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This week on the Workbench Podcast; Smitty KR6ZY joins George and Jeremy to talk the BitX40. The BITX40 is a popular $60 40M 7W SSB transceiver “kit” available from http://www.hfsigs.com/ .  Smitty gives a great general introduction on the radio, its capabilities, and its opportunities.  We encourage our listeners to order theirs now as we will be doing a series of segments over the next few episodes to highlight opportunities for this little radio! Antenna Analyzer Boards – Here with less than 50 now in stock Posted rev 1.0 of the Power Board firmware by Ed W6ELA on www.360workbench.com Interview on 3D Printing Today – 191_3DPrinting_Today SDR – AirSpy – http://www.airspy.us SDRSharp – Software Links Diamond D220R – Discone Antenna FM Broadcast Band Filter – Broadcast FM Block Filter (88 – 108 MHz Block) by RTL-SDR Blog – AM Broadcast Band Filter – Broadcast AM Reject High Pass Filter (2.6 MHz HPF) by RTL-SDR Blog ADSB Filter – https://v3.airspy.us/product/fp-1090-ha5s/ Lego Saturn V – sold out from LEGO, available on Amazon for an additional $100+ BitX40 – http://www.hfsigs.com KR6ZY’s Intro to the BitX40 Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ESph5JCOpw BitX40 Hacking Blog – http://bitxhacks.blogspot.com BitX40 Community – https://groups.io/g/bitx20 Solder Smoke Podcast – http://www.soldersmoke.com Solder Smoke – Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics Upcoming Webinar from Autodesk featuring George, KJ6VU When Everything Hits The Fan – DC Power Management Design for Emergency Applications
Many ham radio operators spent time over the July 20th weekend as the International Space Station commemorated its 20th Anniversary by transmitting 12 different images via SSTV (Slow Scan TV). In this episode, we chat with 3 of them.  Galen Wilson (KF5BET) and his two daughters Abbi (KF5BEW) & Kendra (KF5FYS) set out to chase the ISS over the weekend from Southwestern Louisiana.  Listen in as they discuss their successful adventure! Article:  SSTV With The International Space Station by Galen Wilson KF5BET All images sent on the ISS passes   ________ Training Item: Reasonable Redundancy Tips and Tricks: Wago 221 on Amazon  ________ Show Links and Mentions Event—ARS: Flight of the Bumblebees   International Space Station Stack-O-Links ARISS Website – ISS Tracking – Figuring out your Grid Square – Amsat Website – Easy Time Calculator – Calculate Magnetic Declination – Measuring Tape Antenna – Arrow Antenna – MMSTV Free Software – ________ Field Radio is brought to you by Chameleon Antenna ________  Additional Resources and Videos Go Box Build: mock up and wiring Field Day AAR with Antenna Review ________ Listener Pics: Tanner Colvin KD0IRW Portable Operations
The Junk Drawer – a random collection of useful and invaluable items.  This week George and Jeremy bring you a veritable hodge podge of exciting ham radio content!  PowerFilm Solar shares an exclusive offer for HamRadio360 listeners.  George gives a preview of progress on build projects.  He then shares interviews with SteppIR, Flex Radio, and Novexcomm from Pacificon.  Our friends at the ICQ Podcast share an exciting announcement about G8BBC, the official BBC Ham Radio Station. Exclusive 10% discount onPowerfilm Solar 30 watt panel (Promo code is HamRadio on Amazon) – apply at checkout (Expires Dec 7, 2017)! SDR Touch for Android – http://sdrtouch.com/ EveryCircuit for Android – RF Analyzer for Android – Elecktor article on Android function generator EveryCircuit for iOS Airspy HF+ – https://airspy.com/airspy-hf-plus/ Airspy Groups.io – https://airspy.groups.io/g/main/topics SDR# / SpyServer Changelog – https://airspy.com/downloads/changelog.txt SpyServer Directory – https://airspy.com/spy-servers/ Flex Radio – http://www.flexradio.com/ SteppIR Urban Beam – https://www.steppir.com/shop/horizontal-antennas/urbanbeam/ NovexComm Radio Mounts – http://www.novexcomm.com/ G8BBC – ICQ Podcast
