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S1E8 - Panfish II and the bike
Jason and Jeff talk panfish tactics and the legend of the bike. Fishing Report Pelican I was out on Pelican Lake in Wright county and everyone was fishing for pike.  After trying a few places I went home without icing a fish.  I did see a few pulled in by near by anglers. There was a ton of people out on the ice.  A few people were out using sails and snow boards to surf across the lake.         Lake Minnetonka I was out on lake Minnetonka with my son and managed to catch a few sunfish.  It was a great day to be out.  The fishing was slow but we managed to catch a few on tungsten jigs with wax worms.   Gear Baitup I purchased a small baitup and have been using it.  It works pretty well but it did freeze up on my when I was on pelican fishing without a shack. Overall I would recommend it.    panfish The show topic this week was panfish. Jeff and Jason's favorite tactics.  Working Transitions Working transitions from shallow to deep is a great way to find panfish.  Also look for transitions from hard bottom to a weedy bottom. You can find visual queues on shore such as bull rushes.  Using a mapping software such as Navionics can help you pinpoint locations on any lake to start working.  New Lakes - Go Where People Are  When working new lakes, you can go to where other people are.  Often they will push shacks where people typically find fish. Resting Holes When you drill a bunch of holes you make a lot of noise that can spook the fish.  After drilling holes work the one end of the area while the other rests.  When things have been quite for 10 or 15 minutes go back to them.  If you have spooked the fish, they may be back. Small presentation for slow fish.   When fishing is slow, use a small presentation.  When fishing is hot, use something larger.  For example I will use a small tungsten jig with a waxy when the fishing is slow.  When fishing is hot, maybe I switch to a frosty spoon and a minnow.  Legend of the Bike Jeff talk's about the time when he was 5 and won a Legion ice fishing contest on McCarrons lake.  The sunfish was as big as my hand, but a five year old has pretty small hands.  It was good enough to win a 10 speed bike.  Many years later I was old enough to ride the bike.
S1E10 - After the Catch and Grumpy Old Men
Jeff and Jason talk about fishing on Leech lake and grumpy old men.   Browning table We got this really cool portable table for the trip.  It worked great. https://www.amazon.com/Browning-Camping-8534215-Double-Barrel/dp/B003AV9BSI       Auger mount  Here is a really cool home made auger mount.  It worked really great.     Recepies Below are a few of the recepies we talked about on the episode.   Salleye chowder Here is a link to the book on amazon that has the recepie. I have this book and have cooked many different dishes from it. https://www.amazon.com/Gunflint-Lodge-Cookbook-Elegant-Northwoods/dp/0816628319   Shore Lunch Here is a link to the shore lunch website.  It always makes a great meal.   http://www.shorelunch.com/products/default.aspx?catid=2  
S2E3 - Fishing Shows & Forgotten Birthdays
Jeff and Jason talk about the recent fishing shows they attended.  Jeff attended the big one, the St. Paul ice fishing show. Jason attended a show at Hanks bait in Waterloo Iowa.  Overall Jeff saw some cool gear, and Jason learned a bunch. Here is a link to Hanks bait. https://fishhanks.com/   Ice Show Gear Here are a few items that I saw at the ice fishing show.   Fish Daddy I got two different lures from Fish daddy outdoors. https://fishdaddyoutdoors.com/ Jig Flare - this is a jigging spoon with a gren led light. Also the dirty bomb which is a spoon with a built in led light.   https://fishdaddyoutdoors.com/collections/ice-fishing-lures   Bucket Hoodie This is a cover for your bucket so that you can keep your stuff from getting tangled with your other stuff.  Also has a great handle to carry with.   https://www.facebook.com/BucketHoodie/   Slip Lock Bobber - Clearly outdoors I picked up some unique slip bobbers at the show.   No need to cut your hook to put your slip bobber on and off. For more information see the webpage. http://www.clearlyoutdoors.com/fnimall/slip_lock_bobbers.phtml                  
