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Now...this will only hurt a bit... Thinking of losing your virginity and feel you found the right partner? Well...there is a lot of thought that goes into first-time sex and being educated as well as communicating with the lucky person is cru
Do you want sex? I have questions...Let's play a sex questions game. If you answer correctly, you pick the sex position. Sex is no longer in the dark ages, and the inquiring sexual mind is pulling out all the stops when it comes to sex. Sex
You smell like sex? Huh? I smell like what? But...How does sex smell? Everything has an odor, bad or good. Our bodies give off smell that are related to what we eat, sweat, etc... So why and how does sex smell or genitals for the matter.
How flexible are you men? Are you not being fully satisfied orally and want to take your oral stimulation to another level? Well...Autofellatio may just be the stimulation you are seeking, an alternative to jerking off. Listen in as Andra ex
Put on a few pounds? Have you noticed that your sexual drive has taken a nosedive but have never put 2 + 2 together? The answer is YES...weight does have a negative effect on our sexual drive, sex life in general. Andra discusses obesity and
When you get scared, did you ever wonder why you get horny as well? Become aroused when you are scared is a normal body response. However, like with any other sexually arousing act, it can be deadly. Andra discusses the physiological respons
What's the matter...cannot get it up? Do I not turn you on? If you are having difficulty getting an erection and maintaining it but your partner is turning you on but you are having trouble reciprocating, maybe you are suffering from erectile
Is your sexual performance in the bed lacking its luster? It may just be your mattress...YES! your mattress. Andra discusses how, with the right mattress, you can improve your sexual performance in the bedroom as well as get a good night's sl
Do you have illusory superiority when it comes to your sexual performance?  If you had the opportunity to listen in on the conversations of past and present sexual partners, what would think you would hear as they discuss your sexual performanc
Last night I had this AMAZING dream and when I woke up, I was covered in my own sex juices! MAN! Wet dreams are for everybody whether they are with someone you are dating, have dated, or want to date! Andra discusses sexsomnia v. wet dreams.
When it comes to sex...a man wants good girl outside but a bad girl in the bed! What are you ladies...a good girl or bad girl? Andra examines the good and bad to being a good or bad girl. Good girl v. bad girl has been a question on the mind
Bed hed or sex hair? How can you tell the difference? In this episode, Andra discusses sex hair and the difference between bed head. Also, she will discuss ways of combatting sex hair and hair after sex styles that will have your partner scre
What is Sex? Are you really having sex? What do you define as having sex? ...not Clinton sex! This episode Andra discusses the different forms of sex and ranks them from worst to best. So listen in and see if you have been having "sex" or n
Have you heard or been told you were 'bad in bed'? Listen in as Andra discusses ways that will land you on the 'bad in bed' list! Andra also discusses the sex mistakes made in the bedroom and ways to avoid them so you do not end up on the 'ba
Stroke it! Stroke it! ...as the song goes. The penis needs to feel pleasure too! Andra discusses the parts of the penis and how to successfully pleasure your penis friend. From the head to the frenulum, no spot on the penis should be ignore
Is it hot...is it cold? Slippery and wet or dry and friction? Tight or Loose? You may ask yourself...how is sex suppose to feel? Sex is different for everyone but the outcome is the same...ORGASM!!! Andra discusses vaginal tenting and sexu
Do you have a "loose" or "tight" vagina? Yes, ladies...there is such a thing! Remember, the vagina is a muscle! Treat it with care. Andra discusses realities and myths associated with a "loose" or "tight" vagina, and it is not because the w
Is it normal to cry while masturbating? Click the play button and listen to Andra discuss sadsturbation or otherwise known as mastursobbing. Andra will educate you on the relationship between masturbation and crying as well as how it will int
Can't get it up? Quick to the finish in the sex bed? Not hitting the Big "O"? Do not lose hope...there is a treatment that has been around for over 3000 (yes, I said 3000) years that can help with erectile dysfunction, increasing sexual libi
Do you have one heck of a sweet tooth? What is your flavor? Strawberry...Chocolate...Cherry...whether your flavor is sweet or savory, edible sex has you covered and will have your partner wanting to give you more. It is a candy-flavored wond
Are we doing it wrong?! We can't do that position!! Ever wonder how dangerous sex can be? Andra explores favorite sex positions and the potential danger level of performing the position. Yes, sex can be a dangerous thing... If you enjoyed
No homo right? Need a little confidence to engage in the sex fantasies you dream about bro? Andra talks about the negatives and positives to chemsex. Where introducing a drug into your sex life to bring you to your extreme arousal to fulfill
Not tonight...I have a headache... Do you feel as though your partner is avoiding sex? This might just be the issue...listen as Andra explores the disorder Sexual Aversion Disorder, the effects, the treatment, the SIGNS... Also, Andra will d
Shopping for sex...sex toys that is! First-time sex toy shopping? Is it embarrassing? Should I feel awkward going into a sex toy shop? Is the sex store clerk laughing at me? Some many questions and not enough sex toys. Andra answers these
Anal sex is taken to the next level! Andra delves into prolapse sex with the pros and cons...the good, the bad, and the ugly of prolapse sex as well as the best positions for great prolapse sex. Your sex life does not have to be altered to be
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