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Roland Achenjang is a fascinating young man I met a few weeks ago. Right away I knew I had met a kindred spirit. Roland is a Pharmacist, and has an MBA. But, when something about his life didnt' feel quite right, Roland gave up on finding happiness through career, religion, or other means and turned within.In the first part of this two-part interview, Roland and I discuss how he came to the dark night of the soul that sent him on his spiritual quest. In part two, we will discuss what he discovered.To reach Roland, visit: https://www.rolandachenjang.comSupport the show (
Well, she doesn't really talk to angels. But, I got the Black Crowes song stuck in my head when thinking about this episode. So, there you go!I sat down for another fascinating hour plus with Kimberly Clark Sharp.  She is a joy to talk to and a hoot! If you haven't already, go back to episode 78 from June of 2020 and listen to the details of her NDE which we only had time to cover briefly here.I wanted to talk to Kim about her many years of experience with witnessing angels. Angels of protection, angels coming to take us Home, and angels apparently on a coffee break.Kim is the author of “After the Light: The Spiritual Path to Purpose”, the founder of Seattle IANDS, etc., etc., etc. She has had several decades of service since her NDE while she was in college.If you want to reach Kim, you can reach her through the Seattle IANDS website.Support the show (
Coronavirus, race relations, the economy, the election... everyone is on edge. Everyone's been impacted. During these trying times, there are a few things we need to remember. Support the show (
I met John several months ago when I invited him to appear at a Helping Parents Heal meeting. John told a fascinating tale of a Near-Death Experience that may be more detailed than any other I've ever heard. He was taken on a guided tour of "heaven" while he was out of his body and reports some fascinating details.I asked John to share his experience for my Grief 2 Growth audience. John "died" while having surgery on his hand and found himself going through many of the familiar aspects of the Near-Death Experience culminating with a mission given to him to come back and deliver a message.Support the show (
I've been following Bernardo Kastrup for a few years. He's a brilliant man with PhDs in both computer science and philosophy. His books "Why Materialism Is Baloney" and "More Than Allegory" have literally changed my life by giving me a deeper understanding of the origins of Everything.Bernardo Kastrup's work has been leading the modern renaissance of metaphysical idealism, the notion that reality is essentially mental. This idea might seem for us born during this age of materialism. But, the idea is as old as mankind. It's what every religious tradition has always taught. What Bernardo brings is a logical way of coming to these same revelations.Bernardo has a Ph.D. in philosophy (ontology, philosophy of mind) and another Ph.D. in computer engineering (reconfigurable computing, artificial intelligence). As a scientist, Bernardo has worked for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Philips Research Laboratories (where the 'Casimir Effect' of Quantum Field Theory was discovered). Formulated in detail in many academic papers and books, his ideas have been featured on 'Scientific American,' the 'Institute of Art and Ideas,' the 'Blog of the American Philosophical Association' and 'Big Think,' among others.You can find Bernardo at:www.bernardokastrup.comSupport the show (
My long time friend, Dr. Mark Pitstick, and I had a wide-ranging chat on the nature of reality, the purpose of life, what awaits us after our physical body dies, and new develops in the field of technology, in particular, the SoulPhone, that will provide "proof" that we continue after our physical body ceases to function.Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, has over forty-seven years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and private practice. His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology/pastoral counseling studies, master's in clinical psychology, and a doctorate in chiropractic health care.  He also has provided suicide prevention counseling and education to many people.Mark became aware of clairaudient experiences at age ten and has since been blessed with numerous miracles, revelatory, and spiritually transformative experiences.After working in hospitals with many suffering and dying adults and children, he was motivated to find sensible, evidence-based answers to the questions that many people ask: “Who am I?  Why am I here?  What happens after I die?  Will I see my departed loved ones again?  Is there a God?  If so, why is there so much suffering? and How can I best live during this brief earthly experience?”Mark has written numerous books. On his website, you will find documentary films, CDs, and experiential workshops that address all of these questions and help you survive and even thrive through life’s biggest changes and challenges.  Further, his work helps you discover how to enjoy the greatest life you have envisioned—no matter what your current circumstances.Mark is also the Director of the SoulPhone Foundation.You can find Mark at: https://www.soulproof.comSupport the show (