Join Jeremy and George as they discuss future Workbench Build projects currently under development including the Power Monitor/Low Voltage Disconnect/Power Switch and the Intelligent 25W Dummy Load   Jeremy Midwest RepRap Festival after action report Midwest RepRap Festival – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2017-midwest-reprap-festival-mrrf2017-aka-mrrf-tickets-28382784673 RepRap 3D Printers – http://reprap.org 3D Printing Today Podcast – http://threedprintingtoday.libsyn.com 3D Printing Nerd YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_7aK9PpYTqt08ERh1MewlQ Barnacules Nerdgasm YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/barnacules1 New 3D Printer – Ultibots D300SV – https://www.ultibots.com/d300vs-3d-printer-diy-kit/   Pocket Micro Router – http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-5506_TL-WR802N.html Raspberry Pi Zero W is way cool.  Picked one up and we need to make some projects with RPI Zero W Build projects TV Hacking – https://www.engadget.com/2017/04/01/smart-tv-broadcast-security-exploit/
This week, George and Jeremy talk with Brian Yee, W6BY, about building and operating ham radio gear for the microwave bands. There is a surprising amount of activity in the microwave spectrum and getting on the air is easier than you might think. Sign up for the Power Film Solar 30 watt solar panel give away contest: http://www.powerfilmsolar.com/products/workbench Micro:Bit Microcontroller platform www.microbit.org Order your BitX 40 QRP 40M radio kit – http://www.hfsigs.com/ The perfect Ham Radio Computer?  The Asus Transformer Mini T102HA – https://www.asus.com/2-in-1-PCs/ASUS-Transformer-Mini-T102HA/ Brian Yee W6BY presents “Amateur Radio in the Bands Above 1 GHz” at BayCon 2017 http://www.bay-net.org/docs/baycon2017/microwave_ops.pdf Brian works on an old earth station written up in CQ VHF http://www.jamesburgdish.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=MxX1eY3BIK8%3D&tabid=544&mid=1040 Brian Yee W6BY on microwave comms for ham radio – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RGIzYZQKGA Microwave Update 2017 – Santa Clara California, October 26-29 http://www.microwaveupdate.org/ Down East Microwave https://www.downeastmicrowave.com/ Khune Electronic Microwave Components https://www.kuhne-electronic.de/ Paul K1GHZ Microwave kits http://www.w1ghz.org/ 50 MHz and Up Group – Northern California http://www.50mhzandup.org/ San Bernardino Microwave Society SBMS http://www.ham-radio.com/sbms/ George’s Blog – http://www.kj6vu.com/ Bay Net – http://www.bay-net.org George does a webinar about designing the Workbench power management PCB project    
This week, George and Jeremy are joined by Kenneth Finnegan W6KWF and Mark Smith KR6ZY to talk about Ham Radio’s role in the “Making” hobby/community and the role of community in the “Making” portion of the Amateur Radio hobby.   Kenneth Finnegan, W6KWF http://Blog.thelifeofkenneth.com Twitter: @KWF https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKzaXL9_V1qxGj5lzIyLBpw   Mark Smith, KR6ZY https://www.youtube.com/user/SmittyHalibut Twitter: @SmittyHalibut  ><>  <><   NTP: http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=120&products_id=272 ntpsec.org   Temp sensors: https://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/DS18B20.pdf http://esp8266.net/   Asus Tinker Board https://www.asus.com/us/Single-Board-Computer/Tinker-Board/ https://twitter.com/KWF/status/854737858724220928   Ultibots D300SV Delta Printer Kit https://www.ultibots.com/d300vs-3d-printer-diy-kit/   NRF24L01: http://www.nordicsemi.com/eng/Products/2.4GHz-RF/nRF24L01 http://www.ebay.com/itm/281281200941 With PA: http://www.ebay.com/itm/122396306508   Idea Factory http://amzn.to/2p8vcS1 http://www.audible.com/pd/History/The-Idea-Factory-Audiobook/B007TLTIZG/ref=a_search_c4_1_1_srTtl?qid=1492921499&sr=1-1   LoRAHam – https://github.com/travisgoodspeed/loraham   QRP Labs Ultimate3 