Dante, and Rebekah! Sheesh, was that so hard? Meeting adjourned!
47 C'est La Vie!
Two of our first ever Glitter in the Garbage guests are back this week and I think you'll see why we insisted on their return. Whether they're at group therapy, a parent-teacher conference, or a dumb lunch date, Pete and Colleen are hilarious, enlightening, and totally not Nazis! It's the perfect mid-week pick me up, so smoke a nug or do a bump and come join us!
53 Holiday Party!
Glitter in the Garbage has been a year long bash, but before we go to the after party let's load up on drinks, grab a bunch of crazy assholes, invite all our friends and have the podcast equivalent of fireworks at midnight! Drew, Sam, Jordan, Colleen, Marc, and Ron pull out all the stops so that you'll have a Glitter in the Garbage hangover that'll last through the new year. Thank you all for listening!
50 Revelations
Let us all give thanks for another episode of Glitter in the Garbage! For trashy Christian rockers and people who are terrible at their jobs. For sad loners joining together during the holidays. For handbags. Mostly for handbags. I'm thankful for Drew, Tom, Chase, and George, and I'm thankful that Jenna Elfman doesn't listen to this podcast!
39 The Rules of the Game
For all our optimist and idealist listeners: You'll enjoy a nice change of pace this week as Drew opens the show with a list of things he loves! However, Eddie Pepitone is one of our guests so you know that bright sunny feeling won't last long. He joins Drew and DeMorge Brown on a hostage situation, an acid trip, and a visit to Inside the Actor's Studio. We round it out with some inside baseball about the rules of improv and the art of bombing. Hanson, Del Monte Peaches, Jenna Elfman, it's all in here!
29 Turn Off The Dark
Our good friend James Adomian is moving to New York City without us! So as he shuffles off to Broadway, we will bid him farewell with a true Hollywood-style Glitter in the Garbage sendoff. The show is star-studded with famous faces like Neil Patrick Harris, Kyle Dunnigan, Rachel Maddow, Kevin Berntson, and fashion designer Bijan. Drew pulls out all the stops for James, even when it means confronting his weird neighbor or watching Priscilla Queen of the Dessert. We'll miss you James! Call us so we know you got there safe, okay?
2 Studying with Maya
We're back for week number two, this time with Mike Rose and Pete Zias! Drew explains for us why he feels the way he does about Maya Angelou, and Mike and Pete contribute stories about meeting their heroes (or at least reality television stars). We get to listen to a meaningful conversation between three similarly named friends, and learn a valuable lesson about gift appropriateness during Community Beat with Dwight Sim. Come visit us again next week: That is, if you don't have to leave the country with any sort of political figure.
11 Comedy Duplex
This week on Glitter in the Garbage, we offer to you a step-by-step plan to get you out of your trailer park and into Hollywood! Step one: See a hypnotist, or at least call one. Step two: Take a stand-up comedy class (especially if you're a lady). Step three: Do some yoga, eat some mung beans, say some terrible things about the people you know. Step four: Move to Los Feliz and join the comedy duplex with Drew, Melinda, and Taylor. Now wasn't that easy?
8 Being Chloe
We've got some good news and some bad news this week on Glitter in the Garbage. Bad news is that Drew is a bit under the weather. Good news: This gives Harvey Fierstein a chance to drop by! Drew talks a bit about his past with Chloe Sevigny, and is joined by his friends Alex and James to talk about gay super-villains and John Waters films. Besides that, we have serious political discourse about the racial and sexual climate, a guide to Culver City California, and an appearance from diva extraordinaire Corona Martini! Let us know what you thought of the episode by commenting over at Earwolf!
36 Leaking Gravy
Oh, the delightful freaks of Hollywood. How we adore them. From the overzealous extras to the barely civilized film composers, we salute you. You who are haunted, sometimes literally, by the embarrassing stories relived at auditions: This episode is for you. Someday you'll be sitting at the pharmacy wondering where your life (and hair) went and we want you to have this episode to remember us by. Drew, Tim, and Jim feel for you and love you...just don't talk to them if you are ever on set with them.
35 Murder Sex
What a crazy episode we have for you today! I'm not going to give you a full play-by-play lest I mispronounce anyone's name, but this episode is stuffed to the rafters with pot brownies, pubic hair and so much more. Drew, Allan, and Angela stalk Susan Lucci, huff high-end art suplies, have wild tribal sex, and will probably end up vomiting on the side of the road once it's all said and done. Pour yourself some ruby red grapefruit juice and drink up because it's time for Glitter in the Garbage!
42 Chardonnanus
The studio is divided! Drew splits his time this week between his friends Willam and Maile who teach us about gender bending, conservative politics, and the dark and scary world of a Grateful Dead concert. Beyond that we have all the usual: Embarrassing has-beens, obnoxious grocery store persona, and self-absorbed councilmen. Now SQUEEZE ME!