S2E2 - Fishing line and Yachts
Jeff and Jason talk Fishing Line & Yachts Its the Fifth week of November 2018   Beverages Jeff: Schell's Snowstorm Jason: Old Style (of course)   Fishing Report - Ice Report Ice was not quite good enough to get out this past weekend. I am hoping to get out this weekend.  Many places reporting 3 - 5 inches of ices in Minnesota. Some lakes like lake Independence still had open water. Ice report - Dave Park Rapids Lakes are freezing in an odd way. There are horizontal open water areas from shore,and a  spot that stayed open after lake froze.  This is the first time Dave has seen this happen in his many years on the lake. Some bigger lakes are still open. It is getting colder and the lake is starting to "sing". Twin Lake - near elk river Twin lake reported to have 3 inches of ice by Jeff's Brother in Law Brian.   Forest Lake  Had about 3 inches of ice.   Current Events St. Paul Ice Show St. Paul ice show is coming this weekend.  For more information see https://www.stpaulicefishingshow.com/   Ice Rescue There were two anglers rescued from a sheet of ice that broke off of the main sheet on red lake on 11/21/2018.  For full article see https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.mprnews.org/story/2018/11/21/ice-rescue-prompts-angler-safety-warning-   Walleye Stocking is over According to the Outdoor News walley stocking is over because ponds have frozen over.    Gear Cabelas $299 ice auger The mystery auger that I only saw the display for.   Eskimo Pistol Bit A new auger bit to hook to a drill from Eskimo. https://www.geteskimo.com/Product/10197/auger-complete-pistol-8-inch   Otter X-over (sorry called this a frabil in the show) A new shack with more doors on the sides and front.  I guess if you need to get out you have many options. https://www.otteroutdoors.com/product-category/ice-shelters/xt-pro-x-over-series/    Topic - Fishing line Jeff and Jason talk about the different types of fishing line Line Type Notes URL Monofilament  The old stand by https://www.fishusa.com/Monofilament-Fishing-Line?gclid=Cj0KCQiArenfBRCoARIsAFc1FqdqTqQvys8dL9o0Tm5rEy05ZECiWfpuq8ZSpHSIg1Pl_G00zSLzN94aAgSfEALw_wcB Flurocarbon Everything mono can do, but has some memory issues http://www.berkley-fishing.com/Berkley-ae-why-use-fluorocarbon.html Copolymer fancy stuff, but hard to fish outside https://www.fishusa.com/Copolymer-Fishing-Line Braid Super tough but holds water and freezes up https://www.fishusa.com/Braided-Super-Fishing-Line   Knots Some knots work better with certain types of line.  My favorite is always the Trilene knot, but its not for every line type.   Putting it on right There is a right way and a wrong way to put line on. You want to match your rotation of the reel to the rotation of the line.  Below is a great video to show you how. http://www.berkley-fishing.com/Berkley-ae-spooling-a-spinning-reel.html   LB Test Choosing the correct lb test is important.  You want to target the size of the line to the fish.  But it is not that easy.  The type of rod and reel is also a factor when choosing line size.  Along with the type of lure you are using. For most situations i use 4 or 6 lb test.  I have landing a 39 inch northern with just 4 lb test on my reel.  How much do i put on? Leave about 1/8 inch of space on your reel.  Fill your reel to full and you will end up with a tangled mess.  To little and when your fish runs, you will run out of line. Legend Jeff talks about the time when he watched a show about the top 10 yachts in the world with Dave while waiting for the fish to bite.        
S3E2 - First Ice and Two Guys Named Thor
Jeff and Jason talk about first ice and two different legends about guys named Thor.
Jeff and Jason talk about what food to bring out on the ice when fishing.  We also interview Andy Clayburn from Fish daddy lures.  