WSPR Kit – https://www.qrp-labs.com   QRP Pixie Kit – http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-9-13-8V-S-PIXIE-CW-QRP-Shortwave-Radio-Transceiver-7-023Mhz-With-Case-/291995633772?hash=item43fc4bc86c:g:Lf0AAOSwdGFYxpbS   Micro BITX – http://www.phonestack.com/farhan/ubitx/ubitx.html   BitX 40M Kit – http://www.hfsigs.com   Joe Taylor WSPR JT65   Codec 2 – FreeDV – David Roe http://www.rowetelcom/ http://freedv.org/tiki-index.php   DRA818V/U http://www.dorji.com/docs/data/DRA818V.pdf http://www.dorji.com/docs/data/DRA818U.pdf http://www.ebay.com/itm/91210888951 http://www.ebay.com/itm/152144004874   Mini Circuits LPF (Look at their amazing parametric search) https://www.minicircuits.com/WebStore/dashboard.html?mo
In this episode of the Ham Radio 360-Workbench we visit Bay-Con. Bay-Con is the Silicon Valley’s Bay-Net yearly convention packed full of intriguing speakers and presentations! notes/links http://www.bay-net.org http://www.bay-net.org/articles.html Presentations: Ed Fong WB6IQN: J-Pole Antenna Design Ed Lafargue W6ELA: Remote Radio Control with Wizkers Brian Yee W6BY: Bands above 1 GHz Beric Dunn K6BEZ: Building Test Equip Jason Howard K6DGN: Build a Battery Pack for an ID-51 Jeremy Kolonay KF7IJZ: Battery Analysis for SLA and LiFePo4 for Portable Ops   Special thanks to: Autodesk             Elecraft and the entire Bay-Net Gang! thank YOU listening and sharing!! 73 K4CDN  
This week, we announce the details of the Antenna Analyzer project! George teaches Jeremy about all the facets of DIY printed circuit board (PCB) design using CadSoft Eagle (Show Sponsor, download for free at http://www.cadsoft.io). George discusses Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and an overview of PCB fabrication. News Antenna Analyzer BOM, designs, directions, and software available in the new HamRadio360 forums! Forums to provide support 5 sources for parts to keep costs low Digikey for discrete components HR360 for board and diodes Arduino from SparkFun, eBay, or DX LCD from eBay Synthesis Module from eBay Go to the hr360 page, click on workbench tab, all will be revealed CommRadio CTX-10 SDR Transceiver 160M-10M 10W Built in batteries Rugged case Internal Antenna Tuner SDR Output Via USB Universal Radio Link What’s on the Workbench? Jeremy Designed a case for my BlueDV and DVMega Dual Band board – Here DVMega monoband – $130 – BlueStack Micro Plus – $45 – Link to 3DHubs 2016 Printer List Autodesk Fusion 360 Rocket City 3D Printing (run by a Ham!) Printrbot Play – $400 Printrbot Play Heated Bed Y Axis Upgrade – $75 – George Hobby PCB RS-UV3 200mw 3 band transceiver boards https://www.hobbypcb.com/products/uhf-vhf-radio/rs-uv3 Main Show Content – Intro to designing PCBs Download FREE Eagle – https://cadsoft.io Manufacturing options Traditional board houses Sierra Circuits Low cost traditional “hands off” option New wave of automated aggregation sites Seedstudio – OSH Park – Resources EEVBlog #939 How to Manufacture a PCB EEVBlog #127 – PCB Design for Manufacturing Tutorial  
In this episode, George and Jeremy explore how to connect micro controllers and single board computers to circuits and sensors to interface with the real world.  They discuss both analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as the most common ways of interfacing with components such as sensors. Sponsors CadSoft – makers of Eagle PCB Design Software Elecraft – Hands on Ham Radio – MCM Electronics – Save 10% with code RAD10 until 1/30/2017 – News Antenna Analyzer 3D Printed ABS Cases from Rocket City 3D – $15 – EEZ H24005 Open Source Lab Power Supply – $400 – 2 Channels, 155W/channel (0-40V, 0-5A) KB6NU is streaming his Ham Classes and making them available on YouTube! Dayton Update – Congratulations to Curtis (K5CLM) at the Everything Ham Radio podcast for making it to episode 50! – QRP Labs WSPR/QRSS – BayCon 2017 – Dayton Hamvention 2017 – ________________________________________________________________________________________ Show Content Micro Controller Input/Output Pins Analog vs Digital – Logic Levels Overview – TTL 5V Logic Levels – CMOS 3.3V Logic Levels – Pull Up Resistors for Digital Inputs – Analog to Digital Converters – Voltage Dividers – Pulse Width Modulation Output – Serial communications Overview – I2C – SPI – UART – Sensors https://www.sparkfun.com/categories/23 https://www.adafruit.com/category/35
