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Amika & Breana Micou are from a family with deep South Bend history.They tell their story of their family's roots in the city and the difference between pride in what the city has been vs pride in what the city is becoming. Listen for a look through their eyes into when Mayor Pete first captured their attention & how they began to trust him as a person of character. We also take a brief look at Pete's Douglass Plan.[*Note: This interview was originally recorded live at our November Live Event in South Bend, but due to equipment malfunction, we needed to rerecord the last part of the interview. The audio presented is a combination of the two.]@AJ_Indiana@AnnaknikkiMicouFollow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! 
In early November, people from around the United States (plus some international guests) joined our South Bend crew for a Good Guy Pete Podcast Live Event. In our first episode from the event, we are joined by Mike Schmuhl, campaign manager for the Pete Buttigieg campaign. Mike provides a fascinating insight into the early days of the campaign, his expectations for the path forward, and the Mayor Pete he's known since their shared time as high school classmates in South Bend. This show is edited and produced by our friends at BUILD PODCASTS FROM THE GROUND UP TO TELL YOUR STORY. 
Laura O'Sullivan is the former Chief of Staff for Mayor Pete's South Bend administration and is the current South Bend Political Director for the campaign.Born and raised in South Bend, Laura provides an inside look at Mayor Pete's character and priorities as Mayor, his passion for gender equity and empowerment, & the unique role South Bend citizens are playing in the Iowa campaign and beyond.Twitter: @SBILauraFollow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! It's super easy! 
Chasten Buttigieg is the husband of Mayor Pete and the potential first First Gentleman of the United States.Chasten hails from Traverse City, Michigan and is an educator and passionate advocate for the education and welfare of children. Far from the sidelines of the national conversations, Chasten has become a social media influencer with more than 600,000 followers and has become a passionate voice for equality at progressive events, such as the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Houston Dinner ( this conversation, Chasten shares some of his story, helps us peek behind the curtain of presidential campaigning, shines some light on what his desired activism would look like as First Gentleman, and gives some helpful advice on staying healthy in a divided world.Twitter: @Chas10ButtigiegIG: @chasten.buttigiegFollow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! It's super easy! 
Adam is a contributing editor for Indianapolis Monthly and Politico where he has covered Indiana politics and more since 2013. In 2018, Adam launched the IMPORTANTVILLE Newsletter, a guide to the intersection of Indiana politics, business, and power in the Trump era—and beyond ( In this episode we discuss what it means to be Midwestern, Indiana's unique ability to vault politicians onto the national level, his thoughts on the reliability of political journalism in our current context, and his experience covering Mayor Pete.Adam on Twitter: Follow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! 
Lis Smith is the Senior Communications Advisor for Pete Buttigieg. Lis joins the podcast crew to discuss Pete and politics in the age of social media. Spending the last two decades in campaign politics, Lis shares with the listeners when she knew there was something special about Pete and how our midwest mayor went from an unpronounceable name to being a top tier candidate for the office of the President of the United States. This show is edited and produced by our friends at BUILD PODCASTS FROM THE GROUND UP TO TELL YOUR STORY. 
Jacob Titus is a South Bend entrepreneur, podcaster, and photojournalist -- credited with the cover photo for Shortest Way Home. As a South Bend kid, Jacob dreamed of escaping the city, only to return from college to Pete's South Bend in 2015 and find his city now ripe with opportunity. Jacob spends his time connecting South Bend to its past through photography, while also leading creatively toward our hopeful future. He also brings some interesting perspective on the origins of tuttandcarroll.comSouth Bend on Purpose podcast:  This show is edited and produced by our friends at BUILD PODCASTS FROM THE GROUND UP TO TELL YOUR STORY. 