S2E5 - So I Had a Pair of Jumper Cables (Ice Fishing Contraptions)
Jeff and Jason talk about  Gadgets, Gizmos and Contraptions, homemade ice fishing gear.   Definition Gadget/Gizmo - Something you buy Contraption- Something home made out of parts. Sometimes we have grey areas, but this is how things break out.  In the hierarchy of items contraptions are always as cooler as gizmos. Contraptions are the roots of hard water fishing.  It is only recently that you can purchase so many of the items commercially.  In many ways a real fisherman should have their own contraption to be considered a true fisherman.  Anyone can go buy stuff, contraptions take the next level of dedication. RULE: This must be deployed or at least attempted Jason talked about building your own ice shack from plywood and a tarp.  Here are some directions below. http://waterandwoods.net/2009/01/build-a-portable-ice-shelter/     Home Made Sled (80s) - when I was a kid my best friend and neighbor Shawn and his dad Jim introduced me to ice fishing.  Part of this introduction was contraptions. Of course we did not call them that then. My first contraption I can remember was a wooden box with 2x4 skis on the bottom.  This was made from 2x4 and thin plywood with a handle. The top had a lid and a small bench. The lid would flip up and all your ice fishing stuff would fit in. This was long before we had commercial sleds or Vexilars or fancy reels for ice fishing.  A hand auger and a stick would fit in the box and it had a seat and the top acted like a wind block.   For some reason I remember it being painted blue. This worked great for fishing on tanners lake. I don't really ever remember catching fish but I do remember this contraption.    Connecting Shacks / Shanty town We use to take a suitcase style shack and a flip over style shack and face the front door opening on the flip over into the suitcase 6x8 shack.  This way 4 guys could fish comfortably and hang out. One important item we don’t always talk about on the hard water show is the social aspect.   Our goal is always to catch fish. But many times the people I go fishing with only see each other a few times a year. If being separated is a way to catch fish than we will do it.  But eventually usually at night we want to get together and hang out while we catch fish.   Scrapbook Sounds dumb but I love looking through our scrapbook.  History is important.   Some other contraptions Tip ups Jig up. warning do not buy this thing. Toilet tip up  Hole warmers Beaver dam Other Mr. heater Make your own fishing lure kit snap-stick glow jigs  “Jigging buddy” (2005) Home made decoy with copper pipe and roap (2013) Legend:   The time when Jeff was in charge of getting the beer and we got the cheapest beer we could find, Hackenstien.  It even had an Ice version.    
S1E2 - Ice Fishing Electronics and the man with no eyebrows
Jeff and Jason talk about deer camp and ice fishing electronics.  The episode wraps up with the legend of the man with no eyebrows.
S2E10 - Devils Lake
Jeff and Jason are joined by Ole and Dave.  We recap our fishing weekend at devils lake and the hard water invitational 20th anniversary.
S3E1 - Ice fishing wearing only fan mail
Jeff and Jason talk about the upcoming season three of the hard water fishing show,  and customizing your ice fishing house.   This link will bring you to the pictures of the trick your trap ice shacks we talk about in the episode. Season 3 episode 1 pictures
S1E6 - Fishing with Kids and the Trout
Jeff and Jason talk about ice fishing reports, current events, gear and the legend of the ice fishing trout.     Kids Fishing We talked about taking your kids out fishing.  Here is a few pics of my last trip with the kids.  We did not catch any fish, but we had a great time playing outside.       walleye cakes   http://mnbound.com/wild-in-the-kitchen/2015/4/24/walleye-cakes I made walleye cakes for my Christmas appatizer with the family.  You can find the recepie on the minnesota bound site.  I did not plan ahead very well and ended up not chilling them over night.  They certainly looked home made.  It was a lot of work but they were pretty tasty.  The sweet Thai chili sauce really made them great.  I also served them with tartar sauce.  But I for sure preferred the chili sauce.   Brian ‘BRO’ Brosdahl I talked with the 'BRO' at Cabelas in rogers this past week before christmas.  We talked about the UV glow jigs and ice safety.  We are planning on having him on the show in the future. http://brosguideservice.com/about-bro/   custom ice picks We talked about these in the show.  Every year on our annual hard water invitational we make gadgets.  A few years ago Ole made these custom ice picks.  Luckily I have not had to use them to get out of the water after I broke through the ice.  But I did use them last weekend as our ice this year has been pretty sketchy.   Here are a few pics of my custom ice picks by 'OLE'   UV Glow Jigs I got a few of the UV glow Jigs from northland tackel.  I have not tried them out but I like the pirch color and the 'BRO' recomended gold.  Here are the jigs, I have not tried them out yet.     Legend We talked about trout fishing, the elusive trout.      Next Week Next week we will be focusing on pan fishing and spring bobbers.  
