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Good Job, Brain!

A weekly Games, Hobbies and Education podcast featuring Karen Chu, Colin Felton and Dana Nelson
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Episodes of Good Job, Brain!

We can have a whole debate about the most disliked Halloween candy, but Chris goes the extra mile of hate-researching his sugar nemesis: Necco Wafers. Get trapped in a mansion with Karen and the golden rules of detective murder mystery writing,
We're blasting into season three with a special All Quiz featuring signature classic quizzes and listeners' faves! Dana's got the help of AI this time as we decipher which Lifetime movie titles are real or generated by a bot. We get a visit fro
It's our last episode of this season, and it has been such a wonderful homecoming, so let's celebrate with trivia all about house and home! Famous fictional addresses, animal nest vocab test, and it's all water under the house in this homey Eng
Let’s melt our brains with a trivia-filled celebration all about TV! Can you figure out what films these funny newspaper TV summaries by Rick Polito are describing? Dana tests us on the most watched moments in world history, and Karen tries to
It's our bonus episode all about game shows with our first ever panel of experts! Join Karen and former game show contestants Elliot, Amy, and Tyler in a roundtable about what’s it like being on a game show. Elliot schools us on how to best pre
How well do you remember the last few years or is it one giant year blob? We discover some current events trivia that... might not be so current after all. Need a special memory manipulation service? Take Chris' memory-altering movie test! And
The sun's shining, the bees are buzzing, and the flowers are blooming just so they can pass on genetic material and then die. But cheer up because we got trivia about the green stuff around us! Colin ponders about hummingbirds and what animal c
Grab something to drink because this trivia snack mix is making me thirsty! A bit of math & science from Karen with her time unit quiz (but just remember to play Fortnite with her in a fortnight)! A bit of Disney from Chris who tests our live a
Reboots, reinventions, resets, and rebirths! Travel around the world in Karen's former place names quiz. Jenny from the Block? No, it's Lucy from the Sewer! Chris introduces us to the actress who was once was Lucille LeSueur until she got rebra
It sure has been an eventful year, so here is our episode filled with quizzes surrounding lockdown life. Love a good inventions quiz? Then we invite you to play a round of "War, Plague, or Depression!" Chris misses karaoke and shares its surpri
We're decoupaging our way through trivia and facts about hobbies! Since there are very few official terms for specific collection hobbies, Karen's got a quiz about made-up hobby names with the help of our Twitter fans. Chris gives us a glimpse
We're making stops around the world in this episode dedicated to foreign countries! Perk your ears up for Karen's special foreign language pop music round, and learn the mnemonic for the seven STANs. Listen to the incredible tale of an internat
Shake your pensive pompoms and march with the brainy band because it's a trivia GJB homecoming rally! Feast on "Before & After" club sandwiches with Karen, take the famous scams challenge with Dana, and get our butts kicked in Chris' "Things My
Let's light up our lobes, lovely listeners because WE'VE MISSED YOU! It's 2021, and we're back together (virtually) for a new season of GJB. In this mini episode, we catch up on the hiatus and of course, dip our toes back into the big trivia po
Gather up your wagon and get ready to move out west into the world of kooky and spectacular trivia and quizzes. Don't die of dysentery because as it turns out, there are a whole lot more ways to die along the real Oregon Trail as Chris found ou
We're busting out! Escape movie quiz, but really, how well do you know your Stephen King movies! Chris spills secrets of escaping handcuffs and straightjackets from the Houdini Handbook. Planning on a lavish escape to Orlando? Well, then buckle
Get your scrap paper ready and those number two pencils sharpened because this week, we are filling up the Scantron sheets with bizarre facts and wacky trivia about tests and exams! Speaking of pencils, why are they yellow, and why do we always
Get your best burp cloth ready for a real spewing of facts and trivia all about kids. Of course, Karen's got her baby edition of Nightmare Animals, and Dana has prepared her first ever themed Music Round! Colin found out about the phenomenal hi
The long and undulating road to 200 is HERE. We've made it -- and it's an ALL QUIZ! We're starting the celebration off with Colin's mystery themed music round, and jump into another mentally sweaty round of "Lifetime Movie? Or Not Lifetime Movi
Woah woah woah, finally a new episode from our hiatus?! YES - and what better way to come back than with a brand new episode turgid with brain-filling trivia that's all about you, the FANS! Facts about fandom and tidbits inspired by our own GJB
Time to wring out them brain cells and learn trivia and facts about things that are dry! Get out your map and compass in order to navigate Colin's desert quiz. Ever wonder what goes on in the back of a dry cleaning store and how dry cleaning ac
Time for some wheeling and dealing, and let us haggle and dazzle you with trivia and facts about making those deals! Why don't you *~come on down~* and take Karen's quizzes about our favorite game shows? Let our yard sale expert negotiator Chri
Come one, come all! We're celebrating heroes that comes in all shapes and sizes: from the underdogs of the fast food world to life-changing inventors. We got a grab bag hero quiz, and Chris has an epic music round of heroic songs. Colin found a
Soak and soothe your brain in our hot tub of quizzes and trivia! (And on a related note, find out why we may never go into a hut tub or public pool ever.) Revel in nostalgia as we try to answer (and draw) Dana's newspaper comics challenge. Say
We're taking a joyride on the road to 200 episodes, and here to share facts and quizzes about taking breaks and getting away for some fun! Treat yourself to Colin's advertising slogan quiz about getting away from it all. Chris has an extra hard
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