Kareemah Fowler is currently the Chief Financial Officer for the South Bend Community School Corporation, but was most recently the City Clerk for South Bend (the highest elected city-wide office outside of Mayor).Kareemah brings a depth of insight to the conversation as a brilliant problem solver and advocate for justice in South Bend. She won the City Clerk position in 2015 (during Pete's reelection cycle) with an endorsement partnership with Mayor Pete and has recently publicly endorsed Pete Buttigieg for president. She also has punched Lety in the face for money.  Listen in for the whole story! Follow On TwitterKareemah - - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! 
In this episode, we take a look at Pete's recent climate proposal and touch on the climate town hall that happened last night (9/4/19). We also take a deep dive into Pete's history in South Bend and how his message and actions towards that of climate change have been a guiding force for his mayorship. Pete's climate crisis proposal South Bend PoliciesIn 2015, Established Annual Lamppost Lighting Program, Providing Homeowners With Self-Install, Solar-Powered Lampposts For Their Front Yards. “The City of South Bend Department of Public Works is now accepting applications for the 2019 Lamppost Lighting Program, which assists homeowners with lighting enhancements in their neighborhoods. The program offers easy self-install, solar-powered lampposts for residential front yards. […] Since 2015, the Division of Engineering has conducted a residential Lamppost Lighting Program as a part of its Light Up South Bend initiative. The purpose of Light Up South Bend is to improve residential neighborhood safety through the installation of additional street lighting, including both street lights and residential lampposts.” [City of South Bend, 7/11/19] For The 2019 Program, Lamps Were Discounted Based On Target Factors Including Income. “The cost-share program is available to homeowners in the city. For 2019, the City has selected two target areas based on income, number of vacant lots and need for lighting in the neighborhood. Homeowners who live within the target areas will pay a lower share of the total cost: Within target areas, homeowners pay 10% of total lamppost cost: $50.00. Outside target areas, homeowners pay 50% of total lamppost cost: $250.00.” [City of South Bend, 7/11/19] In 2016, South Bend Used A Grant To Install 90 Solar Panels To The Century Center, A Move That Would Offset Over 19 Thousand Pounds Of Coal Annually And ‘Significantly Reduce’ Operating Costs Over The Next 15 Years. “The city has installed 90 solar panels atop Century Center as part of an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the city and save taxpayer money. The photovoltaic panels are expected to offset emissions by the equivalent of 2,015 gallons of gasoline or 19,104 pounds of coal annually, according to a news release. The panels were installed with a matching grant from the Solar Uniting Neighbors program and are part of a larger project that includes new heating and cooling systems and light fixtures. Consisting of $5 million in energy improvements, the project is expected to reduce operating costs at the center by a significant amount over the next 15 years. The new panels are part of an initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions citywide, and save taxpayer money, with more energy-efficient buildings and a clean-fuel vehicle program.” [South Bend Tribune, 6/23/16] Buttigieg: “I’m Proud That We’re Setting An Example In Reducing Emissions And We Will Continue To Explore Solar And Other Renewable Energy Sources To Ensure A Greener, Cleaner And More Sustainable City.” [South Bend Tribune, 6/23/16] In June 2017, Buttigieg Announced That South Bend Would Be Joining The Mayor’s National Climate Action Agenda, A Coalition Of Cities “That Embrace The Principles Laid Out In The Paris Agreement.” “Mayor Pete Buttigieg today announced today he intends for the City of South Bend join with cities and states that embrace the principles laid out in the Paris Agreement. ‘South Bend has already been directly affected by climate change. Meanwhile, renewable energy and green infrastructure industries are already creating jobs here. Withdrawing from Paris would hurt our community and our economy. Since President Trump has decided that America will no longer lead on this issue, South Bend will join cities and states around the country to continue addressing climate change, even if it means leaving Washington behind.” [City of South Bend, 6/02/17] Buttigieg: “We Will No Longer Wait On Washington For Leadership.” “South Bend has already pursued sustainable practices such as investment in energy efficient buildings, renewable energy, LED lighting, alternative fuels for our vehicle fleet, and keeping yard waste out