S1E4 - Tip ups gadgets and the legend of the fog
Jeff and Jason talk about the St. Paul ice fishing show, tip ups and the legend of the non-ice fisherman.   St. Paul Ice Fishing Show I went to the St. Paul ice fishing show Saturday December 2nd.  It was a mad house, it was hard to get through the isles and even worse to checkout. But I still had a great time.  My favorite things about the show are checking out the more rare ice fishing gear.  Along with checking out the gear I love talking to the people who invented the gear. Below is a list of my favorites.  I even came home from the show with a few of the items listed.   Bait Up http://www.bait-up.com/   This is small and fits in your pocket but holds a scoop of minnows.  Both the top and bottom come off and are leak proof.  When you tip it on its side it will seperate the minnows from the water so you don't have to go digging for the minnows in a huge bucket.  This would be great for a day of fishing  but my guess is that minnows would not last in here long term.  You can take the bottom off and put it in an ice hole to get more water for your minnows.  I thought this was really cool and the only reason I did not go home with it was the lines were to long to checkout.  I am hoping to pick one up soon.   Snow Dog  http://snowdog.com/  The snow dog is a sled that you dont ride on.  This thing has a 13hp motor and will pull you and your ice shack around the also.  Its kind of like a snowmobile without a place to sit. The price in this seems pretty reasonable. Check out the website for more information.  R-TEC Claw Tip Up http://firehouseproductsllc.com/  I liked this tip up so much I bought one at the show.  It holds everything inside so you dont get tangles.  I cannot wait to try this one out.    Not sure of the name of this or the website, but I got one at the show.  It was super cool, cant wait to cook with this on the ice. Otter XHT Pro Lodge  This was my favorite hub style shack at the show. I am hoping to get one of these this year.  Its insulated and looks like a great shack. Frabil Bro Side Step Bro Side Step This is a frabil Bro sidestep 2 series.  I like the side doors and the size is really nice.  If I was getting a sled style shack this is the one I would get. Rokon Bike https://www.rokon.com/bikes/trail-breaker  This is the cool all terain bike Jason talked about in our podcast.  Looks cool.   Rambo Bike https://rambobikes.com/motor-bikes/  This is the Rambo bike that Dave Genz told me he used this year.  He put studded tires on it for the ice.  It also has an electric motor to help you pull out your gear and get through the snow.  On the website it says a charge will go 19 miles.                                            
S1E3 - Portable Ice Shacks and a Huge Perch
Jeff and Jason talk about different sytles of portable ice fishing shacks. Also talk about current events related to ice fishing in Minnesota and Iowa.  The show wraps up with a story about a HUGE Perch. 
S1E1 - Drill into ice augers, and northern slime
The first episode Jeff and Jason compare gas, propane and electric ice augers and that time when Dave drank a beer with some northern slime added.  
S2E12 -  Lake Superior in a Prius
Jeff and Jason talk about ice fishing Lake Superior.  The final episode of season 2
S2E7 - Fish Finders and Wheel Houses
Jeff and Jason talk about fish finders and wheel houses during the third week of January 2019. Fishing Report I was out on Mille Lacs last weekend and when I came home on Tuesday I saw on Facebook that the resort i went out of, Beachside, had closed the roads.  They said they would open back up shortly but I had just came off the ice on Sunday, and now on Tuesday the roads were closed. They said the cold had caused some ice to shift.   Gear Tangle Tamers I Tried out Tangle Tamers, they are used to secure the hooks at the bottom of your tip-ups during transport.  They are double sided hook and loop fabric, 12" long, with a grommet (eye) riveted into the end for hooking your hook into.  They then wrap around your spool, preventing your lines from becoming tangled while in transport in your bucket. They are sold for $9.99 per package of 5 at local tackle shops in CT, and are also available through eBay for the same price.  We can also be found on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/Tangle-Tamers-278394396183913/   PLine Warner heard our podcast and sent me a message on Instagram about pline.  This year I have talked a few times about the fluorocarbon line i have been using. The brand I have been using is Berkeley Fluorocarbon ice  4lb test  http://tiny.cc/q91e2y I thought it was OK, but I am still finding that I prefer mono. T.Warner from Ontario Cananda has suggested a better alternative.  Give it another try. So I am going to try a 3 or 4 lb pLine and see if that goes any better.  Mystery Tackle Box I got some new cool lures in my mystery tackle box.  It seems like some good lures and a way to get out of my habits and try some new lures.   Cleats I feel hard last weekend on Mille Lacs.  I was walking up the boat launch after parking in the lot on the lake next to the launch.  I was a bit confused how to pay for my road pass. I had walked up to this small shack on Beachside resort next to the sign that told me how much to pay, and no was attending the shack.  There was an envelope to put in your money, so that is what I was going to do, but there was no pen. I i walked back down the boat ramp and fell. I imaged if i could see myself that i was a few feet off the ground.  That was probably not reality, but that is want happened. My two kids were standing by the shack and laughing at my misfortune.   However  being old it hurts pretty bad to fall that far, and i had a tough time getting back up.  I stopped for a few minutes and went on my hands and knees to gather myself. I saw my kids stop laughing and ask if i was OK.  