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Hangin with Old Lew *the podcast your momma loves

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Episodes of Hangin

We talk Kyrie Irving and the insufferable NBA, Jon Gruden, Let's Go Brandon means the media lies to your face, Old Lew's proctologist, My Body My Choice, the dumber version of CNN, when did progressives become corporatists, America runs on smal
We're back! We talk Missing White Woman Syndrome, healthcare is a right, but not for the unvaxxed, Australia is a prison colony, YouTube's stupid new rules about "misinformation," 20 years after 9/11- what has happened to us and Old Lew talks a
We talk about the dumbest thing Joshua has ever been suckered into, the best fire arm to party with, the day John Lennon was shot, gardening is fun and free, pulling ticks out of your kid's ear and Old Lew's face gets pixelated.
We talk about Joshua almost dying and praying to Jesus for salvation, we confirm that we are not shooting rockets at Israel, Fentanyl is for the weak, bachelor pad refrigerators, mouthing off to the police, taking mushrooms, playing dominoes an
We discuss Iyanla Fix My Life, Hunters Point hip hop, Caron Nazario, Joshua's pants are heavy, we need to know if you are here to work, home grown, we've been micro-chipped and we take several pee breaks.
We talk about Georgia, squeaky chairs, mass shootings... again, the Simpsons are racist, Ben Stiller is a genius, where are the Alphas, how much ammo do you have in your car, do not feed the Gremlin rum, and Joshua had a gang of people over to
We talk RIP Marvin Hagler, Myers Leonard and the soft racism of Jewish slurs, nobody is talking about China, stimulus, kratom, SFUSD, Lowell High School and the racism of merit and Old Lew harasses Christians.
We dump on Maine, talk nice girls, there are still kids in cages, degenerate gamblers, the weather in Texas, Obama's Secret Service, Back Street Boys, getting microchipped, giving the steal sign and Old Lew's kids ignore his texts on the regula
We talk about cold snaps, Tom Brady, Congress is political, getting mad, sweet baby Black Jesus, paying kids money, push lawn mowers and Joshua takes care of business while Old Lew rambles.
We talk about truant kindergarteners, we're moving to Yemen, free ballin, where's the social equity in keeping cannabis illegal, vindictive librarians, so everything is fine now, right? hiding COVID statistics, Bush's color codes, the shoe is o
We talk about banning speech you don't like, the right takes the left's bad ideas, it's Morphin Time, the FBI is reading your Facebook posts, you can see porn on Twitter, I don't know who needs to hear this but..., who's dumb and dumber?, cops
We talk the vaccine, Biden won't legalize it, Year of the Rat, Joshua's hoarding ammo, finding Christmas presents in January, they're all traitors, give the Jacksonville Jaguars a beating they'll never forget and have numerous interruptions fro
We talk about the puzzling transformation of Democrats from champions of liberty to authoritarians, how many bailouts does the airline industry get? politicians still getting paid while you aren't, ashy to classy, setting the table, Trump is a
We discuss the hell that is California, politicians going against their own laws, if masks work, why can't we go to work, schoolyard fights, Utah monolith, the original BLM (Bureau of Land Management), John Kasich balling out of control and Jos
We talk about stinky cheese, prison reform, Governors fucking up, Executive Orders, Buy American, China brushes dirt of their shoulder, don't let the government tell you what to do, we confuse which episode we're recording, Joshua rants about C
We discuss how cannabis won big, America is emotionally exhausted, wolves in Colorado, The Social Dilemma, loser mentality, voting out dictators, Old Lew's pixelated face and much more.
We discuss Trump beats COVID, helmet laws, where's all the ammo? Yes on A, Yes on 26, politicians don't represent people, South Park Pandemic Special, NFL cancels games, fatherly advice, the Democrats are playing you, Gecko lizards are the best
We talk Trump and COVID, fantasy football is stupid, LeBron James and why sports figures get tested and can do their jobs in safety but teachers can’t, our institutions are a sham but hey look at that white person over there eating lunch, soul
We discuss BLM is off the rails, what if Trump supporters were busting car windows and setting buildings on fire, Joshua may have COVID, very good people on both sides, the NFL is still a lying, racist organization, put your money where your mo
We talk Pelosi’s hypocrisy, Mozambique, ruining lives to own Trump, operating on 65% capacity, Cesar Milan moments, it’s canning time, the South lost, puppies are not like having a baby, losing an arm in a sword fight and plead for peace, love
We talk California wildfires, going to the hospital in the time of Covid, old folks, planting fruit trees that shit fruit, USB outlets, the USPS is socialism in action, Joshua takes a beer break and Old Lew needs to talk to his mommy.
We talk about justice for Breonna Taylor, people who two weeks ago called the police on people taking their kids to the park now want to defund the police, Gone with the Wind, a policeman's second day on the job, "Dear White People," Words are
We talk about mob mentality, social distancing while protesting, life really is better today, if I could change the world, meditation, Karen's vs Antifa, Naked Gun, Mike Tyson, gruesome ears, breaking a bitch in half, butt pimples, East Enders,
We're back in the studio together again with a bit of news about the future of the podcast, bird dogs, juggling work and kids school, the Democrats "Hold your nose and vote" strategy, people need to get back to work, Ahmuad Aubrey, Joshua's cat
We talk about White Clams, Old Lew ate barbecued monkey, Crispy B, line cutters are having a field day, Air Pods, Old Lew hasn't watched Tiger King, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Sully Sullenberger and a crazy person curses at the demons in he
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