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A small change in the way paper was made lead to a huge change in what you can read.And the weird part is that it all starts with an execution and ends up with people on Mars. Of course, if people hadn’t got better at reading, it might not have
Welcome to season two of GM Word of the Week.Confused? Don’t be. We’ll explain. Or rather I’ll explain. And while I’m at it, we’ll discuss things Dickens along with the confusing difference between American TV seasons, and British Television se
Happy Holidays!In this part:Coral CastleCardiff GiantThemistoclesExploding AnimalsShark GodsPsyche and CupidNearly an hour of information and entertainment for your holidays.If you’d like to help support GM Word of the Week and get access to mo
Happy holidays!In this part:TransiDoctor KnoxNaming ConventionsSporksBrocadeFra Mauro MapNearly an hour of information and entertainment for your holidays.If you’d like to help support GM Word of the Week and get access to more monthly bonus ep
The second part of our two part spice series focuses on the history of the spice trade.And in large part that history can be encapsulated in the history of the nutmeg. So let’s dig in to what nutmeg is, why it was so popular and how that drove
They taste good, they smell good, but sadly they are terrible.At least, they were in the past. Even though today they seem to be blessed with some sort of magical property that everyone wants a piece of. From your coffee to your candles to the
The second part in our mini-series on cadavers.So, how did Burke and Hare change the state of the game when it came to dissection? And what happened after that?Well quite a lot really, but keep in mind that a lot of what we know today wouldn’t
Welcome to October, the easiest theme month of them all.Let’s discuss, briefly, the reason for the season and then go on to talk about why we’ve already lost the battle. Well, the first part of why we’ve lost the battle against the dead; the hi
Yes, once again it is time for another of our world famous Lost Episodes.The problem is, there’s been a whole bunch of extenuating circumstances, which we try to explain somewhat unsuccessfully. But at least you get to hear some bits about swor
How’s the weather up there? Well, if you were a giant, you would know. But since you aren’t, we’d better have a discussion about what makes giants giant. Should be easy, right? Because we all know what a giant is. But then again, do we? And wh
Everything is already in shape around here, so we’ll discard that pun immediately. But otherwise, we have an episode for you about whips and their varied uses. Except, obviously, we have to agree to some ground rules about our discussion before
It’s in the theaters, but what’s it all about? We discuss the main players of the new film. But really mostly we discuss the characters of Gawain, whose name you are pronouncing wrong, and the reasons why that is, and the Green Knight and enig
We started with a question about types of books. But after answering it, there was a whole lot of episode left to go. Fortunately, we ran across a book that helped us talk about other books, in particular, the very interesting books in a xylot
We’ve all seen jousts in the movies and probably enjoyed them. Well, shame on you. That’s not what jousting is like at all, and it certainly wasn’t the only kind of jousting available at the tournaments of the Middle Ages. Of course, the real
There’s a whole world of things in our adventuring worlds and it’s really very important to keep track of it all for consistencies sake. Which is why such things as canon exist. Not the shooty bang bang kind of canon, but rather the body of wo
Sometimes we give advice along with our helping of information and today we’re going to talk about how GMs can make best use of the supernatural. But first we have to understand what counts as supernatural in the typical fantasy world. You mig
We often think of nostalgia as a pleasant memory associated with happier times. Which is nice. But also, not true. Which is often the case with nostalgia, the things we remember fondly, were never as good as we remember them and the thing abou
We’ve done this before, but it didn’t go so well. In fact, it went so badly we removed it from the feed. But now it’s back and it is much, much better. See, sometimes we make embarrassing mistakes, but it’s always nice to finally fix them. In
He’d sell you your own grandmother if he could, but the Merchant turns out to be one of those essential fantasy characters which no town can do without. But how did they get that way and what, if anything, can be done about it? The answers are
We found it! We found it! It’s Lost Episode 16! In which we reconnect with our Connections, go a little bird brained, and finally hear from the number 10,001 fan. It’s a brief but exciting tour from ancient Greece to South America and mostly a
How do you say it? The sordid history full of lies and deceit about the origins of the Sahuagin. Err. That is to say, the poorly recalled and potentially easily forgotten history of the Dungeons and Dragons NPC known as the Sahuagin. Who, we’
We get letters from time to time from our listeners and most of the time, they make some kind of sense. But, every so often a listener will write in that makes us wonder just exactly which show they’ve been listening to. This is one such case.
The last thing we want to do is provide too much information, but it seems inevitable that we’ll need an extra episode to complete our four-part series on Persia. See, the problem is the Battle of Marathon and the need to discuss it in order t
Darius' position was precarious. He might have been just a bit nefarious. The Persians were mad that he took a little stab, but he ended up becoming imperious! And to see how he did it all, listen to this episode. Just keep in mind one thing:
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