After the initial jolt I was able to get up and walk to the car for a pen. When I returned to the shack the guy told me to go into the cafe across the street to pay for my road pass.  I did not feel to bad  but was a bit sore but went on into the cafe.  Their a very friendly lady met me and told me the cost was 10 dollars per day and i had a wheelhouse and thought that would be extra but it was not. So it was 20 dollars for Saturday and Sunday on the ice.  I paid my twenty dollars. It seemed like a bargain for a few days of fishing and plowed roads. There were two zones marked on the ice.  The first zone any vehicle could go out. One ton diesels and dual axle wheel houses. Zone two was for single axle and half ton trucks.  However they had just opened up everything to all vehicle types.   I went out past zone one, 1 was a single axle and my suv was about the same as a half ton truck.  As i drove out past the orange cones the told me I was in zone two i felt like it was time to find a spot.  As I found a spot and started cranking down the ice shack i realized how sore I was and it was a struggle to set up.  I was making weird noises as my kids laughed at my pain. So that is why you need ice cleats.  So you don't fall on your bum, and your kids don't laugh at the strange noises you make while you move around.   Topic - Wheel House and Flashers This is an odd topic combination but this is what we have going on right now.   Topic Flashers Note that we are not paid or have any endorsements of freebies Hummingbird ice35 This is my flasher and I love it.  It has the features I need and none that i do not.  It has a really big screen much bigger than a FL8. I find the FL8’s to work great to, but they cost more and have less features.  My flasher has zoom and dual beam and a huge screen. To be honest I don’t always use the dual beam but it's nice to have and the zoom is a feature I use from time to time also. I do wish I had the fancier version that auto depth the bottom with the LCD screen in the middle.  Both the ice 35 and ice 45 have that. It also tells you the depth. Not that I can’t read mine but its nicer to have the LCD. The battery life is always great with mine.  It is at least 5 years old, probably older and i still have the original battery. Another thing I love about my hummingbird is its quite.  Much quieter than a Vexilar. Maybe the new ones are better but the old ones were noisy, and mine is silent. The price is great also, for the features you get with the ice 35 you would have to buy a fl-18 or better and they cost more than the ice 35. I am kinda an alt brand guy.  I don’t go for the cheapest knockoff brand, but I don't always go for the main one either.  I have a hummingbird flasher and a ice cave wheelhouse.  The one drawback i see with this is that the gain has to be played with more than on a Vexilar.  Not sure why but it does.  Vexilar FL8 / FL18 The  FL8 SE is the original and will never let you down.  This will always work. But it does not have the features I want and the screen is small. Vexilar FLX-28 A really nice alternative to the PL-8, I don't have one but the people who have these really seem to like them Vexilar FL-20 I have used one of these.  My brother in law uses this and it seems to be an upgraded FL-8.  It has a flatter screen and is targeted to shallower waters. From what I could tell this is a nice mid-rage flasher for shallow water. Marcum Dont get one of these if you have friends with a Vexilar, you will get tons of interference. Jason had one of these and it was stolen from his garage. So he knows more, but he will be fishing by himself.  
S2E1 - Early ice for a Skinny Frog
Jason and Jeff talk about early ice during the first week of November 2018. Tactics Fishing Report  There is no fishable ice yet, but its coming.   Safety Here is a link to some great safety information. safety refresher   Gear We talked about the many different tip up gadgets we have created over the years. Including a tip-up made from a smoke detector.   Legend Jeff talks about the time he walked out to ice fish on four inches of ice. The kind that would only support a skinny frog.  And Neither of the hosts is a skinny frog.              
S2E8-Polar Vortex
Jeff and Jason talk about how to keep warm when the mercury dips below -40 Fahrenheit.  Fishing Report The polar vortex has kept me off the ice for the past two weekends, but hopefully this podcast is coming straight from the ice this week.     Cole from Iowa sent us some awesome pictures of fishing on Okoboji and Big Spirit in North West Iowa.      Gear - How to Dress for extreme cold We talked about how we dress for the extreme cold.  As always we use layers, below is an example of how I layer for a cold day.   Layer 1. Base Layer-IE long johns 2. then shirt 3. then fleece 4. Jacket   Other items that I find essential when fishing in extreme cold. Hand warmers These are great when you have been fishing all day and have to pull tip ups.  I will usually open them up to get them activated then pull my tip ups.  When I get on the sled to ride back to the cabin I will put them in my gloves to warm up my cold fingers.  Feet warmers I use toe warmers in my boots on cold days or no matter how good my boots are my toes get cold. Fleece pants I bought these fleece pants, well bibs, from Ebay. They were less than 20 bucks and they make a great layer under my bibs. Socks Warm socks, but not so thick that they scrunch in my boots.  Not enough air space will make my feed cold. Boots Water proof boots with as high of Thinsulate grams you can buy.  I have some Cabela's boots that are so big I can not really drive my car with them on.  But on extreme cold days you be happy to have these Frankenstein boots. Mask A mask to cover every inch of skin on super cold days. Goggles Need some goggles to cover your eyes. Big mittens I always go for big mittens over gloves.      
