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Marie Laveau — AKA the Vodou Queen of New Orleans — is as much a mystery to us in death as she was in life. Newspaper accounts of the time ricocheted between love and hate, respect and fear. But who was this woman, a descendant of enslaved peop
Zoey brings us to San Antonio, Texas to visit the historic San Fernando Cathedral. As the longest standing continuously functioning religious communities in the state of Texas, it has a lot of history. And with that history comes ghosts.It also
On Friday, June 13, 1980, Candy Montgomery dropped by her friend Betty Gore's house in Wylie, Texas to ask if Betty's daughter could go see The Empire Strikes Back that night with the Montgomery family. On the surface, it seemed that Candy and
On August 29th, 1994, the Hodges family died in their Virginia home, their bodies discovered by the fire department called to put out the fire that had been reported by neighbors. However, they had not died fire-related deaths. In fact, only tw
In the Old Talbott Tavern's 243 years of existence, it's collected its fair share of famous visitors, legends, and things that go bump in the night. The first ghost stories you'll come across during a quick Google search are spooky for sure, bu
Are you currently hiding under your bed covers thinking you're being haunted? Well, you're in luck! This episode covers how to tell if you're being haunted (common ghost phenomena), how to scientifically prove you're being haunted, and what to
Have you ever sat there and listened to a ghost story around a fire and the story teller says something like it's a matter of fact, and you see everyone else nodding because, duh, everyone knows that, and then you have to play along like you kn
Four-year-old Bobby Dunbar disappeared during a family trip to Louisiana's Swayze Lake in the August of 1912. Everyone from his family to friends to strangers searched the lake for a week, using dynamite to unsettle the water in case it would b
How about all three (mountain lion, bear, and goat) in one? Well then, you got yourself an Ozark Howler! Native to the Ozark region in the US of A, the Ozark Howler is described as either a thin bear or a fat mountain lion with horns and thick
If you Google "southern haunted places" or "most haunted places in the south," you'll probably come across the Myrtles Plantation. We know this from experience. Myrtles Plantation, their spooky photos, and the tale of their most famous ghost, C
When Hazel Carpenter waved goodbye to her daughter, who was on the train going to college, she felt a burst of love. Virginia was a wonderful and beautiful daughter, and Hazel felt blessed to have her. However, Hazel didn't know that would be t
When we dive into the paranormal on this podcast, we explore people's greatest fears. So we'd be remiss if we skipped over one of Robin's greatest fears: mirrors. On the surface, they're really not that scary — just a reflective pane with which
This episode marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Haunted Hospitality, and we have a good spook in store for you.You've heard of the Wicked Witch of the West. Now it's time for the Weirdest Witch of the South. Known sometimes as the Bell Witch, some
A little before 1 AM on the morning of July 27, 1996, Eric Rudolph dropped his green backpack underneath a bench in Atlanta, Georgia's crowded Olympic Centennial Park, set the bomb's timer for 55 minutes, and walked away. Before morning, two pe
Aileen Wuornos was born into a bad life, had a bad childhood, and grew to be a bad adult. The odds were stacked against her, and after living a life of abuse, torture, and petty crime, she kicked it up a level and added murder to her list. Whil
When young governess Fannie Lillian Madison checked into her hotel in Richmond, Virginia at 2 AM, she registered under a pseudonym: F.L. Merton. Just 24 hours later, her body was found in the Old Reservoir — and an autopsy revealed she was seve
Can you believe we're 50? Who knew that Robin and Zoey had enough energy in them to make 50 episodes and not miss a single Tuesday. Well, our path is still in the beginning and we're thankful for every single listen.To celebrate being 50, Robin
If you perform an internet search for the Surrency, Georgia haunting, you'll see tales of red eyes in the darkness, a girl levitating in her bed, and a fire poker out for the kill. The truth isn't quite as dramatic, but it certainly is weird. P
Five southern Zak-Bagans-esque brothers play dominoes with a ghost. Yep. You read that correctly. These are the special guests in this week's episode. Zoey tells us about the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary that started in a horrible way, co
Georgia's man-made Lake Lanier is a summer vacation hotspot with an abundance of beaches, trails, and islands — and an inordinate amount of deaths. Theories about the drownings range from practical (murky water + leftover debris at the bottom o
That is right, we're back with another cryptid episode. We all know that the Lizard Man ended with two camps you can be in: I believe in the Lizard Man and I (Kind of) believe in the Lizard Man. Will our episode end in a similar way as Zoey tel
Medgar Evers was a trailblazing leader in the Civil Rights Movement. As the NAACP's first field secretary in the South, he investigated crimes against Black people all over Mississippi and helped establish the organization's focus on grassroots
Relationships aren't always healthy and fun. Sometimes, two people who should stay far far away from each other start dating, and it usually ends in tears and misery. However, in this episode, it ends in tragedy. Shayna Hubers and Ryan Poston h
Way back in yesteryear, we briefly talked about Robert the Doll in a Something Spooky segment — and if you can't tell, we're back at it again! Much like the famous Annabelle doll, Robert has captured the attention of paranormal enthusiasts for
Ever been to a plantation and feel like something was just a little bit off? Not sure if its the history of the place, the knowledge of what happened there, or something more on the spooky side? In this episode, Zoey goes over the Ferry Plantat
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