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**Warning: slightly echo-y audio** Well, the trio is back on their bullsh*t. Laurel miscalculates how long it takes to get places and then, as lookout, sees "a moose or something." It lopes toward them at a rapid velocity. The trio seems unfaze
CONTENT WARNING at bottom of description. Do you sometimes feel like you don't fit in? You're not alone. Join these loners in our newest GOOI story, Laurel, Breeze, and Raven, three wolves kicked out of their own pack for no other reason than t
Grant has a mustache. It's not related to the pure, dark, and/or Charlie Sheen-related poems he reads, but it's somehow just as important. Grant's poems take us on a journey of self reflection (why would we basically go ahead and destroy oursel
Danny and Erica try something new in this episode: 40 full minutes focused strictly on the giant plot hole that is The Dragon Realm.  They knit a sweater with how many lose ends the story has. They attempt to cover all the bases, asking the har
Our story comes to a head in this epic finale. Critics are saying, "Grossly on-brand" and "One hoof for each heart." The Murderer discovers some trouble of his own, and Erica and Emily face off against the Actual Villain Of The Story. An old ch
Reaper has struck once again, ruining the sound quality of a perfectly good episode. Our apologies for this episode, the sound quality and the content. In these penultimate moments, our heroic duo makes the trek to The Murderer's Dungeon where
Do you believe a day's training montage is enough to prepare our young heroine to fight the evil forces at play? Well, you think correctly. Erica prepares herself for battle in a most serious manner, while Swann, a real-life French woman, barge
In the second episode of The Dragon Realm, Macy pranks the heck out of our mysterious main character, Lilly gets SWOL and the duo fly for the first time, checking out a cave full of yet another mythical creature. A new character is introduced (
Yes, another dragon story. In this endearing story written by 10-year-old Erica, the main character (named after the author), discovers and bonds with a fiery young dragon named Lilly. The two spend most of their time getting to know each other
You absolutely must listen to this guest episode featuring the hip, dark, and brilliant Michelle, who graces Danny and Erica with the award-winning play, "Deliverance," about the Seven Deadly Sins she wrote when she was 14. Many accents are thr
Danny wraps up the Dragon Riders by leaving off on one of the only plot points that might have helped clarify anything. "Lady" deals with a disappointment, Isabel gives some (somewhat useless) backstory, and Danny and Erica speculate how the sa
This week, Ava meets Erika (with a K), the cleric, who is really just over it all. The Riders finally make it to the battlefield. Do they aid in any way, shape, or form? Dubious. The Riders also meet a handsome new strange. Content warnings at
This week, Ava forgets the only other Dragon Riders in the world and has the pleasure of re-introduction. After a bit of miscommunication, the Riders remember that they are, indeed, fighting for the same side. In an attempt to stop the raging w
This week we meet Ava Silverlight's employer, the one-of-a-kind King Halden(?) and learn about a war threatening the kingdom. Ava and Syrien investigate, do some sweet tricks, and meet a very sad minotaur.  Content warnings at the bottom of the
Welcome to our interactive ASMR podcasting experience: sitting in an empty room with your best friend while a party is happening on the other side of the door. Danny and Erica spend their Valentine's Day reading a story Danny wrote in 8th grade
Our guest friend this week shares some fiction he wrote in college about an eccentric man and his proclivity for visiting the zoo. The title? Master Beauregard and the Tapir: The Inner Sanctum. Strap in for a wild short story! Dan is a host on
Erica and Danny wrap up Coyote's Cry and cobble together an ending based on what little plot they could follow. Who's the villain? What happened to Lightningpaw's parents? Why are there humans here now? Thank you to our patrons, Julz, Laura, Do
Lightningpaw's life gets even weirder as more supernatural powers are discovered. How many abilities can one half-wolf/half-coyote have, anyway? Clearly we haven't reached the limit yet.  Thank you to our patrons, Julz, Laura, Don, and Paul! Yo
Happy Palentine's Day, best friends! Lightningpaw's journey continues as she meets an eccentric fox named Twilight, who can see the future in mysterious visions. Oh, and she spontaneously grows dragon wings. Don't worry about it. Thank you to o
Danny and Erica launch a brand new story about a very confused, very lost coyote named Lightningpaw. What's their deal? What's their gender? What's Erica's obsession with making characters that can control the weather? Thank you to our patrons,
Shannan schools our hosts on Naruto and shares the epic comic she wrote when she was twelve. That's right, folks, we're diving into fan art territory this episode. And it's got self-insert original characters. Shan is an artist and cosplayer wh
Danny and Erica draw the Raze saga to a bittersweet close, but not before Acubel and Max have a good old fashioned tussle. How would Raze have ended if Danny finished writing it? Erica offers some insightful suggestions. Content warnings at th
Max, Cameron, and Phoenix discover an underground passage and a few unexpected characters below the New York City streets. Who is this mysterious man, and why does he keep derailing the conversation to psychoanalyze people? Content warnings at
  While they hide from the police, the contract killers discuss what happened during their escape and plan what to do next. These characters are in their twenties, but you can really tell they were written by a 14 year old. Content warnings a
In possibly the most dramatic chapter of Raze yet, Max, Cameron, and Phoenix try to break out of the Secret Police headquarters. Content warnings at the bottom of the episode description. Thank you to our patrons, Laura, Don, and Paul! You help
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