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One of the most common beliefs in the health coaching space is that we exist in a saturated market. This belief has made many health coaches hesitant to step out in their space and get moving with their business.  The key solution to this is to
Video marketing is easily becoming the most popular form of marketing around. It is the most effective way to better establish local and national brands and their messaging, ultimately leading to a higher ROI, brand awareness, and overall succe
Our money story is a collection of stories that we have amassed over our entire lifetime. It can be a cultural perspectives around money, or even ideas that we have let seep into our subconscious that defines our viewpoint of money. This story
What defines a successful podcast? What's interesting is that there's a common misconception that a successful podcast has to have millions of downloads. Actually, some of the most successful podcasts aren't internationally known. The goal of a
Let's face it.  You can only be one place at a time. The traditional one on one coaching model makes it difficult to scale your coaching practice unless you have ways that help you manage your current initiatives while seamlessly welcoming new
When the economy gets a little shaky, we tend to re-evaluate some of the things in our lives and consider whether they are truly necessary. We might look at our subscription services, like Netflix or whether we need all of the premium channels
Many health coaches jump into coaching because of something that they have personally overcome and felt compelled to share what they have learned with the world.  There then comes a point where you realize that you can actually get paid to help
It's a common occurrence to see health coaches shelving their certifications. In fact, that is why I created the Health Coach Academy Podcast in the first place. After over 150 episodes, clues have emerged that have set up a pathway to have a c
Email marketing is making a comeback! With the news of the issues around social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, ownership of an email list has jumped back in the spotlight as a vital part of a marketing strategy.  No matter what happ
As health coaches, we often recommend products to our clients that have had positive health benefits in our own lives. Imagine being able to create these products ourselves? In today’s show, we are going to take a glimpse into what needs to be
One of the best things about having a podcast is the connections you make and the discussions you have outside of the actual recording of the shows. You really get to know your guests on different levels, and some of the conversations are worth
The entrepreneurial mind is quite a fascinating thing. As we all know, being an entrepreneur isn't for everybody. And those who succeed have a mindset that success is the only option and they'll do whatever it takes to make the dream of their b
Does productivity feel like a dirty word? For many, productivity and what it actually means is quite elusive. For many entrepreneurs, rather than feeling good about getting things done, some are left with just feeling bad about themselves and t
Can you have a thriving health coaching practice as a second career? Absolutely! In fact, it's possible that you've gathered an immense knowledge and tons of transferable skills that fit nicely into being a successful health coach. Not to menti
Sure, I'm partial. But I believe podcasting is a great way to build your business and your brand. It helps you stand out as an authority in your industry and gives you instant credibility. But having a podcast is only one side of the story. Bei
Health coaching is an evolving profession. There are many schools and certification programs that prepare you to go out and help clients meet their health goals. So it is always a pleasure to get to look behind the scenes with one of the premie
It is often said that what we are naturally good at, should be what we are monetizing. And when we are naturally good at it, we already have 90% of what we need in order to get started and it’s just a matter of implementation. Sometimes however
One thing that health coaches can utilize is more data. And since one of the basic tenets of health coaching is the concept of bio-individuality, nothing can give us more precise data than genetic testing. Imagine being able to help clients get
It is really easy to fall into the trap that there’s too much competition in the health coach space.  As you become certified and look all around you, it is easy to feel like the market is saturated. But, that’s simply a thought not necessarily
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a very magically feel to it. When done right, it can drive traffic to your site opening up huge potentials for opportunity in our business. If done wrong, crickets. Yet, how many of us actually know how to g
Knowledge is power. However, knowledge isn't everything. Many health coaches get into a trap of always seeking additional knowledge and end up not taking action in their business. While there are many reasons why a health coach can fall into th
If Albert Einstein were around and we asked him for a formula for business, it would look something like this: no sales = no money = no business. And while so many health coaches have a funny feeling about sales, it is the most essential aspect
Even in the internet age, people still rely on referals for most of their goods and services. If someone can vouch for you, your credibilty is greatly enhanced. Social proof is a great way to boost your brand and highlights the fact that it isn
Research has shown that glucose is a major player in many of the health issues that plague our world. Most likely, you have a client who would benefit from having a better handle on it. And since health coaches are always looking for ways to ge
How much extra time and effort does it take to close a $100 an hour health coaching package in comparison to a $25,000 coaching package?  What if I told you that it doesn't really take that much more?  Even though this doesn't seem to make sens
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