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Guardians of the Gygaxy

A weekly Hobbies podcast
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Episodes of Guardians of the Gygaxy

Welcome Back!In this episode the party splits, Morrigan tries to lay the dead to rest while Enilyn leads Rak and Zarrok to the edge of town to dispose of the cultist officer that came to town in search of a boat to waterdeep.CastLay Rennie - Du
Welcome back to Guardians of the Gygaxy! With Zarrok and Rak still reeling from the death of his friend and party member Ernst; the party arrives in the peculiar town of Rockdome. They settle in and decide to await the boat to Waterdeep that ar
The Battle with the cultist ambushers is over but something compels one of the part to do the unthinkable resulting in an unholy prophecy being fulfilled and leaving their friendships and alliances in tatters.CastLay Rennie - Dungeon MasterMich
The Party is ambushed by a Thicc Kobold, a fleshy boy and some assassins who are part of the Cult of the Dragon Queen. When all looks like doom and demise a mysterious dragonborn portals in to aid them in their plight. However the with the sky
The party finally gets rid of Steve as they leave Greenest on the horizon to travel to Candlekeep where they seek information on the Maps in Ernst's possession. Steve goes back to a corprate life...CastLay Rennie - Dungeon MasterMichael Sharpe
Steve after making deceptive copies of the maps in secret decides to pursue the real objectives of Sould Inc whilst the party are going to get them deciphered. The party themselves spurred by their distrust of Steve's volatile actions in the pa
Ernst defeats the man who slaughtered his family, Steve realises that in his emotional state he is not thinking logically and therefore loots the body giving Ernst the maps he found. The party then works about how they will decipher the languag
Steve the Intern begins his seperation from the party, knowing that if he doesn't achieve his mission then he will be fed to the beholder in HR. The rest of the party wonder how they are going to train Steve and teach him the ways of Faerun....
Reeling from the realisation that he is partly to blame for the death of his dear friends nephew, Ernst seeks reconcile with his party members. Unfortunately he goes to Intern Steve first.CastLay Rennie - Dungeon MasterMichael Sharpe - Steve th
Can you tell me? The adventurers learn how Greenest deal with traitors and thieves. Ernst comes to a realisation that certain events are his fault. Steve learns that there are some exempt from the law. Zarrok and Rak have a a serious discussion
The Great escape from the camp begins! Rak manages to meet up with Leosin as the rest of the party go out of their way to make the Cult of Tiamat's camp burn. They discuss the Dorian complication they will be facing when they return with the ca
WOOOOOOOOOAH Bonus Episode this week!This is a two part adventure where I, Michael take the content creators and supporters of the podcast down the bloody rabbit hole. This is a cannon episode and takes place in season one after the episode Blo
Welcome Back!In this episode we delved deeper into the Cult of the Dragon Queen's camp at the end of the ravine. Whilst Rak got first hand experience of the forces running the cult; Steve, Zarrok and Ernst Began their extraction of Leosin the M
Welcome to the latest installment of our DND business podcast! In this episode we decide that the the best way to achieve our goals is to divide and conquer so we split the party into two teams. It falls apart.... QuicklyCastLay Rennie - Dungeo
Welcome Back! The gang splits to tackle lays ravine puzzle, and Zarrok discovers something about Ernst... that owl can murder up a storm. Rak spends most of his time rocking out and Steve the Intern tries to fly.CastLay Rennie - Dungeon MasterM
Welcome Back! In this episode the party meets Steve the Intern, He shows them his resume and becomes the hot topic of their conversations. Ernst loses something dear, he also forgets what a ravine is. Rak models and acquires a squire and Zarrok
Welcome back Travelers!In this Episode we conclude Steve the Intern's origin story. A tale of love, betrayal and .... time... portals?Will Steve Get his coffee order in before the big board meeting? His chance to do business is on the line here
Intern Steve's Chronicles ContinueHe comes face to face with the deepest of all horrors a 7 ft Giant Sugar Glider, uses his corporate intrigue and most importantly of all... Intern Steve discovers a secret... He was a Kink..... CastLay Rennie -
Its Quarantime, Lock up you Wives, daughters sons grandparents... basically anyone who can move outside by themselves!We are playtesting the Psion Class this wee so join the journey of Intern SteveCastLay Rennie - Dungeon MasterMichael Sharpe -
Welcome back adventurers.In this episode the party tries to get paid. However, for saving the town of Greenest they feel that they have been poorly compensated.Sir Daniel and Rak try to persuade Governor Nighthill to give them more money where
Welcome back! In this weeks episode the gang finish their battle with the Blue Half Dragon, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath father Dorian and Rak decided to turn the duel dirty. Ernst fails to understand human society, Sir Daniel puts out the social fire
Welcome back! In this weeks episode the gang are confronted with the choice of an honourable duel to save some prisoners. The choice Dorian Makes causes the DM to buff her champion and bring hellish fury onto the party.CastLay Rennie - Dungeon
After realising that all is possible through sheer thought in the Astral Plane; the Guardians retire to become gods. I mean... Their reality no longer exists but they have each forged a demi-plane which shall serve as their realm.Music in this
The Guardians enter the astral plane and experience its wonders and witness its true terrors.MusicIntro/OutroMagelust by GygaxCome play with meWelcome to Horror landOpiumBy Kevin MacleodLicensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 Licens
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