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44: Shanda Sumpter of HeartCore Business

Released Friday, 20th October 2017
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Shanda Sumpter is the founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business. If you have ever dreamed of having a life of no worries—being able to pay your bills, buying a nice home, sending your kids to college, taking a great vacation, or having the freedom and money to make a difference for others . . . Shanda Sumpter is the business coach to show you how to make those dreams come true (and how it may be less complicated than you think).

1:42 Shanda Sumpter’s Story
Growing up, there was this always an inherent feeling within Shanda that there was more that she could give to the world to be of service. Originally, she had thought this to mean that she would need to make a lot of money. Shanda goes into her background and her childhood where she was raised for the first part of her life by her mother who worked from 9am to 9pm. On the nights her mother went out with her friends to play pool, one of her mother’s boyfriends would wake Shanda up and beat her. This part of the story was included not to elicit pity or by any means as a way of being ok with that behavior, but it was an example of where Shanda first started to develop her sense of drive.
When she moved in with her father and stepmother, Shanda experienced a totally different life. From living in a tiny apartment with her mother, she learned what it was like to have cooks, drivers and a staff of people. A vivid memory she recalled was waking up to many presents at Christmas where her stepmother – whom Shanda considers to be her mother, has remembered things Shanda had liked at shops and had wrapped these up for her. She was deeply touched by this gesture and cried at the thought that somebody cared enough about her to make such a thoughtful effort.
From that moment, Shanda associated money with freedom and love which inspired her drive to go to university as “smart girls do.” She started failing out of university and landed in a school in America, believing it to be the land of the free. Quickly learning that if you work hard in Corporate America, you can make a lot of money, Shanda made over 170 million dollars in real estate over a year, even though she felt she had no idea what she was doing.
6:05 Giving Up and Stopping
After making 170 million dollars in real estate, Shanda passes on some advice about people who have ideas, execute and give up because it fails or doesn’t work. This creates a pattern of a series of stopping. For Shanda, she firmly believes that there will be never anything in her life that she will leave uncompleted. This inspired her to leave real estate and start her current company HeartCore Business. The reason she wanted to work in real estate was to use it as an avenue to help people be financially sound – this was something she realized a lot later with new found wisdom. HeartCore Business has the same intention of helping people.

8:04 Manage Your Mind Shanda describes how she has witness people who push back on things they set out to complete, instead of seeing it through. In order to be a leader in service, you have to be able to lead the masses by example – through completing what you said you would.
There’s nothing wrong with quitting, however you must be congruent in integrity. We quit a lot of things a lot of the time – whether it be friendships, relationships or courses and then we try to logically come up with an excuse as to why.

11:30 It’s Important In Today’s Economy To Build Your Influence
You have got to become a massive influencer – and not necessarily on social media. You have to be able to lead people who pay you, long term to work through their challenges because you work through yours. Otherwise you don’t have a business. It is predicted that 30-45% of the American population will be unemployed due to the middle class being wiped out. It’s important to follow and be connected to a network of people who are really rocking it. When Shanda was a successful 30 year old and making lots of money, her attitude lead her to having seven years of bad credit when the market crashed. Even though she was able to recover with her new business, it was a huge lesson she learnt about leveraging opportunities and relationships. Predicting a market crash, Shanda explains how people are being replaced by technology which will be the catalyst.

15:30 Tips for staying successful
  1. Have a strong network of people who are successful
  2. Befriend those who are wiser than you and can bring business value and advice
  3. Position yourself so you can higher people
  4. Pay attention and listen
17:10 HeartCore Business: Creating Audiences If you want to stay relevant, you’ve always got to be changing. If you stay on the cutting edge of what your clients want, they will stay with you because you serve them best. Shanda advises business to build their audience first before asking them what product they want. You have to build a community that trusts you.
21:52 Audience Building
To get her clients out of the way, Shanda gave her clients 90 days to compete for her Porsche. Streaming this live on HeartCore’s facebook business page was a way that Shanda demonstrates that documenting is the new way of selling. Actually taking parts of your day and using the platforms to distribute it. Think of it like being in a documentary all the time, similar to a reality show. This can create Lead Generations. She goes through the journey mindset and the challenges she has faced personally in her own business and with her clients.

33:28 Learn More about Shanda
Visit Shanda’s social media: Instagram: @shandasumpter
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heartcorebusiness

Every hardship in our lives gives us a stepping stone into our next stage or development.
There’s a series of stopping that prevents us from getting the things we want in life.
If you are the smartest person in your business, you are not going to scale fast.