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Secure, loving relationships are the cornerstone of happiness. The deeper and more intimate our relationships the less we have to resent and regret as we age. Many consider becoming an adult to be a number we grow into, but our chronological ag
Who benefits from making Americans fat, tired, and sick? Big food and big pharma that’s who. Grocery stores are brimming with ultra-processed, sugar-laden alternatives to real food, and doctors benefit monetarily from dolling out pharmaceutica
There are very few things in life that are within our control. Our perspective, perceptions, and the actions we take are the only things we truly have control of. If we want peace and joy, we must make them for ourselves. To explore how medi
Traumas we experience in the early part of our life can become fear and anxiety we carry with us into our adult lives. But, patterns and behaviors that once served as successful coping strategies can sabotage our intimate relationships with oth
The universe and our purpose in it remain vastly unknown. Many theories, beliefs, and reckonings exist about the “big scheme of things” but ultimately there are few concrete answers to our existential questions. To explore the impact space has
A neurodivergent person is one whose neurological development is atypical. People with ADHD, Aspergers, and autism are generally considered to be neurodivergent. It is common for neurotypical thinkers to misunderstand those with neurodivergent
As the pandemic wanes and the world goes back to work, employees are re-evaluating their life and career goals. Furthermore, the great global reset has offered leaders the opportunity to transform and rehumanize workplaces by introducing health
Happiness and joy are high vibrational states of being and with awareness and practice, we can move into those states at will. Two practices that enhance our ability to raise our energetic vibration are reverence and gratitude. To explore how w
Neuroplasticity offers us the ability to change our brains and transcend stress, fear, and anxiety. By rewiring neural pathways, we can transform the emotional strain past traumas hold over our subconscious minds. There are successful methods t
There is no perfect way to help children build resilient, empathetic, and emotionally secure foundations that support them through adulthood. There is no instruction manual and there is no definitive right way. One approach parents can take i
Financial fitness is different for all of us as we all have different needs and dreams. The concern we feel about having sufficient money to meet our needs or fulfill our dreams can be emotionally taxing. Partner that with the absence of a fina
The journey of our lives can be pockmarked with disappointment and trauma, as well as contentment and joy. It is the nature of our existence. Learning to cope with trauma and unmet needs without the use of addictive behaviors and substances can
The journey of our lives can be pockmarked with disappointment and trauma, as well as contentment and joy. It is the nature of our existence. Learning to cope with trauma and unmet needs without the use of addictive behaviors and substances can
Finding true love is not a quest for the meek. Some men and women search for years for a partner in which to share their lives. But, not everyone can handle the task alone. Many single people employ counselors and matchmakers to increase their
Technology is both a vice and a virtue. It can help us manage our lives and accomplish tasks with reminders and to-dos. But, at what point do the dings and pings become more of a distraction than traction? How much of our time is dedicated to m
Eldercare is often over-medicalized and approached as a service in long-term and late-life care facilities. But, this method of care can stunt the mental faculties of those whose cognitive abilities are waning. Stories from more mature family m
One of the most complicated relationships in our lives is the one we have with our mother. At conception, our bodies are intrinsically connected to our mother for the first nine months of our existence. At birth, and throughout the rest of our
The COVID pandemic has most of us thinking about having our physical systems vaccinated. But, what about the disease of disinformation? Is it possible to inoculate our minds and make them immune to untruths and bad ideas that spread through soc
People feel happier when they are emotionally engaged in meaningful conversations and when actively invested in learning something they care about. Successful people are not only knowledgeable about facts and figures, they also have multiple
For most people, finding happiness and meaning isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when they think of work. But what if it was? What if individuals funneled their creativity and a little of their personal magic into designing a new work-li
Food history is our history, there is no untangling the two. Industrialized food processing may be whittling away at our appreciation of how deeply certain foods are rooted in our families and culture but not everyone forgets. There are people
Western medicine rarely discusses the electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates the human body. Commonly known as chakras or the biofield, these energy centers are a collection of our stored life events, both positive and traumatic. Me
MD, Ph.D. & Julia Rucklidge Ph.D. Scientific research shows we can enjoy emotional freedom and dislodge ourselves from unrewarding habits. Becoming aware of where we find ourselves stuck and nourishing our bodies properly are the key element
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