S2E6 - Panfish Tactics
 Jeff and Jason Talk Panfish Tactics Gear Big nasty pout and trout - Glowing and big Generator Catch Covers Jason - Pistol Bit ice auger Jeff - aquaview underwater camera.   https://bit.ly/2Asgpq7 I used my brother in law Brian’s new aquaview underwater camera.  We were on a small local lake. Maybe a Iowa lake, but a minnesota pond.  I was out with the kids and it was a glorious day. The temperatures were really warm in the 40s.  We got out for just a few hours, and did not catch any fish. But for the first time even though no fish came through the hole we saw fish.  We were using a aquaview AV Micro plus. He got a really good deal on it and it was really fun.   This unit is something you hold in your hand or put on your wrist.  It has a very small camera, maybe the size of a large walleye jig. The screen was about 3.5 inches and it had a very slim cord to the camera.  I would say no thicker than tip up line.   I first opened the thin cover over the screen.  It was really handy that it turned on when you did this, no power button to mess with.   As I dropped it down the hold you really did not see much.  In Fact I was unsure it was working. But as it got towards the bottom it started to show the weedy bottom.  And also some sunnies. So even though I could not see them come through my hold we saw them in the lake.   I used my flasher to figure out where the camera was in the water column. It showed up as it went down the hole.  This was very helpful as you really saw nothing but blackness and a few bubbles as you went down.   Their were some lighting options that are infrared and do help you see the fish much better.     I was also surprised how well my jig showed up in the camera.  It was this really bring light in a somewhat dark landscape. I hope the fish see my jig that well.   It was a bright sunny day and the screen was hard to see in the light.  I suspect it would be easier to see in the shack.   I did not this thing is quite small and would fit down a fish hole.  Not sure if it floats but did not want to find out.   I tried this out on a non stained lake and it worked great.  I hope to get one of these for my ice cave. It has an output to put it on the tv.  That would be cool.   Line update I am still on the fence on mono vs fluorocarbon.  Mono never gets tangled and that Fluorocarbon i keep on having twist in my line.  It seems to come out but I have not had that problem with mono. But then I love how it sinks in the water.  More to come here but right now Monofilament is winning. Topic - Panfish Picking the spot Transitions from shallow to deep.  I start out on my Navionics app to get to a general spot.  I find that this worked pretty well. But if navionics says 20 feet, I have never found it to be exact.  You will have to drill a few holes along the break until you get find 20 feet. Once I find the spot I will work from deep to shallow along the break and see where the fish are biting.  Even if I have fish that are showing on my flasher and they will not bite i move. It's hard to but you have to leave those fish.   Hole Hopping Once you have caught a few fish in a hole, sometimes they have seen what you have and grow tired of it.  You can switch lures, but I find that if a lure has been working on a lake i stick with it. The color and action work I stick with them.   Maybe this is something i need to work on and switch up my presentation but I usually stick with what I have used in the past. Maybe this new mystery tackle box I subscribed to will help me with that. I tried this on my last outing and it worked really well.  I had caught at least 12 crappies and sunnies out of this honey hole, and then it cooled off. I decided to move just 15 feet away with the same presentation and I was able to catch a few right away, as soon as I dropped my lure in the hole.   The Major Move Now when I am talking about hole hopping I am generally talking about the same area.  Not a major move. That is something I do only after many holes have not produced. Meaning I have not caught a fish or the fish are small or not what I am looking for.  This is required sometimes and you have to break out the Navionics again and look for some different structure. Tungsten Jigs I have a bunch of lures I use for panfishing.  But the ones I go to over and over again are tungsten jigs.  They are small and drop fast and are easy to fish with. I tip them with a wax worm and the crappies and sunnies love them.   My favorite are the snow drop xl.  I have found the pink and blue and green and yellow ones to work best for the waters i am on.  I use the 1/32 oz. Thanks for tungsten for making these easy to fish. https://bit.ly/2AAW41N   Spoons and minnows I also love using spoons and minnows for panfish.  My typical setup will be a small frosty spoon or a small northland glow spoon. Frosty Spoon.  Golden pirch, glow red, or silver moon light.  Usually the 1/16 oz size. These are just the right size for a crappie minnow.  I always have a bunch of these in my tackle. And I always buy at least 2 of each color.  