I met Daniel about a year ago in a group for bereaved parents. Daniel was volunteering his time to help the parents out. I could immediately sense he is a sincere and generous guy with a high ethical standard.Daniel was raised as a Christian, as was I. When his mediumship opened up spontaneously in January of 2017, he didn't know what had hit him. He wasn't sure he believed in mediumship and he thought if it were real, it incompatible with his Christian faith.Daniel studied Christianity, the Bible and other texts and prayed hard before deciding that this was a gift from God to be use for God's purposes. Fast forward a few years and Daniel has done hundreds of readings that have brought healing and increased people's faith in God and the afterlife.We discuss Daniel's journey and his new book "Why Are We Here?"For more on Daniel, look him up on Facebook at Daniel John Medium. He does free readings every Monday night on Facebook Live.  ℹ️ https://www.danieljohnmedium.comSupport the show (
The death of Dr. Wyatt's father prompted her to move from a family practice physician to hospice care. Dr. Wyatt wanted to help others make their transitions. Little did she know that there were valuable life lessons waiting for her as she did this work.Dr. Karen Wyatt is the bestselling author of the book "7 Lessons for Living from the Dying", which contains stories of patients she cared for as a hospice doctor and the spiritual lessons she learned from them at the end of their lives. Dr. Wyatt also hosts End-of-Life University Podcast, which features conversations with experts who work in all aspects of end-of-life care. She is widely regarded as a thought-leader in the effort to transform the way we care for our dying in the U.S. In addition, she is valued for her application of spiritual principles to illness and healthcare and teaches that in order to live life fully we must each overcome our fear of death and embrace the difficulties that life brings us.You can find more about Dr. Wyatt at: https://eoluniversity.comSupport the show (
Chris Kito, B.S. experienced an NDE at the age of 24 due to an allergic reaction to a food allergy. In April of 2012, 22-year-old Chris Kito went into anaphylactic shock due to a peanut allergy, leading to his near-death experience. He was young and just starting a career.  Chris feels that a transformation took place, changing what had been his previous youthful outlook on life and mindset as he was entering a new career.The NDE created challenges and opportunities which Chris credits to his newfound spirituality and extraordinarily successful career at such a young age.In this interview, we talk about Chris' experience and the blessings and challenges that come from an NDE. Integration of an NDE experience into one's daily life can take years, even decades.Support the show (
Lisa Jones had a Shared Death Experience when her husband passed due to cancer. Lisa's intuitive and mediumship abilities were opened up by the experience. She eventually moved to Hawaii, became a medium, started a podcast, and is now leading a group called The Real Onez.Author, speaker, and host of the Exploring Death podcast, she has had the privilege to work with groups and individuals, business leaders, entertainers, and fellow spiritual seekers. Lisa brings refreshing clarity and honesty to a challenging subject. She seeks to use her gifts to give encouragement, comfort, and inspiration to a culture that has hidden death and dying from view. You'll be uplifted by her energy and touched by her warmth.http://www.therealonez.comSupport the show (
Martha Hunt Handler is an environmentalist, an award-winning author, and the Board President of the Wolf Conservation Center. Martha is author of the new book Winter of the Wolf. For this interview, we discussed a wide range of topics including how tragedy helped form the story of her novel and how her life led to the 18-year journey to get the book out.Winter of the Wolf is an exploration in grief, suicide, spiritualism, and Inuit culture, Winter of the Wolf follows Bean as she searches for the truth of her brother Sam’s “suicide.” Unconvinced her loving brother could commit such an act without warning, Bean pulls herself from her grief to become a part-time detective and shaman.Martha Hunt Handler grew up in northern Illinois dreaming about wolves and has always understood that her role in this lifetime is to tell stories and be a voice for nature. She has been an environmental consultant, a magazine columnist, an actress, and a polar explorer, among other occupations. She has also driven across the country in an 18-wheeler and been a grand-prize winner of The Newlywed Game.Soon after she and her family relocated from Los Angeles to South Salem, New York, she began to hear wolves in her backyard. This was the start of her twenty-plus-year career as an advocate for wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center, where she currently serves as Board President.ℹ️ the show (
Miami's Knight is a powerhouse. After her son Ty-Key took his own life with a gun, years after being shot and witnessing the murder of his best friend, Miami dedicated her life to healing herself and others. She is a gun violence prevention advocate. She is a certified grief counselor. She is an energy healer.In this interview, we discuss the events that led up to Ty-Key's passing and the journey Miami has been on since then.You can find Miami at: the show (
