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Good Up is a safe space to talk about those experiences in life we didn't know we all had in common. We're the after work happy hour conversation with your best friend. The place where you bring up the hard parts of life, the ones that made you
Who was your best ex? Who was your worst? What lessons about love, life, and yourself do you think you've learned or can learn from your past relationships? In this week's episode we look back at those big loves in our lives to discuss the less
Remember a few years ago when everyone admitted the crazy things they'd do for the "D"? Have you ever flown across the country for it? Risked your job for it? Became the "other" person for it? This episode might be for you. This week Deidre and
Have you ever experienced struggle love? Have you been in a tumultuous relationship on and off or experienced abuse disguised as love? Do you believe that all relationships must go through intense struggles in order to be successful? This week
What did success look like to you growing up? Is your success tied to accomplishment? Is it tied to a specific feeling? How did your parents communicate their expectations for you? Did you grow up with the pressure to succeed? In this week's ep
Do you have your financial situation together? Have you ever created and followed a budget for yourself? Does being financially smart mean we have to sacrifice all of the fun stuff? Niqua V. of "Financially Winning" joins us this week to talk a
Have you ever or do you currently partake in casual sex? What are your rules for your casual sex partners? Do you think that casual sex ALWAYS leads to the development of feelings? Kareem Eugene of The Bashment podcast joins us this week for a
 Do you have difficulty setting boundaries? Are you aware of some boundaries that you have emotionally, physically, or in other areas of your life? How have people in your life responded when you've set them? This week we discuss boundaries in
 Do you think that everyone experiences some form of generational trauma? How has generational trauma affected you or your family and in what ways are you working to heal? In this week's episode, we discuss generational trauma at length includi
Have you ever heard of the term "shadow work?" Are you completely honest with yourself about the inner work that you need to do? In this episode, we discuss the concept of "shadow work" and how it can help people on their personal growth and se
Have you ever been told that the way you speak or act is "white"? Can a person who isn't White be considered as "acting white" because of their interests? The Nerd With Accents Podcast hosts, Joe and Jay G join us this week for a hilarious epis
Do you believe everyone should own a business or have a side hustle? This week we're joined by Ivy Walls (Ivy Leaf Farms), Zahra Muse (Author & Serial Entrepreneur), and Mercedes Edney (Ixora Botanical Beauty) to discuss the highs, lows, and re
Have you ever experienced a "f*ck this job!" moment? Have you ever quit or resigned from a job you hated? What's the worst way you've ever left a job? What do you consider to be a hard-no in terms of toxic work places? This week we reminisce on
How educated are you on the world of sex work? Do you believe in the validity of sex work and sexual liberation?  Have you ever wondered what it's like being a creator on Only Fans? In this week's episode, blogger and sex work advocate Lucas jo
What are your expectations for the new presidential administration? Do you believe that anything will significantly change? We are joined this week by poet, author, cancer research tech, and political enthusiast Biko McMillan for a long overdue
Do you believe in marriage or have goals to get married? Is marriage really something everyone should aspire to? Should marriage be exactly as the bible or society says it should be? In this week's episode, we tackle the topic of marriage and w
How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect you? Do you believe that 2020 was the worst year ever? Did you have more good moments or bad? In this week's episode, we take a stab at the year of all years: 2020. From the bad to the good, we're talking ab
Do you use your phone too often? Do you feel like you have an addiction to social media? How does social media affect your overall mood? In this week's episode Joyce and Britt from the Talk That Talk: Uncensored podcast join us to discuss the i
Do you consider yourself to be religious or spiritual? What effect did your family's religious views have on the way you view spirituality today? Is it okay for Christians to believe in multiple forms of spiritual practice?  Part two of this we
Do you consider yourself to be religious or spiritual? What effect did your family's religious views have on the way you view spirituality today? Is it okay for Christians to believe in multiple forms of spiritual practice? Fanisia Bundage join
Do you know your own love language? Have you ever tried to teach a partner how to love you in a specific way? In this week's episode, we're joined by recording artist A.Z.I to discuss our "love language" based on Gary Chapman's 1992 book The Fi
Have you recently discovered that a word in your vocabulary is actually offensive? Do you think that people are being overly sensitive by calling out everything that can be considered a slur? This week's episode touches on offensive language an
Have you ever heard of an "apology language?" Do you ever have a difficult time admitting when you're wrong and apologizing? Is there a specific way that you're known to apologize or that you like to receive apologies? In this week's episode, D
In what ways have you honored your creativity? Should creatives always pursue their passions full-time? In this week's episode, we're joined by Virgin Islands creators and artists,  Kayra Clouden (Adultin, Love & Hip Hop) and Kyra James (Kickin
Have you ever been afraid to commit or dated someone who was? Do you believe in the idea of a "situationship?" Are people in our generation commitmentphobes? Media maven India Monee joins the podcast this week for a chat on "talking" - this gen
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