If its working and you loose one you have a backup, or if you need to share with a buddy. Depending how generous you are feeling. https://bit.ly/2QssGjo   Northland Glow Spoons Or the Northland glow spoons.  My current favorite is the 1/16 oz gold with a red glow shot.   Of course this are consumable so that kinda stinks but if they work they work.   https://bit.ly/2Qr1OQP   Wax Worms When I use wax worked I get a bait puck.  These things are great to keep your wax worms warm.  Wax worms like the same temperatures that we humans do.  I put them in my pocket and in a bait puck and this keeps them happy.  I actually have a big one that fits the 100 pack of waxies when i buy them from the hardware store/ bait shop.  I can leave them in the container and I have been fishing with the same ones for weeks. I just put them on the counter in the washroom and they stay happy.  A few die, but that's ok. I just don't tell the wife i have wax worms in the same room as the washer and dryer. (oops she knows know but oh well, if she listens that is)   https://beavertailbait.com/sample-page/ Time of Day   Panfish are easier to catch during the day than some other fish like walleyes, but I still think the magic hour around dawn and dusk are best.   For crappies I have caught them a lot at night also.  But this can vary by like.   Depth This was interesting. I always start fishing a foot off the bottom.  But in my recent fishing trip i was in 18 feet of water and i had fish 2 feet under the ice to the bottom. I could hardly see my bait.  What a problem. I did have my finder on wide beam which will show some fish further away. I found the fish at the bottom were very slow and did not want to bite.  Now they could have been further away also. You really cannot tell the difference on a flasher. The fish in the middle and upper of the water column were much more active and would bit.  It’s one of my favorite things to see that line on your flasher start to move to your bait when you jig. Moving it up and they follow it. These are the aggressive fish you are looking for.  Not those ones that are down their and just stare at your jig. Or your camera if you have one.   How aggressive How do you know when to jig hard and when not to.  This is important slow fish want a dead stick or almost no jigging.  When active fish will react better to jigging. Also know when to stop when they show up on your flasher.  Not sure if this is correct but usually when they come in i will let it sit for a while.
S1E11 - Beyond Thunderdome - Fire on Ice
Jeff and Jason talk about a BBQ contest on Mille Lacs and discuss gear durability on lake of the woods.    Here is a nice walleye from my lake of the woods trip.    BBQ Context A few pictures from the Fire on Ice BBQ context on Mille Lacs.  This was one week after walleye close.   Lake Minnetonka A picture of the launch, we decided to walk out.  We did see a truck come off the ice.  There was plenty of ice but you had to get past the open water   Here is a nice sunny I caught.  I think I need to work on my photo skills.  I covered up half the fish.    
S1E7 - Panfish and the Dog
Jeff and Jason talk about pan fish lures and tactics and the story of the time when Ole's dog froze his tender bits to the ice. Two Story Fish House Jason and I both saw this video on a two story ice house being towed on the ice.  This ice house is the craziest thing I have ever seen.  It is two stories and takes a plow truck and a tow truck to get it out on the ice. Here is a link to the video https://www.facebook.com/101406583237769/videos/1757014174343660/?fref=gs&dti=679245072221028&hc_location=group   Pan fish Discussion We talked about the proposal to limit the number of pan fish.  Here is a link to the page with all the ice fishing pros and their opinions on the idea of reducing limits.  There is a ton of information that may change how you fish. http://anglingbuzz.com/panfish-regulations/   The site is also really cool.  I think i need to spend more time here.   Denier We talked about my new ice shack, and that it had 900 deneir think canvas.  Basically this is the size of the thread.  The higher the number the thicker the thread and the more durable.  Here is some more information about denier. Warning this is pretty geeky. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Units_of_textile_measurement   Clam Nanook We talked about Jeff needing a new ice shack and maybe getting a Nanook.  This is also the shack Jason already has.  This is a great two man light weight shack.     Garage This is the clam garage.  A hub you can park your car in.  This thing is huge.   Escape Ice Thermal This is my new ice shack.  Its thermal and its huge.  Going to get it on the ice this weekend.    XL6000 TC Considered this ice shack for my next shack.  But only the roof is insulated.   buddy heaters filters If you use a 20lb tank on your buddy heater, get a filter.  They are cheap and will sove your buddy (heater)       Legend of the Dog Jason told the story about the time that Ole's dog binsford froze his tender bitz to the ice.
