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When it comes to golf we know that the mental game is a significant part of the overall process and oftentimes a very underestimated portion of the game too.  Let’s look to a master of the mental game, PGA Professional Geoff Greig.  Geoff has b
Congrats to our Ultimate Masters Giveaway winner Eric in North Carolina!  He wins 5 of my favorite golf books, a Masters pin flag, and free access to the Golf Strategy Academy!   This week's episode comes from our free Golf 101 Facebook group a
Enter our Ultimate Masters Golf Giveaway for your chance to win Brandon's new book!   Tell me if this one sounds familiar… someone in your group (maybe you) misses a putt in the 5-10 foot range and you immed
Win 5 of my favorite golf books, a 2019 Master flag (when Tiger won), and FREE access to the Golf Strategy Academy!  Click here to enter. 5 Things Great Golfers Do That You Need To Copy Have you ever heard the phrase “the best playing partner
Do you want to play more consistent confident golf? Learn more about the Golf Strategy Academy at​ As you learn what it takes to become a consistently good golfer, you will see a common principal over and ove
Blaine is the host of the Mobilitas Movers Facebook group which takes a holistic view on golf and runs the Tour Shot Golf Academy at We sat down with Coach Blaine Seitz to discuss simulating pressure with your practice, br
For those of us less fortunate golfers with long snowy winters, it feels like your game is on pause for months every year. Despite that feeling and the fact that you can’t get out on the course, you can still improve over the winter season. Tod
It's time to get down to business and start shaving some strokes from your golf game in all those hard to reach places (lol)! When we're golfing and we come across a shot in that tough in between distance we need to have plan. 1. Use a less lof
We just finished our Breaking 80 series: LISTEN HERE    But today we're going back to our roots to discuss the 5 Keys to Breaking 90.   Want 30 days FREE access in our program?  Just head over to
Mental game is arguably the hardest part of your game to work on.  The first step is to figure out what part of your mental game you struggle with.  Once you've done that you can really get to making progress.   If you want help breaking 80 you
Everyone needs to know how to perform under pressure, but if you're striving to break 80 on the golf course you'll need it more than others. If you're someone who struggles to put two good nines together, there's a good chance that learning the
Last week we touched on how structuring your short game practices can help you break 80.  This week it's all about tempo & distance control (and how to practice them).   Randomized or variable practice is the real key here.  You need to have a
Today we're looking at how the short game functions as the base layer to building your success towards breaking 80.   The bottom line here is that if you're good from close it will take the pressure off from longer shots and allow you to swing
It's finally here!  What so many of you have been emailing, messaging me, and asking for... a process on how to break 80! Are you a golfer who's stuck in the 80s and you just can't quite seem to break through that barrier and start scoring in t
Steve joins us today to talk about the inconsistency in his tee shots (not just his driver).  We talk about how to practice to stand up to those pressure shots and how visualization can go a long way to producing the shot you want.   You can ge
This is an interesting one because it's one of the most popular question I get.  So here is all about why you slice the golf ball.   If you need more help, I'm doing a free workshop about how to diagnose your swing flaws with PGA instructor Jos
If you're like me one of the toughest parts about chipping is the distance control.  I've struggled with this on and off for years and the one thing I always come back to is this delightfully simple tip from Hale Irwin.   Want some more help wi
This is a really cool episode with one of our group members David Hughes.  David has been putting in the work and making sure he has a really solid plan for each round and it recently paid off big time!   David shared that there were 3 main key
Want help breaking 90? Join my free Golf 101 | How to Break 90 Facebook group by clicking here At the beginning of this season I was a terrible headcase with my putter. I couldn't get out of my own way and I finally figured out that I was manip
You've probably heard just about every possible reason as to why you're slicing the golf ball.  Grip pressure can be a sneaky contributor to the over the top path issue, and in this episode we look to fix exactly that! Want to see what I'm sayi
Today's guest is Cassie aka - Golf Girl 505 on twitter! What's your handicap? 30 What is your BEST score ever? 93 What is frustrating you the most about your golf game right now? Mid game, and chipping. How often do you practice? About once a w
IT'S A TRAAAAAAP!  Don't let getting stuck in a bunker ruin your round.  Here are 2 quick tips that will help you get up and out of sand traps on your first shot every time!   If you need help breaking 90 join our Golf 101 | Breaking 90 Faceboo
For most golfers their struggles can be tied to one (or more) of these three common issues. Not knowing how to practice (hitting 7 iron 700 times) Not know how far your clubs go/having unrealistic expectations of yourself Letting bad shots/hole
This was a really fun conversation with Julian.  He had reached out to find a specific time to record because my schedule was full.  In our back and forth I offered a few tips before his next round and he was happy to report his best 9 hole rou
This is Part 2 of our Club fitting Q&A with Josh, Mike, and Dave from Golftec Columbus. In this episode we finish off our driving conversation by discussing shaft fitting and then dive head first (literally) into iron fittings.  There's lots t
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