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Normal isn’t coming back, Jesus is. Instead of placing our hope in perfect circumstances our true freedom comes from placing our hope in Jesus and trusting God’s written plan for the world
Responding to God’s calling allows us to take action each day for the kingdom of God. Often times we respond to the voice of doubt and discouragement and take no action at all. Whatever God has been calling you to do now is the time to respond
The trap of unmet expectations is something that can lead to a great deal of disappointment, discouragement, and doubt. This can show up in our journey of entrepreneurship, our relationship with God and even our relationships with other people.
Clearing discouragement is a must for influencers, leaders and entrepreneurs. Discouragement is sign we have our focus on the wrong thing and we are putting our hope in the wrong thing, It’s a sign we aren’t fully trusting God and walking in fa
Unanswered prayers test our faith and it’s so important that we keep the faith and fight the good fight of faith. This episode is all about what to do when our deepest desires of our heart aren’t coming to fruition and what to do when we face u
Accessing God’s peace in a crazy world will keep you in a state of calm and joy no matter what happens in the world. As leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers it is critical that we don’t let the world bring us down or allow the world to const
Celebrating progress and not perfection in entrepreneurship will make a world of difference in your journey ahead. Discover what progress means, why it’s something to celebrate, and how to celebrate your wins so you can have a lot more fun on t
How to end 2020 strong in our last quarter is all about taking action in two key areas. Today's episode will help you identify exactly what two areas you must focus on to end this difficult year strong no matter what is coming our way.
Taking action during a time of such uncertainty in the world is all about knowing God's promises and walking in truth no matter how crazy the world gets. This episode will help you confidently get into action no matter how much uncertainty this
You're not alone and you're not the only one feeling the way you are feeling through this crazy time in the world. This episode is about how to shift your perspective so you can have an unending hope and joy no matter how crazy the world gets.
Never giving up on your God given calling is going to take something and the more empowered you are with the truth of God the more likely you are to push through and never give up . The only way you can reap the reward is if you don't grow wear
Knowing your identity in Christ is so important especially in a time like this in the world. We can easily fall into the trap of finding out identify and worth in the things of this world that are passing away and this leaves us on shaky ground
Guarding your heart and mind through this pandemic, lockdowns, and changes in our daily life is so critical for being a light in the world. If we become discouraged, resigned and cynical through it all we can't be a light to others. This episod
The spiritual agenda and impact of the pandemic is important for us to understand so we can see what is happening spiritually and how it lines up with what is written in God's word. We also need to be aware of how to keep our focus on God while
Avoiding spiritual compromise as a Christian entrepreneur, leader or influencer is more important than ever in the times we are living in. Spiritual compromise is becoming more and more of an issue in the rapidly changing world as the pressure
Don't be deceived and conform to the the narrative of this world. Today's episode is a warning and a wake up call for us all to repent and turn to God and never bow down and conform to this world like so many are. As the masses are deceived and
Keeping the faith through it all is all comes down to being rooted in truth and putting your hope in the right thing so you are unshakable no matter what happens in the world
Pandemic reality check is all about being fully awake and aware of what is happening with this pandemic while walking in faith and fully trusting God. Many people are putting their hope in circumstances and this episode is all about putting our
Staying encouraged during a global pandemic is not a topic I ever thought I would be discussing but here we are for the first time in history. People across the globe are experiencing the isolation and change of daily life that comes with the r
Creating healthy habits during this time in quarantine at home is critical because whatever you repeatedly do during this time will stick with you as a habit. Once a habit is formed it can be very hard to break because the neural pathways have
You can live free of fear no matter what the news tells you and no matter what is to come. God didn't give us a spirit of fear yet many people are living in the bondage of fear. This episode is all about living in the freedom we have been given
Have you ever doubted God's love for you? Maybe it's an unanswered prayer or maybe it's trial after trail you are facing and you start to grow weary. The enemy steps in and starts to whisper lies to you and twist God's word and before you know
Focus on what matters most and clear all the distractions is something we all strive to do each day but this is easier said than done. This episode will help you focus in on the very few things that matter so you can be productive and enjoy the
Working hard in what matters and unto God will not only lead to results in life and business but a deep sense of fulfillment in what you have been called to do. Using your God given gifts and talents every day and not taking a day for granted w
God's timing is important to understand and trust when you are setting goals and working toward a vision. If we don't understand God's timing and we aren't willing to surrender to His timing we can end up discouraged and full of doubt which imp
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