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Fabulous First – Happy Anniversary – EP058

Released Sunday, 5th August 2018
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Admittedly a little late to the party but wanted to say congrats. I am still catching up on all the episode you have
Congrats on the great year!
Excellent show to Celebrate Growin’ Up Rock’s First Anniversary! Been with this show close to the beginning, and have celebrated Classic Rock & Metal, as well as being introduced to amazing new bands keeping Rock & Metal Alive! ☝️See ‘Alive’ there? My KISStoric reference in this review ?
Good job boys I’m here for my T-shirt!
These dudes live and breath their love of all things hard rock and metal. And what makes it even better listening to them is that they are good people. Happy 1st Aniv. and ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I must agree ..that dude from I Love It LOUDcast can sing! (SHAMELESS PLUG)!
Sunny and Steven have a wonderful podcast these two gentlemen are very informative and also funny but they also have their love for Hard Rock and metal music and they are trying to keep the metal and hard rock alive and they're doing a heck of a job happy one year anniversary gentleman looking forward to many more years
Congrats on your 1st anniversary
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