A geostationary amateur satellite has been a dream for US Hams for years.  The AMSAT Phase 4B program aims to deliver on this dream.  Michelle Thompson W5NYV joins us to discuss the AMSAT Phase 4B program and her role in leading the Ground Station team. Starting in February 2018, you will no longer get Ham Radio Workbench in the Ham Radio 360 podcast feed.  Please find us in your favorite podcast app and subscribe to Ham Radio Workbench. iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher Android Options Our RSS Feed for any other Podcast app – http://hamradioworkbench.com/rss The Workbench Podcast is now the Ham Radio Workbench Podcast! We have a new website – http://www.hamradioworkbench.com/ We have a new Twitter account – Please follow us! – https://twitter.com/hamworkbench Contact us at workbench at our new domain or by using our new contact form – http://hamradioworkbench.com/contact Welcome PowerFilm Solar as our newest sponsor for 2018!  http://www.powerfilmsolar.com/ Thanks for the motherboard Brian W4WWW  –  https://twitter.com/w4www_brian Hakko FX-951 Soldering Iron – https://www.amazon.com/AMERICAN-HAKKO-PRODUCTS-INC-FX-951/dp/B0012B8NW8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1514774983&sr=8-3&keywords=hakko+951 Radio Mala – https://www.facebook.com/hamradio.mala/ HamRadio360 Radio Mala Interview – http://hamradio360.com/index.php/2015/06/02/27/ Hakko – FR300 Desoldering Iron – https://www.amazon.com/Hakko-FR300-05-P-Desoldering-Tool/dp/B00KWM69C4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1514775347&sr=8-1&keywords=hakko+300 All-Spec Electronics Supply – https://www.all-spec.com/ RF Explorer Low Cost Spectrum Analyzer – http://rfexplorer.com/ Service Monitor – Agilent 6380 – https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2053587.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xagilent+6380.TRS0&_nkw=agilent+6380&_sacat=0 uBITX 80-10 QRP Transceiver Kit – http://www.hfsignals.com/index.php/ubitx/ AMSAT – https://www.amsat.org/ Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Geostationary Satellite Program – https://www.hume.vt.edu/geo/info IEEE ComSoc https://www.comsoc.org/about Phase 4 Ground – https://phase4ground.github.io/
Fo Time Podcast is now Ham Radio 360.  As fun as the name was (at first), I found myself always trying to explain what it meant.  Additionally, I felt it also worked to limit our potential audience.  In a long overdue move, we’ve re-branded the show to Ham Radio 360. New: Official Ham Radio 360 Logo Ham Radio is  a Fun Hobby!  In an effort to keep it Fun, we decided to do the 50th episode Live and with a Live Video Stream!  You’ll quickly see why we do the show with Audio Only!  Live Radio/Video is always unpredictable and this show lived up to its’ billing! Big Thanks to all of those who participated in the Reveal!  A great show of support was delivered and it was a ton of fun!  George also announced the winners of the Packtenna Mini Giveaways! Congrats to: 1.   KF6EFG John McGrath 2.  KE0HRB Todd Solomon 3.  KD4VA Kenneth Dahl Ham Radio 360 is Fo Time re-branded.  Same Great Content-Same Great Guest-Same Ham Radio Fun!  Your Podcast Player feed should auto-update with to new name.   Remember to pass along the link to the new show! 73 Y’all!! Cale/K4CDN the first 90 min of the program are shown above, and provided to me via #Blab.  Luckily I was recording with the mini-recorder.  So about 90 min into the show, the sound quality dips a bit-Sorry, I didn’t anticipate that.  It’s Live!
