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Under The Influence Of The Stones – EP022

Released Monday, 27th November 2017
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When you think of iconic rock bands, you have to think of The Rolling Stones.   Not a Stones Fan? Not everyone is, but understand that Jagger and Richards laid the blueprint for many, many rock stars to come in the late 70's, 80's, and 90's. Guys like Steven Tyler & Joe Perry, Slash & Axl, and numerous others were influenced in many ways through the music and swagger  of The Rolling Stones.    In what will be a recurring series of Growin’ Up Rock, Hollywood, and Steve will be discussing some of the most iconic and influential rock n roll bands in history, and the hard rock and metal bands that were influenced by not only their music, but the show, style, and attitude of these rock titans. In each "Under The Influence" episode, we will pick one iconic band we felt influenced many of the hard rock and metal bands we loved back in the day, and maybe some of the newer bands coming out today that we're digging on. So even if you are not a huge fan of the band we think were influential, the bands we will be featuring and the music we will be playing will be right up your alley.    Everyone knows that you can’t discuss the term rock n roll without mentioning the Rolling Stones, so we thought this was as good a place as any to start. Bands like Aerosmith, GNR, Cinderella, Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, Kiss, The Black Crowes, and countless others were all influenced in some way by The Rolling Stones. Word of the day: Phenomenal   Reviews: Colin Francis: “Hi there. Just wanted to say your last episode ballad is fantastic it has turned me onto some old rock bands I haven’t heard of which is unusual for me so at the moment I am checking all them bands out as we speak thanks and keep up the great work”   Jason Kearney: “I was at a show of theirs (Tesla) here in Reno where I helped shield his mom as she was center and up front for the show and they played Mama's Fool. At the end of the song he said my momma didn't raise no fool, isn't that right momma? - totally cool moment.”   “Grown Ups Of The Week” Tom Zimm Longbox Scavengers Restrayned Darryl Alber 60 minutes with podcast Thom Dust Knighthawk Jay Szczeblewski Derik Novak Podcast Rock City Save Rock N Metal Finnegan O’dell Emmanuel Goldstein Courtney Cronin Dold Eladio EMZT Productions Alexander Harry Cippotter Decibel Geek Podcast Jody Havenot Podder Than Hell Podcast Richard S Pearson Andrew Jacobs Chinokura Rock Tony Musallam Jason Alexander Digital Killed the Radio Star   Shout Out To The Following For Their Listener Stories: Neil Bees Stephen Edmondson Dennis Talbott -  “Ages Of Rock” Everyone’s got a Rock N Roll story to tell, so tell us yours @ growinuprock.com   Follow us on Twitter @growinuprock Like us and leave us a review on our FaceBook page - @ growinuprock Subscribe to our Podcast at the platform of your choice and leave us a review   Support Music / Artist / and Your Favorite Podcast   Growin’ Up Rock Amazon Store The Quireboys  -  This is Rock N Roll The Dog’s D’Amour  -  Debauchery Hanoi Rocks  -  Watcha Want The Cult-Dirty - Little Rockstar  J.Geils Band - Takin’ You Down Black Crowes - Twice As Hard