48 Mancest Destiny
Let's all sell out, shall we? Let's all go on television sets and get pushed around for a paycheck. Let's give up on our life goals and resign to babysitting rich assholes. Let's plan a totally self-centered "charity" show. Let's skip out on jury duty, check into a cheap motel, and OD on Ibuprofen 800. Lord knows Drew, Sam, and Beth are going to!
41 McNuggets and Catalina
Good news guys! Drew watches Dance Moms! We open this episode with an ode to the best young-adult-dance-themed-reality-show on television (with a nice cameo from Earwolf co-founder Jeff Ullrich). It goes crazy from there as Drew, Brian, and Dana escape to a fantasy world of homophobic Target employees, Civil War devotees, weirdly racist parents, and the elderly. And who doesn't love a nice round of audition horror stories? Pause Hoarders and listen to Glitter in the Garbage post haste!
38 Glitter in the Garbage LIVE
Drew brings Glitter in the Garbage to a live audience for the very first time and boy is it a tit party! His guests Edi, Stephanie, and Julie delight the huddled masses with tales of crappy jobs, a bizarre mommy hangout, and of course The Actor's Little Corner. If the response from the room is any indication, you will love Drew's rant on The Alcove. Pour yourself a gin and tonic and enjoy!
9 Sisters Act
The message of the week on Glitter in the Garbage is sisterhood, whether it's between Oprah and Gail, Oprah and her half-sister, or Oprah and June Raphael. June, Casey Wilson and Matt McConkey join Drew to teach us all about womyn's safety, and the fellowship of out-of-work actors. Remember folks, be careful when you're straight cruising at gay bars, and don't drink and drag!
24 Big Girl You Are Beautiful
It's time to get in shape for summer! What does that mean exactly? Well, it means Drew, Mitch, and Phil are ready to primp you to perfection! Feelin' a little chunky in that designer gown? We'll help you out! Do you have an odd situation in your shorts? We can figure it out! Insecure about your race, height, intelligence, or comedy prowess? Okay, we can't do anything about that, except to distract you with an hour of hilarity!
20 4/20 Y'all!
Attaché bitches, it's time for Glitter in the Garbage! The guests this week are Stephen Guarino and Jonny McGovern from Logo's Big Gay Sketch Show. Under the influence of 4/20 (the date, don't get any ideas!), we bring you bold tales from former prisoners, Aubrey O'Day concerts attendees, reluctant nudists and more. Listen, it's either that or you can watch a Tyler Perry movie! Have your servant bring you a glass of buttermilk and enjoy the insanity that is Glitter in the Garbage.
21 High School Suspension
Kids, if we can teach you anything with this week's episode it's DON'T DO DRUGS! Or, if you do, totally lie about it. Or just go ahead and do them and tell the truth. Do you want to be 40 years-old eating Dove chocolates, trying to come up with Folgers theme song, moonlighting as a body double? No, you want to visit France and smoke a lot of pot and write a memoir about it! So listen to Drew, Margee, and Candace and light it up!
14 Don't Stop or We'll Die
It's a wet, smelly, awkward orgy here at Glitter in the Garbage, and you're invited! Drew tells another telling tale about his lovely friend Seth and the horrors of hard drug use (unless you're a comedian and can pass it off as such). Paul Rust and Michael Cassady join the fun by pitching Lucky Charm mascots, busting minds game-show style, searching for missing children, and waxing nostalgic on the classic film Books. We'll see you next week, and remember; if you wanted to make out with us at a party we would TOTALLY let you!
19 The Peak of Fabulosity
So you guys, the Earwolf studio is being inspected for mold! Fortunately, Drew and his friends Mindy and Karen have big plans while we wait for it to be available. They'll all do some scene study and get to know themselves better as an actor. They can catch up on the latest episode of The Actor's Little Corner. Oh, they might even take a trip to Hawaii! Who are we kidding, they're just going to sit around and watch Youtube videos. But while they wait, could you maybe take care of their pets?
10 Oscar Season
Ah, Los Angeles in February, can't you just taste the Glitter in the Garbage? With Oscar nominations out you can see all the Angelinos in their native habitat, be it discussing their plastic surgery, protecting their neighborhoods from invaders, ruing their thoughtless parents, or being rued by their own children. Drew, Brian, and Bryan make their opinions of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards very clear, and we want to know what YOU think of the movies nominated. Leave your comments about Annette Bening, The Social Network, child actors and anything else at Earwolf .
7 Manson Family Values
What do video stores and the Manson Family have in common? If you're Drew Droege, more than you can imagine! He recounts his VHS nostalgia this week with the help of guests Melanie and Jackie. They discuss the Mark Twain controversy, give us some great snack ideas courtesy of Food Network, and usher in the return of "The Actor's Little Corner." Our audio engineer is out for the week, but hopefully all the false starts and yelling fits were edited out! Be sure to let us know in the comment section at Earwolf!
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