DX, what is it? ….Working the Distant Station (DX).  DX Tips, Tricks, Tools, Awards and more are discussed in this installment.  If you’ve ever wanted to know more about chasing and working DX, this is your chance to learn from one of the best! We all start somewhere; the bug bites-and it’s on!  Bruce Jewett got the bug as a kid when he was invited in to see his neighbors shack, Don Wallace, W6AM (sk).  He’s never been the same. From his humble beginnings as a teen with a low-slung wire and a key, Bruce has been in love with DX’ing and CW.  Join us as Bruce shares the in’s and out’s of DX’ing and how this Award-Winning Contester get’s it done! Mentioned in the show: ARRL DXCC Award DX Summit Cluster DX Watch Cluster Learn Morse Code SKCC W6AM Don Wallace Documentary Thanks for listening,  downloading, commenting,  and sharing! 73 Y’all K4CDN
Ham Radio Shopping List Welcome to the Other Ham Radio Podcast!  With Christmas in sight and Black Friday rapidly approaching, Fo Time brings you another Shopping List Show for the Amateur Radio Operator! George and Jeremy drop by to help sift through the chaff as we explore what and why to buy this year!  From HF rigs to Station Accessories we cover it all! Gifts under $100 ARRL handbook and CD ROM 49.95 Ham Radio Deluxe software99.95 Soldering station – Hakko FX888D or Weller WESD51 Hand tools – wire cutters, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers Digital multi-meter Raspberry PI 2 Model B 39.95 Raspberry PI Starter Pack 59.95 Membership in the ARRL & QST magazine subscription $39 CQ magazine subscription    $37 100′ RG-8X or RG-213 coax $120 Bag of coax connectors – PL-259, RG8X and RG58 sleeves, N Bag of adapters – UHF to BNC to N  <- great stocking stuffers Winkeyer kit – WKUSB-SMT  $89 Anderson Power Pole Crimper $37 Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! K4CDN
Happy Thanksgiving! George, Jeremy and John pulled me up to the barn just in time to get a shopping show together for your Holiday Listening pleasure!  Actually, we’d planned this all along-knowing that so many of you enjoy the insight and conversation between friends. This is our 4th Shopping Show and it’s always the highlight of our yearly podcasting adventures. While we have a load of fun doing these shows;  it’s our hope we can help you make informed choices regarding big and small purchases this Christmas Shopping Season! Handi-talkies, Mobiles, Portables and Packables all get time in this episode along with some insight on budget and starter gear.  There’s room for everyone, even if you’re still stuffed full of turkey! So, take us along as you brave the crowds for overnight shopping!  Plug us in one ear while you’re forced to sit through another lame 3-hour Commercial..I mean Thanksgiving Parade.  Share us with the in-laws, you know they love hearing about your ‘weird’ radio hobby!  Whatever-just don’t miss out on this episode! We’re all Thankful for the time you spend with us and truly hope you and your family enjoy the brightest of Seasons! 73 Y’all Cale, George, Jeremy and John   Show Notes and Links in order mentioned- Handi-Talkies:    4: 39 ICOM IC-92AD – (discontinued) Wouxun HT (UV1D-UV6D) Yaesu FT-60 Yaesu FT-65 Kenwood TH-6Fa – (discontinued) Yaesu FT-2DR Kenwood TH-d74a Kenwood TH-d72 – (discontinued) Kenwood TH-20ka Wouxun KG-UV8d W7DBO HT Go-Bag EMCOMM & HT Go-Bag Show (fo time rewind) VHF/UHF Mobile Rigs:    23:00 Yaesu FT-8800 (discontinued) Kenwood TM-v71a (*still our pick for best all-around dual-band!*) Tytera TH-8600 (Low Power Small Mobile “fun radio for 100 bucks”) ICOM ID-4100 ICOM ID-880H (discontinued) Yaesu FTM-3200 (system fusion) Yaesu FTM-3100 (analog) ICOM ID-5100 BTech UV-25X4 Kenwood TM-d710g Yaesu 8900 Yaesu 7900 Yaesu FTM-450XDR Portable 10′ Tripod for field expedient VHF/UHF Antenna Deployment – Mobile HF Radio:     48:41 ICOM IC 7300 ICOM IC 7200 ICOM IC-706MkIIg (discontinued) Elecraft KX3 Kenwood TS-480sat Kenwood TS-480HX ICOM IC 7100 Yaesu 857 Little TarHill II Antenna K4CDN TS850 *For Sale* KJ6VU 7100 Portable Portable/Field Radio Gear:      1:12:30 Elecraft KX2 Elecraft KX3 Yaesu FT 817nd Yaesu FT 991A Yaesu FT 450 Elecraft KXPA (100w amp) Elecraft PX3 (panadapter) Yaesu FT 891 ICOM IC-718 OH8STN (Julian: Survival-Tech-Nord) KB1HQS (Stuart: NPOTA Supreme Champion) Good Finds:     1:35:20 West Mountain Radio Battery Analyzer Wago Wirenut/Connector (big combo pack/best deal) Wago Wirenut/Connector (little combo pack/good deal) Shark RF Open Spot Diamond Discone D220R Gigaparts: Hytera DMR Radios (682 and 382) Airspy Mini Airspy R2 Spyverter R2 Airspy HF+ Alinco DR-135tMkIII Kantronics KPC3 TNC Kenwood TM-281 Kenwood TM-231 (discontinued)  Kenneth Finnegan @KWF  Budget Buys:     1:51:15 Swap.QTH.com (caveat emptor) IC-V8000 IC-7800 Stocking Stuffers:     1:56:10 Power Poles RF Adapters Coax Airspy Mini TYT MD 380 Hot-spot ARRL Handbook Raspberry Pi USB/SoundCard Baofeng 888 Baofeng UV82 N9TAX Roll-Up J-pole Browning BR1035 (NMO mag antenna) Browning BR180 (NMO Dual-band antenna) Arrow J-pole Packtenna Mini Signal-Stuff HT antenna (25% off till Cyber Monday) Goal Zero Light a life mini Goal Zero Luna Heil HTH Headset Merry Christmas Y’all! cale