Karen was a physical therapist at Alaska Hospital and Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska in 1982 when she was the 32-year-old mother of a daughter, 9 years old, and a son, 6 years old. She and her husband had moved their family there from a small upstate New York town the previous year. Karen injured her back and had to have spinal surgery. Her near-death experience occurred during this surgery when the surgeon lacerated a major artery and she bled out on the operating room table. Karen's extensive near-death experience involved what is called a veridical experience, which means that a third party was later able to verify what she saw take place while she was out of her body. Karen has been interviewed about her experience on several occasions and is one of several near-death experiencers who participated in the documentary, Back from the Light. Her previous interviews can be heard on YouTube. Most recently, her experience is one of 12 to be included in the Journal, Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, A Journal of Qualitative Research affiliated with Johns Hopkins published in May 2020Support the show (
I will be moderating a panel on Grief, Loss and Healing at the 2020 IANDS Conference. The conference will be held live online this year. So, you can attend with no travel expense. If you can't make it live, the video will be available for all "attendees" for 90 days after the conference. The keynote speakers will be Anita Moorjani, Dr. Mary Neal, Rev. Howard Storm, and my friend, the amazing Suzanne GiesemannSign up at virtualconference.IANDS.orgSupport the show (
David is a near-death experience (NDE)-inspired artist, composer, and author. He wants to use his NDE to make a positive difference in people's lives. In 2006, he was dragged under a speeding train in a freak accident. As the surgeons fought to save him, he had a profound NDE. When he woke up in the hospital, he had acquired astonishing new abilities. David found he could paint dramatic paintings of what he had seen in the Afterlife, far beyond any artistic ability he had before. He then discovered he could compose classical music, having never received any training. To this day, he cannot read or write a single note of musical notation, and yet his debut NDE-inspired symphony, The Divine Light, was premiered at a sell-out orchestral concert to a standing ovation. I enjoyed a pre-release copy of David's book SHINE ON: The Remarkable Story of How I Fell Under a Moving Train, Journeyed to the Afterlife, and the Astonishing Proof I Brought Back with Me is one of the most fascinating near-death experience books I have read and I've read several. Written in the style of a compelling novel, the book chronicles David's life before and after the NDE. The effects of David's NDE are undeniable.  The book is scheduled for release in July 2020. If you're watching this before then, here's a preview of what you can expect.You can visit David's website to see his artwork and listen to some of his music.ℹ️https://www.shineonthestory.comSupport the show (
Kimberly Clark-Sharp is the founder of Seattle IANDS, the author of "After the Light: The Spiritual Path to Purpose, and an eyewitness to one of the most talked-about NDEs ever. She sets the record on this NDE that has become an urban legend- finding a shoe on a hospital ledge.In this interview, Kim tells me about her experience in the light and the absolutely amazing path that opened up before her, including taking Toto and moving from Kansas to the Emerald City. (no joke).Since her experience with the light, Kim has had extensive work in the medical field with the dying and with speaking with others who have had NDEs. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a wicked sense of humor to this engaging conversation.ℹ️💵 to become a Patron and get exclusive content, find me on Patreon at:💰 to make a one-time donation visit to help cover my costs: the show (
Michelle Freed is a certified Hypnotherapist and Professional Remote Viewer. She is experienced in operational targets working with detectives to help solve crimes and find missing people as well as teaching the skill of remote viewing in her 6-week training program. She is the former Producer for the popular radio show created by Art Bell, “Midnight in the Desert”. In this audio-only interview, Michelle shares with me the practical applications of "remote viewing" which I find out is a misnomer. It's not about just finding your keys. Remote viewing can help you understand your past lives and allow you to tap into your higher self to make better decisions about your future. "Men Who Stare At Goats" was loosely based on programs that the government carried out knowing that remote viewing is a very real thing that has been proven time and time again.ℹ️you can reach Michelle at:💵 to become a Patron and get exclusive content, find me on Patreon at:💰 to make a one-time donation visit to help cover my costs: the show (
Robin Aisha Landsong is a Transformational Speaker, Visual Artist, Medicine Singer and Medical/ Health Intuitive. She had two Near-Death Experiences during the Rhodesian War in 1977 when she was eight years old. When she was called back to life by the Medicine Song of a rural Zimbabwean woman, it opened her own Medicine Songs, and she has given Singing Medicine to over 14,000 people.Robin now tells the story of her two NDEs and uses the wisdom gained from those and other life experiences in her healing work.Her specialties as a Shamanic Craniosacral Therapist are trauma resolution, the neurobiology of connection, and restoring the natural rhythms in the body. She sees each person’s gifts, strengths, and underlying cause of their physical, emotional, or spiritual distress. Robin helps people regain their creativity, intuition, and embodiment.ℹ️her website is https://www.robinlandsong.comSupport the show (
