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We live in a time of death, loss, and fear. The financial markets are crashing, you may have lost or will lose your job or your business is failing. This is only the beginning of the crisis… The current recession will bottom out in 6-18 months,
Since this interview was recorded the world has changed a lot. Learning how to master and rationalize your fears is more important now than it has been since the financial crisis of 2008. To understand why social distancing is so important I hi
You cannot manage what you can measure. Are you the kind of person who measures things? When you are in business, ‘numbers’ is very important, you have to understand what it means. We are in the age of artificial learning and deep learning so,
In 2017, programmers are an integral part of the business. If your competitor is building a better platform than you have, then you might be outcompeted by them. The benefit of building tech and software into your business is that you can opera
Erlend is a big fan of the book “The One Thing”– it’s all about the one most important thing to do today to make everything else easier. And that is not just thinking about today but in the next five years. If you are an entrepreneur, your life
Do you do things on a repetitive basis? In this week’s episode, Erlend will talk about Consistency. Everyone has habits, but a few ones who have good habits, they get the best results. There is no such thing as overnight successes. It’s not roc
  If you have a team and working on a project, don’t have enough time to make things happen, this one technique called “The Daily Update” will save you from being bogged down with micromanagement. Erlend has been using this for 7 years and rece
  What I love about the book The Daily Stoic aside that it’s from Ryan Holiday is that you can just sit back and read a portion daily. The book is composed of advice from ancient Roman Stoics about life. Their philosophies are solid and work wi
Yin and Yang. I try to control things that I can influence. There is no point in worrying about the things that you can’t control. But what can you control? When I wake up, the day’s outcome should be favorable. I try not to judge whatever happ
Erlend discovered Outsourcing to the Philippines when he was doing 360 photography and his arms were hurting, needed help but couldn’t afford to hire in Norway. So, he started an Ad on a Filipino website, got 30 applicants and about 5 passed. E
Everyone has a morning routine but only a few have an established one. Meaning to say, a morning routine that’s planned out will eventually help you in your daily life. Erlend talks about his morning routine and how he started on it in 2011. He
In this episode, Erlend talks about his life once as a Stoic. Let’s check and see! He is a big fan of Stoicism, Tim Ferris inspired him to free himself from business and travel the world. Every morning, he reads the Daily Stoic, a book by Ryan
Your prosperity will sparkle as a light of expectation and motivate numbers you can’t add up to. Move individuals to get things done for themselves. Inspire individuals to have an independent mind. Our central need is somebody who will motivate
When you have that much going on, how do you stay this attached? How do you maintain the passion and drive while still being relaxed, sleeping, and being balanced among all those other things? How do you have a passion for something? We all hav
A lean business is about being clever and applying the magical tool of entrepreneurship in life which is turning something into something of more value. It is about having the ability to be more innovative and using smarter tools and techniques
After having written 3 books, two of which have become #1 Bestsellers I look back and think wow, but when I started on my first book the journey ahead seemed very cloudy. Here are my tips on how to write your very first book and position yourse
How To Win Friends And Influence People is a book I have read 4-5 times and I love how well it works in life and business. It´s common sense, but the problem with common sense is that it´s not so common. This episode, as we discuss the book, wi
Stress can prompt an inability to work adequately and adapt under strain. Lack of rest is one of the reasons for pressure. Sleep assumes a significant role in your physical well being. For instance, rest is engaged with the recuperating of your
“When you want something from somebody, it’s always a great idea to create a relationship early on and then nurture that relationship”. Erlend is a known financial specialist for multi-year with a gainful organization, engaging with accomplices
In case you’re similar to most, you can be categorized as one of two classes. It is possible that you began your site for the sake of entertainment and are presently searching for an approach to transform it into a salary generator, or you bega
Everyone wants to make money online these days, It’s one of the easiest income-generator without getting the feel of a subordinate. I mean, why would someone choose to have a boss when you can be the boss? Sounds overwhelming, isn’t it? There a
“Hiring the right employees can make or break your business” Hiring the right people starts with a job analysis. The job analysis enables you to collect information about the job description, duties, necessary skills, results and work environme
You’ve probably heard of the classic expression “Trust your gut” or “Go with your gut.” Have ever been in a situation where you’re in doubt with either of the choices you have and ended up trusting your guts instead? Well, this week’s podcast i
“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick” – These words hit Erlend Bakke as he chose the road less traveled. In this week’s Hardcore MBA podcast, Erlend shares 3 Lessons about his entrepreneurial journey. As a young entrepreneur, he pi
Mastermind is important because when you get together with other smart people, magic happens. Erlend has been doing mastermind dinners for three years now. The way it works is to invite people for dinner. He calls it Sumo Social Club. The group
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