*6/28/18    New AREDN Website: https://www.arednmesh.org/ Ham Radio Mesh Networking has been one of those things that I’ve wanted to learn about.  After a quick peek around and a few questions asked, I stumbled into AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network). Join me as I learn about Mesh Networking over Ham Radio with Randy (WU2S) and Darryl (K5DLQ) in this latest installment of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast. We also announce the Winners of our Annual Christmas Prize Giveaway. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ *6/28/18    New AREDN Website: https://www.arednmesh.org/ What is an AREDN Network? (video by K6AH) RF Path Planning Using Ubiquiti AirLink (video by K5DLQ) AREDN on Twitter @arednmesh Equipment links listed at the bottom of the page Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas! ’73 Cale/K4CDN ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Equipment Links via amazon Ubiquity Nano-Loco Ubiquity NanoStations Ubiquity Airgrid Ubiquity Rocket Ubiquity Bullet Ubiquity Antennae *make sure you check the AREDN Matrix to determine compatibility ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations to our Contest Winners! KB2B22 KE0KTR KO4XL K9EMD KK6RHY KE0CSB K1KY KD8JAD    
The annual Winter Field Day event is held the last full weekend of January (28-29 2017).  Much like it’s Summer-time cousin, Winter Field Day (WFD) is focused on ham radio operations in less than ideal emergent conditions.  Emergencies happen everyday, and usually when the weather isn’t cooperating!  WFD like the ARRL Field Day gives Amateur Radio Operators a chance to hone their skills in those challenging environments while enjoying the camaraderie of the hobby. Open to ALL Amateur Radio Operators around the Globe, WFD continues to see growth every year!  Tom Phelps, WD8MBE, and WFD Association looks forward to the event and encourages anyone with questions or comments to please visit their WFD website at www.winterfieldday.com . It doesn’t have to be snowy in your neighborhood to participate, the key is to Get On The Air for Winter Field Day!  It’s a World-Wide Event open to All Amateurs who wish to join in the fun! Winter Field Day Association (WFDA) is a dedicated group of Amateur Radio Operators who believe that emergency communications in a winter environment is just as important as the preparations and practice that is done each summer but with some additional unique operational concerns. Winter Field Day is January 28-29 2017.  For further inspirations we’ve linked some past WFD videos below.  I look forward to hearing you on the air for Winter Field Day! Erik, WX4ET, has posted some great shots from his WFD last year Here A Special Thanks to all participants on the WFD Facebook Group who sent links and photos!  join them at https://www.facebook.com/groups/winterfieldday/ Winter Field Day Rules More Details and Links found on the WFD page! Thanks for listening 73 Y’all Cale/K4CDN     KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
Ham Radio at the Bay Area Maker Faire:  The Bay-Net Group has attended the last 4 years in hopes of spurring interest in the Hobby with the attendees of the Maker Faire and it appears to be working!  George, David and Beric fill in the blanks for those of us not able to attend. Raspberry Pi, SDR, APRS and Micro Controllers; it was all about Hands on Ham Radio!  A yearly event of Ham Radio Outreach that can be used as a model for all of us as we look for more ways to share our hobby with those yet to come in! In addition to Maker Faire, George also takes us into the IEEE Int’l Microwave Symposium forums with a recording detailing how University Professors are using Ham Radio in the classroom. Forum Presentations Linked Here I also announce the Brand Spanking New Workbench Podcast with George and Jeremy! the Workbench -New Show to release Next Week to compliment our Bi-Weekly show!  That’s right, a Weekly Dose of HR360 is on the way! Stay Tuned…..   13 Colonies Special Event happens this Weekend! http://www.13colonies.net/ thanks for listening! 73 Y’all! K4CDN