Jonathon Aslay is one of America's leading mid-life dating coaches. His view of life changed and expanded in 2018 with the passing of his 18-year-old son, Connor. Jonathon's grief led him on a soul-searching inner journey which opened him to the most common emotional health issue faced by people- a lack of self-love, self-regard, and self-worth. Jonathon takes this new understanding with him into his work with people who are dating in mid-life.In this interview, Jonathon and I discuss how his relationship with Connor has continued and how Jonathon has grown through the difficulties in his life. It's rare that I get to talk to a father who is in this position.You can find Jonathon at www.jonathonaslay.comSupport the show (
Robert Perry is one of the most respected teachers of the modern spiritual path A Course in Miracles. A Course in Miracles is a course that is intended to be a spiritual path. The material is claimed to be channeled from Jesus in the late 60s and early 70s. In this conversation, Robert and I discuss the teachings of the course and how closely they align with the lessons from Near-Death Experiences. Robert and I discuss what "the Course" says about God, reincarnation, judgment, the purpose of life, etc.Robert is the editor of the Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles. He is the founder of the Circle of Atonement ( and has authored or co-authored over 20 books and booklets on the Course, as well as hundreds of articles, and has lectured throughout the U.S. and internationally. Perry’s goal has been to draw out of the Course a comprehensive understanding of the path that it lays down and to support students in walking that path. For more visit: or to start studying the course, https://www.coursecompanions.orgℹ️https://www.circleofa.orgSupport the show (
This is an expanded version of a talk I gave to Sandra Champlain's Sunday Service on May 17, 2020.The question of why there are pain and suffering is an old as humankind itself. In this bonus, I take you back to my Sunday school days with a metaphysical interpretation of the Creation story. Is what we are living really God's Plan B? What if we got the lesson of that story exactly backward?For more content like this, become a Patron at💵 to become a Patron and get exclusive content, find me on Patreon at:💰 to make a one-time donation visit to help cover my costs: more information see me at:📚 https://www.grief2growth.comSupport the show (
Donna Seebo is an internationally recognized award-winning author/ publisher, keynote speaker, renowned mental practitioner, counselor, teacher, broadcasting personality and host of international talk shows, her schedule is a busy one. A woman of many talents, little did she realize that psychic mind skills would take her on a journey of discovery, travel, and interacting with thousands of people from around the world.Donna and I discuss how a series of spiritual events in her twenties launched her into a fascinating and varied career and set of experiences. We discuss how the experiences along the way made her the woman she is today.You can find Donna at: https://www.delphiinternational.comSupport the show (
Rebecca and I discussed how the pain in our youth creates wounds in our "inner child" and we must heal through Self-love. Painful experiences are opportunities for us to grow if we do the healing work.Rebecca Valla MD is a Psychiatrist in private practice in Winston-Salem, NC. She has been a lifelong spiritual seeker, which led to her interest in Near Death Experiences, Reincarnation, and Expanded Consciousness. She is focused in her work with patients on inner child healing, and on Self-love. Much of her work is informed by her own childhood pain, and her learning through psychotherapy, and personal growth. Spirituality is the core of the self-growth work that she journeys on with her patients. You can hear her own story, and see how she approaches her work, through her YouTube at the IANDS Conference 2016, Videos, Rebecca Valla, MD. The title is: " Self-Love is not Selfish".ℹ️https://www.rebeccasvallamd.comSupport the show (
This episode is a two-fer. Judi spends the first hour or so telling us about some very simple techniques we can all use to stay healthy. From these, you can form your own regimen/practice.Judi then leads us in her Energy Centering Meditation that you can use any time you are feeling out of balance.Judi Hancox joins me for a second time. This time we discuss specific healing tips that you can use to create your own practice to stay healthy and balanced, in a crisis, or at any time. The best time to start these practices is a year ago. The second best time is today.In a follow on video, Judi shares her Energy Centering Meditation that you can do on a regular basis.Judi has been a yoga and meditation teacher since 1980, clinical social worker and trauma recovery specialist since 1990.Judi trademarked "Shiome Therapy," using holistic methods that synergistically combine ancient wisdom with current science to help accelerate the healing process with spiritual awareness. She created an Energy Centering Meditation with therapeutic-grade essential oils to quickly connect to spirit and balance our energy body.for more from Judi, visit: ℹ️https://www.shiome.comSupport the show (
I was a guest on The Donna Seebo radio program. If you want to hear me interviewed, here is your chance.Support the show (
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