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Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project

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Best Episodes of Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project

Hamish & Andy fondly remember the waitress at the Penis-eating restaurant in Beijing, and how ripped off they felt about the Phelps vs a shark race. The boys listen back to when they called actor Brett Tucker to see if he was hitting on their f
Hamish & Andy remember definitely not flirting with Jessica Alba and Shannon Elizabeth. They then reflect on the most violent Fred Basset reading that drew blood from Hamish’s bum, and resulted in an F Bomb dropped live to air from Japan.
The boys learn that Andy’s Dad may have kissed Pete Hellier’s Mum and reflect on the time they attempted a very ambitious interactive phone topic with the help of a two thousand strong crowd at a live show. Hamish and Andy then discuss their ‘s
14 years later and Andy’s tackle is still being talked about!  The boys replay a call to Andy’s ‘Dick Doc’ from the sperm bank!  The boys also remember the one night they spent on The People’s Island, and their very own Lord of the Flies moment
The ‘Andy by Hamish’ fragrance photoshoot was one of the most bizarre moments in the history of the Hamish & Andy Show.  The boys listen back to the negotiation and list of demands Andy had before the shoot.  They also fondly remember their Lon
Hamish & Andy remember their early days on the Saturday morning show, and listen back to one of their first song-parodies and understand why the radio bosses told them to stop singing! Brian McFadden makes yet another appearance, as well as Chr
Hamish & Andy remember all the different ways they have celebrated Andy’s birthdays on the show, including when Hamish pole danced for him dressed as Khaleesi, and the logistical disaster that was Andy Fest! The boys remember playing Celebrity
Hamish & Andy remember one of their favourite Rick Davies stories, ‘The Christmas Turd’, and listen back to the time they pranked Rick and he cemented himself as the nicest human ever.   The also look back on the ‘Kids Meals for Everybody’ init
Hamish & Andy recall the technical difficulties they faced surrounding The People's Island, and Hamish’s ratbag behaviour at a regional radio station which he apologies for 7 years later! The boys then reminisce about taking competition winners
Hamish & Andy remember how they had to interview the whole cast of High School Musical when all they wanted to chat to was Zac Efron! They also had the 10 Tenors on the show but cannot remember why! They get completely derailed trying to rememb
Hamish & Andy discuss one of Hamish’s greatest regrets from The People's Cruise. The boys remember their UK and Ireland Caravan of Courage trip, including a suspect and slippery massage, as well as fearing for their lives at Appleby Fair. The b
Hamish & Andy remember the year Andy won Cleo Bachelor of the Year, and how 10 years later to the day, Shane Warne was on the show pitching a new bachelor style TV show starring him & Andy! They peak behind the curtain when it comes to radio st
Hamish & Andy remember how much fun they used to have tormenting the staff who worked at the radio station! They listen back to a time they got access to the elevator security footage to see which staff members were the most vain. They also rem
Hamish & Andy reveal for the first time how their private jet tour very nearly fell apart at the last minute. They also reminisce about one of the more bizarre shows they ever did, involving Johanna Griggs, Hamish’s Grandma Moosey, and a couch!
Hamish & Andy remember some of their earliest feedback from radio bosses – “Stop singing...you’re not the Scared Weird Little Guys!” They recall when the Frank Stallone concert sold out in 6 minutes, as well as interviews with Seth Rogen, Olly
Hamish & Andy remember one of the times they had to do an on-air retraction for something they got wrong on the show, which naturally they blame Jack for. They recall chatting to Buzz Aldrin and how much it bugged Buzz that nobody remembers his
Hamish & Andy reminisce about the tactics they used to wriggle out of doing extra work, and reopen the debate about whether fish are ornamental or a pet. The boys remember taste-testing samples for the Gravy Chip and how they decided between ch
Hamish & Andy remember their first EVER guest back in 2004, and a special memory from the Business Brunch days. The boys relive the week in 2007 that they spent as conjoined twins and the length Hamish went to, to conceal Andy while at his then
Hamish & Andy recall a vow that Hamish took back in 2014 and he's just as fired up about it 7 years on. The boys remember preparing to visit the troops in Afghanistan and some of the safety precautions put in place in the lead up to their depar
Hamish & Andy remember the extremely fast & loose way that Hame started the year off in 2008, and the inappropriate request they put forward to the Australian Government regarding Kevin Rudd’s son. The boys reminisce about the ‘Ideas Bonanza’ a
Hamish & Andy recall one of their first forays into client integration with Mitsubishion Impossible! How you could become a Million-Yen-Aire and why they ended up in Adelaide at Mitsubishi’s head office. They discuss why it was smart of Kyle &
Hamish & Andy relive the time they attempted to ‘Eat the Board’ at Maccas and how controversial the Chicken and Cheese burger became in their quest. Hamish remembers when Andy first began dating Bec and a major hurdle they had to overcome. They
Hamish & Andy remember how they got on actor Colin Firth’s good side, and the incredible interview preparation that Tom Cruise must have done before they spoke to him.  The boys also talk about a time they had to make a formal apology to a clie
Hamish & Andy remember broadcasting from the Beijing Olympic Games, especially the Channel Seven team worrying about getting food poisoning.  The boys also recall when Daryl Braithwaite sung a charity song to help them raise funds to buy a hove
Hamish & Andy recall the time their mate Horgs was challenged to swim across a pond to win a bet.  The boys remember two celebrities that made them wait for an interview, Johnny Knoxville and Edward Norton.  They also recall their decision to t
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