Rock n Roll Trivia – Who Are You – EP075

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It’s a Rock n Roll Trivia Game show of epic proportions where we ask the question Who Are You? We invite our special guest Steve Wright from the Podder The Hell Podcast to come and test his trivial hard rock knowledge against the absent minded Steven Michael who thinks the answer to everything is Van Halen. While we try and figure out who has the most points, we play some killer music by the likes of Lita Ford, Queensryche, Sammy Hagar, Iron Maiden, WASP, Night Ranger, Kiss, Striker, and Blood Of The Sun.

Our Gameshow host Sonny “Wink Martindale” Pooni deals out the questions to both Steve's, while mixing in some great music to crank up while on that long holiday road trip. Feel free to play along with us and let us know how you did via our Facebook page link below. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Growin’ Up Rock !!.

Everyone’s got a Rock N Roll story to tell, so tell us yours

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Iron Maiden


Lita Ford

Sammy Hagar

Night Ranger

Blood Of The Sun


A Special THANK YOU to Restrayned for the Killer Show Intro and transition music!!

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105 mins


Sunday, November 25th 2018