of landfills. Moving forward, we will engage with local partners and with national efforts like the Mayors’ National Climate Action Agenda. I call on our leaders in Washington to courageously outline a path to a stable climate. But we will no longer wait on Washington for leadership. Cities can lead on climate change, and South Bend will be among them.” [City of South Bend, 6/02/17] Publicly Supported Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, One Of The First Mayors To Speak Out Against Trump’s Decision To Withdraw America From The Paris Agreement. “One of the first mayors to speak out after Trump’s Thursday announcement was Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, who was appalled that the president used his city to justify his decision. […] ‘If you are a mayor and not addressing shifts in changing weather patterns or preparing for the impacts of climate change you aren't doing your job,’ Peduto, a Democrat, said in a statement. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg tweeted his support of Peduto of Thursday. ‘All climate change is local,’ Buttigieg said. As evidence, he said one of South Bend’s worst problems last year was ‘a climate disaster,’ referring to extensive flooding caused by an historic rainfall. By contrast, one of the area's best job creators is a solar company, which has brought 50 full-time jobs to the city, he said.” [Indianapolis Star, 6/02/17] During 2018 State Of The City, Announced That South Bend Would Also Be Joining The Global Covenant Of Mayors For Climate And Energy, Commit To “Measuring Greenhouse Gases, Setting Ambitious Reduction Goals, And Creating A Community-Wide Plan To Cut Emissions.” “When it comes to climate change, federal inaction compels cities to lead instead. South Bend will do our part. Last summer we joined the U.S. Climate Mayors in pledging to support the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement. Tonight I am announcing that South Bend will join the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. Joining this international coalition means we commit to measuring greenhouse gases, setting ambitious reduction goals, and creating a community-wide plan to cut emissions.” [City of South Bend, 3/14/18] In Effort To Meet Greenhouse Gas Benchmarks, Converted The City’s 218-Vehicle Fleet To Hybrid, Natural Gas, Or Electric Consumption. “We are already underway toward some of these goals. The City’s clean fleet of 218 hybrid, natural gas, or electric vehicles has already saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our [compressed natural gas] solid waste trucks alone have already saved 1,600 tons of greenhouse gases and over $200,000.” [City of South Bend, 3/14/18] By 2019, Announced That 95 Percent Of The City’s Solid Waste Fleet Runs On Compressed Natural Gas Converted From The Human Waste It Transports. “We have converted 95 percent of our Solid Waste fleet to run on compressed natural gas, and most of that now comes from converting human waste to biogas—fueling our City trash trucks in a closed-loop system our team has called “poop-to-power” to make our services more efficient.” [City of South Bend, 3/13/19] In 2018, South Bend Unveiled Its First Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Covering Two Dedicated On-Street Parking Spots. “Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the City’s Office of Sustainability will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station on Wednesday, April 11 at noon. The ribbon cutting celebrates the installation of the station at the southeast corner of Jefferson and Lafayette Boulevards in downtown South Bend. […] ‘As a mid-sized urban community, South Bend is ideal for electric vehicles,’ said Mayor Buttigieg. ‘More and more people are switching to these cleaner and more efficient cars, and the City is planning its infrastructure for a greener future.’ […] The dual-port Level 2 EV charger serves two dedicated on-street parking spots across from the County-City building. Parking and charging are free for a two-hour maximum. Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles must be plugged in during the two-hour parking period or risk getting a parking violation. Non-electric vehicles parked in the EV spaces will also be ticketed.” [City of South Bend, 4/09/18] South Bend Green Corps: One Of Three Programs In The City’s 2019 $1 Million Investment To Alleviate Repair Costs For Homeowners, Focusing On Energy And Weatherization Improvements. “‘The city and community are investing more than $1 million in our neighborhoods,’ Mayor Pete Buttigieg said Monday. ‘We’re doing everything we can to help homeowners like Lisa improve conditions in their houses.’ The announcement fits with the 2019 priorities Buttigieg laid out last year, with a focus on improving quality of life for residents and a stronger emphasis on working with neighborhoods. […] the South Bend Green Corps, will help both renters and homeowners make basic energy and weatherization improvements, provide home assessments and lead tests, and provide education on reducing power bill costs.” [South Bend Tribune, 1/15/19] During 2019 State Of The City Address, Buttigieg Detailed The Ways South Bend Was Made More Walkable For Residents And Visitors. “Walking down Main Street just a few years ago, shoulders squared a little bit against the rush of four lanes of one-way traffic evacuating the downtown at rush hour, you might have wondered aloud about whether we could ever get the Hall of Fame off the city’s books and back on the tax rolls…Now you can make out the new facade of that building as you walk or bike along that same street, past the statue of Dr. King and Father Ted and the street trees and flowers maintained by DTSB, and cross paths with guests from one of three hotels, see diners headed to or from dozens of restaurants, or—the most striking change—run across hundreds of people who don’t just work or recreate downtown, but live here. Put simply: downtown South Bend is back. […] We’ve paved over 140 lane miles of street and replaced nearly half a million feet of curbs and sidewalks since 2012, most recently including new sidewalks and curbs near Monroe and Studebaker schools as part of the Safe Routes to Schools program.” [City of South Bend, 3/13/19] Announced That As Part Of The 10-Minute Walk Initiative, South Bend Was On Track To Ensure 80 Percent Of Residents Would Be Within 10 Minutes’ Walk To “Quality Green Space” By 2020. “Maintaining a first-rate parks system isn’t just about enjoyment—it’s about equity, value, and health. That’s why we’ve joined the 10-Minute Walk initiative, which challenges cities to ensure that all residents are within ten minutes on foot of quality green space. We’re on track to reach 80 percent access by the end of 2020, unlocking benefits for thousands more South Bend residents.” [City of South Bend, 3/13/19] Additionally, Noted That South Bend Was Only One Of Two Indiana Cities To Be Classified As A Silver Lever Bicycle Friendly Community. “Thanks to our infrastructure investment and the enthusiasm of partners like the Bike Michiana Coalition, we’re now one of two Indiana cities to be designated a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community.” [City of South Bend, 3/13/19] Follow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! 
On this episode, we take a look at Mayor Pete's history working with the immigrant community in South Bend. We were honored to have special guest Marisel Moreno (@pr4pfa) on this episode to talk about her first-hand experience with Pete and how South Bend has changed and grown under his leadership in relationship with immigration. For more information on La Casa de Amistad: http://www.lacasadeamistad.orgTwo Cathedral Clip from West Wing: In current events, we look at Pete's rural health care and development plans as well as his time spent in Iowa at the fair.Follow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! 
South Bend isn't perfect, but we've made great progress. We discuss South Bend as Mayor Pete's record and the accusations that our city and Pete's administration are failures because we haven't yet finished our journey back from the dead. ALSO: a look back at Q2 fundraising.Follow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! 
We're back! In this episode, we talk about the reason behind our month break, how all three of us attended the Town Hall that was broadcasted on CNN (and all other networks), and we take a deep dive into the rise of our downtown. We explore the correlation between the forward-thinking that came with taking this dying city to one on the up and up, and how those same qualities are needed in the Oval Office. We also give our takes on the last Debates that took place in late June. Show LinksTown Hall Questions / AnswersDonate to the Pete for AmericaFollow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! 
In this episode, we take a deep dive into the 1,000 houses in 1,000 days initiative, and how that is often misunderstood from the national media. We have a special guest on, and also debrief the MSBN Hardball Town Hall debate.Follow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes!  
Three South Bend residents talk about Pete and South Bend. This is an intro episode to what will eventually be an inside South Bend perspective to who Pete is based on his relation to South Bend, as both a son of South Bend as well as the mayor. Contact Information Twitter: @GoodGuyPete2020 Email -   Follow On TwitterLety - Michael - - you are interested in starting your own podcast, check out We will coach you from conception to iTunes! 
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