We’ve talked a great deal about Hamvention over the last few weeks, and we’re gonna wrap it up here today! Chris Purdy and I have been friends for years and he surprised me a few months ago when he volunteered to tag along on the drive to Xenia. Chris is a Shiny New Ham Radio Operator, and he’d never been to a hamfest before…so why not Hamvention! Maybe a little overwhelmed at the onset, he quickly came around and is now making plans to go back next year! Give the show a listen for a “New Guys” perspective on the event. From initial impressions, things learned and friends made, Chris and I break it all down for you including some insider info from behind the scenes of the Ham Radio 360 Hamvention Team.             I finish up with some final thoughts on the event, the location, new sponsors, and next years plans. Icom: Hams to Japan 4Z1UG-Eric Guth, QSO Today Podcast Linux in the Hamshack = Cale Crashes Live Recording! Bob and Gordo on Ham Nation AREDN Katie Allen WY7YL Neil Rapp Ham Talk Live Don Wilbanks AE5DW AMSAT SignalStuff HT Whip antennas (hr360) to support Hamstudy.org Bruce, W1GQ DX and Contesting Ham Radio Media Creators CommsToGo PodcasterPro from K5ACC on Kickstarter (I’m #80 in line)       We hope you enjoy this final shot and appreciate you spending your time with us! 73 Y’all! K4CDN
Recently a listener asked us to investigate the W.W.F.F. or Parks on the air.  I had some questions too, so off went an email to the UK which directed me back to Jason Johnston (W3AAX).  Jason came on the show to fill us in on the in’s and out’s of the Parks On The Air. 3,400+ National Parks, State Parks and more are available to activate or hunt in the US via WWFF/POTA.  Parks On The Air/WWFF is a World Wide Organization with an award system and more!  Interested in participating?  Visit the Parks On The Air site today! Links: Parks on the Air (KFF, WWFF in the USA):  http://parksontheair.com Global international site: http://wwff.co Active Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/parksontheair/ How to get started How to Register Rules and FAQ National KFF (USA) Awards International Global Awards RaDAR  Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio ZS6BNE Blog Zippy FlightMax 5000 Battery Bioenno Batteries Stick around following the interview to hear some feedback from you, our listeners! Thank you for listening and sharing Ham Radio 360! 73 Y’all Cale/K4CDN . . . mentions: Kenn Blanchard . Dave Jackson . Special Music by the Jellyrox (Hoop) . Podfest17 #PME17 . SurvivalTechNord  Miccoli the Sibling Band   KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
I’ve often wondered about Ham Radio Satellite Operations.  I knew where to look and what to read, but I kept myself from it, because I wanted to learn about it with you here on the show!   I became acquainted with Andrew Glasbrenner KO4MA through our FB page, and watched from afar his dealings with Ham Radio Satellite Ops, and AMSAT.  Andrew and I began conversing about having him on the show, and what follows is what we were finally able to bring together!   In addition to his family duties, Andrew also serves the AMAST organization as the VP  Director of Operations.  Andrew grew up like most of us-with a ‘Walkie-Talkie’ in his hand and a desire to communicate via Radio with whomever he could! Eventually he got the ticket to get on the air, and has been active there since!  A big thanks to Andrew for coming on, I ask a load of questions and we cover it all here on Episode 60.  From Build, Launch and Contact-it’s all about Amateur Radio Satellite Ops on HR360!     thanks for listening!   73 y’all! K4CDN   My 8 y/o son, Milam, has recently launched his very own podcast, you can find it below: Milam In The Middle
Episode 13, Gerald (KF5JNU) is back to help us ‘think’ about programming our rigs, but first I take a few minutes to discuss The Ethics of Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio Ethics and Operating Procedures (please download and read) DX Code of Conduct (Listen, Listen & Listen) ………. Thanks to all of you who went to your Podcast Provider and Reviewed the show!    KF5JNU, Gerald brings some common sense to the pile of radios we have laying around!  Programming; seems such a germane topic until you need to change something! Of course he reminds us that ‘knowing’ how to program our rigs without a cable/PC or even a manual is a practice we should all be up for. Software/Resources: CHIRP RT Systems RepeaterBook ICQ Amateur Radio Podcast – Give it a Listen! ……….. Thanks again for listening, we hope you enjoy the episode!  Remember to Subscribe and Review the show.  Our Comment and Email box is always open and we love hearing from our audience.  If you enjoy the show, click on the share buttons at the bottom of the page-we make it easy for you!  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!     73 K4CDN
