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GSS 39: How to Make a Swing Change: Geoff Greig

Released Friday, 18th September 2015
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Using brain monitoring to rapidly implement change in your swing.

There’s two important things to know about your golf game if you want to get better: what to improve and how to improve it.

While working with Wujitech Geoff has developed a proven system for consistent, successful adaptation of change. This system can be boiled down to three basic concepts: learn, train, then perform.

  • Learning is like studying - it’s about creating the right picture in your mind

  • Training is like taking quizzes - it’s about transferring that picture from your mind to a feeling in your body.

  • Performing is like taking a test - it’s about letting go of the focus on the feeling and just trusting the action.

The biggest hurdle people run into in the performance stage is that they learn by thinking of things so that’s how they assume they should perform. Thinking is great for learning but we want free, fluid, consistent results during our performance.

Thinking of positions in the swing is like looking at snapshots, you need to transition from focusing on pieces to focusing on a movement and then taking that movement to the target.

The opposite fix is a great way work your changes. EX: If you want to fix a slice, learn to hit a hook. Learning how to do the extreme opposite of your problem makes it much easier to find that middle ground and execute.