S2E11 - 100 Lighters
Jeff and Jason talk about ice fishing styles.
S2E4 - Burbot
Jeff and Jason talk about Burbot and interview Matthew Breuer from North country guide service about fishing for Burbot aka eel pout.  Matthew was kind enough to give our podcast a few minutes of time.  Thanks Matthew. (I did an update to the audio after the first version, the first version had Jason to quiet.) Interview Matthew Jason and I talked about how to fish for clean and eat Burbot.  For more information about Matthew or about north country guide service go to.  https://www.northcountryguides.com/about.html During our interview, Matthew mentioned a specific lure from big nasty lures called the trout and pout spoon.  You can find it here.  http://www.bignastytackle.com/products.html   Here are a couple videos that Matt told us about, on how to clean eel pout from the outdoor report. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTx4BqP0YMY   Fishing Report Jeff got out on a few local lakes and caught some tiny perch and a small hammer handle northern.  You can see them on the Instagram page if you would like. We also added some great pictures to Instagram from Ian who fishes for trout in Northwest Wyoming.   Gear We talked about a few different new gear items in the podcast.   40volt strike master    Let the auger wars begin https://www.rapala.com/strikemaster/power-ice-augers/lithium-40v-auger/Lithium+40v+Auger.html?cgid=strikemaster-power   Eskimo Outbreak The door on this looks really cool.  YOu cont have to trip over your hub shack anymore. https://www.geteskimo.com/Product/10195/ice-shelter-outbreak-450i                      
S1E9 - Mark Bomhoff and the squirrel
Jeff and Jason talk to Mark Bomhoff, the maker of a really unique ice shack, and the legend of a squirrel.   Pictures of the Shack   Here are some great pictures of the shack that Mark sent to me.  Really you have never seen anything like this before.  Thank you so much to Mark for being a guest on our show and for all the really great pictures and videos.       He also has a few videos that I uploaded to the show youtube page.   Truck Load https://youtu.be/Q2ell4Xo5qw Open Demo https://youtu.be/-cBq2qkUh6g Deploy https://youtu.be/g0MKOvJ4NWY   Jon in Republic of Korea In a recent podcast we talked about getting listeners in the Republic or Korea.  Jon who is stationed in the Air Force in the Republic of Korea wrote to me on our Facebook page about fishing for trout.  Thanks to Jon for your service and also for the great information on ice fishing.  Here is what Jon told me. There is some ice fishing over here but most of it is done at trout fishing festivals where they stock the water with cherry trout. It is done in the north east where the elevation is higher and it stays cold enough.        
S1E5 - Walleye Lures and the Rookie
Episode 5 features Jeff and Jasons favorite walleye lures and our first guest.   The rookie, Steve, talks with Jeff about his first ice fishing experience. This episode got a bit longer than I wanted but we had a ton to cover.     Fishing Report   Got out last weekend with my brother in law Brian and caught a few fish.  Here is a picture of a nice walleye he got.   Lake Osakis Got a report from my brother that the ice on lake Osakis was good for walking. But no fish were caught that day.   Current Events  We talked about current events in the show.   Ice Depth The ice depth on the lakes is still pretty sketchy.  Multiple reports of people going through the ice around the state.  Remember to be safe on the ice and get some ice picks.       Brian "Bro" Brosdahl Talked to Brian "Bro" Brosdahl at Cabela's in Rogers this thursday December 21st.  He was great and we are looking to have him on the show later in the season.     Gear Update This cooker did not get my deer brats cooked.  Maybe it was because I was outside. I am going to try it one more time before I give up on this contraption.   Small Strikemaster Bait Cooler I got this last year but it only worked ok.  The seal froze up on me.   Walleye Lures Jason and I listed out our favorite walley lures.  Here are the ones we talked about   Jeff #1 Glow pirch buck shot #2 Chubby Darter #3 Stop Sign JR tackle #4 Dead Stick with bobber and red hook #5 Tungsten jig with waxie   Jason #1 Northland Tackles Forage Minnow #2 Buck-shot spoon #3 Chubby Darter #4 Swedish Pimple #5 Rapala Jigging Rap #6 Colored Hook #7 Glow Jigs          
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