This time on the Podcast we hear from former guest host Jeremy-KF7IJZ, (the new guy) Gerald-KF5JNU, and listener Chris. KF7IJZ-Jeremy (Emcomm Boxes) Some Fine Examples of EMCOMM Boxes! Spud7 Box by MTM    KF5JNU-Gerald (APRS) http://www.argentdata.com/ http://aprs.fi http://aprs.org/ http://byonics.com/ K4CDN-Cale (Prepping, etc…) http://www.lightsoutsaga.com/ swap.qth-ex: Scanners (buyer be-aware) RadioReference.com
Stuart Thomas, KB1HQS,  joined me back in February to chat about the NPOTA (National Parks on the Air) ARRL Event.  This time he’s back to share with us an entire years worth of Portable Operation from NPOTA.  Hear Stuarts Lessons Learned, Funny Stories, Favorite Parks and more in this episode of Ham Radio 360. Additionally this event brought Stuart to the forefront of US Ham Portable Operations.  ARRL Calendar inserts, QST Reviews near viral tweets and more were just a taste of the fame the Tall One achieved this year! To learn more about the NPOTA event head over to the ARRL website.  Congratulations to everyone involved!  What an Amazing Event! .When you look around the net at the NPOTA activators photos, you may discover a very common theme: Elecraft KX3! Thanks Stuart for coming back on and for helping make NPOTA a success! 73 Y’all K4CDN KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
I’ve owned a DMR radio for about 6 months now.  I’ve not made one contact with it!  I even loaned it to a friend to see if he could unlock the magic, no dice. While at Dayton, I met Rick Zach K1RJZ at the DMR-MARC booth early one morning and began asking questions about DMR.  I soon knew that I needed to have Rick on the show to help demystify this new-fangled radio technology and help get me on the air! DMR or Digital Mobile Radio is one of the hottest things happening in the Ham Radio Hobby right now.  Commercial success of the mode has driven down the prices and made it accessible to the Amateur Radio hobbyist.  Join us to learn how this exciting mode is quickly becoming a game changer! DMR-MARC is an all volunteer organization that has been tasked with keeping DMR in order for the community.  If you are interested in getting on the air with DMR, DMR-MARC should be one of your first stops! “  Rick, K1RJZ got back to us with a mispronunciation that he’d like to correct.  The multi format DMR networking platform is pronounced BRANDmiester and not BANDmiester.  He knew the correct name, but it just  needs a correction “   Notes from Jeremy: Tytera MD-380 Hacking:  https://github.com/travisgoodspeed/md380tools . Things I wish I had known when programming the MD-380 This is a good primer to terms and concepts:  http://dmr-marc.net/media/Amateur_Radio_Guide_to_DMR_Rev_I_20150510.pdf . The radio has 16 “channels” but a LOT of Zones.  a Zone is a collection of channels. . Every Channel can have a scan list and a RX list.  The Scan List is a list of channels that can be scanned if you tell the radio to scan while on that channel – useful if you want to scan both timeslots of the same repeater, for instance. . RXLists are lists of all of the talkgroups associated with a timeslot on the repeater.  For instance, for my local K8BIG, I have two RXLists – KABIG-TS1 and K8BIG-TS2.  All groups that appear on Time Slot 1 are in TS1 and same for TS2. . Worldwide, Worldwide English, and North America aren’t for rag chewing – think of these as calling channels.  Once contact is made, you can take your conversation over to one of the “tactical” talkgroups such as TAC-310 or TAC-311 (depending on whether or not your repeater has these talkgroups).  These talkgroups are only active when someone calls for them via Push to Talk.   Thanks for listening! 73 Y’all K4CDN
As you might imagine Twin Brothers Bryce and Brent have a great deal in common.  Both are Millennial Ham Radio Ops, Developers and Rocket Scientists just to name a few shared interest! The Brothers Salmi drop in for a conversation about their vision for the future of the Ham Radio hobby.  Raised as inventors and tinkerers these guys are poised to take that to an entirely different level with their educational development company, Faraday RF.  But before we get into the ‘what’ we get into the ‘why’ as we look back to a childhood filled with promise, learning and dreaming to a present full of building, making, and doing! If you’re searching for proof that your beloved hobby will outlast your days-give this show a listen to be challenged and encouraged for tomorrow! Show Notes and Mentions Faraday RF- Master Plan (Start Here!) Blog Post: Millennials are Reinventing Ham Radio N0SSC – Blog Post: Millennials Are Killing Ham Radio KC5ESS.us  Resistor Value Color Codes K2GXT – RIT Radio Club SpaceX  RARA – Rochester Ham Radio Assn. Connect with the brothers: @FaradayRF @kb1lqd @KB1LQC thanks for listening, supporting and sharing the Ham Radio 360 Podcast! 73, Cale/K4CDN
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