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45: Holly Diederich, the Sparklepreneur Coach, on doing things differently

Released Friday, 27th October 2017
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Holly Diederich is a Business Success Stylist and Sparklepreneur™ who helps women build 6 figure online businesses that they are obsessed with that allow them to leave their trail of glitter all over the world. She built her six-figure coaching business from the ground up in less than a year without a website, without a big email list, no “real” sales funnel, no big team and without huge business expenses. She loves to work with online CEO's who are ready for 5 figure months and help them do the same in a fun and authentic way.

1:35 Holly Diederich’s Story
Holly’s background is truly unique in that she has been able to create huge success without having gone down the path that entrepreneurs usually do.
With a background in business, she thought the secret sauce to life was to make six figures in the corporate world. She was in charge of Human Resources and Recruitment at a large corporate company and felt that making six figures before the age of 30 was the life.
However, once Holly started to have children, her priorities changed and she craved more from life. She started an online boutique store, researched, shipped, ordered – literally did everything for this business with no help or support. Finding herself up until 4am in the morning even though she was doing very well in a short amount of time wasn’t what she wanted. She created a facebook group as a plea for help in 2015 and people, primarily mothers began to engage with her and over time, she naturally became the leader of that group and subsequently played a business mentor to this community. Teaching visibility and DIY Public Relations, her business took off very quickly and whilst that was happening; selling over $200k in coaching services this year alone – all without a website or sales funnels. Now, Holly works 3-4 days a week from 11-2:30pm which she balances with being a mother.

6:41 Omitting Traditional Methods for a Coaching Service Business
As an entrepreneur and business owner, Holly alone shatters a lot of myths about what it takes to be successful – she did this all without a website while fostering and nurturing the relationships she had.
She put her head down and focused on money making activities only through staying off Facebook unless it was to support her clients or connect with her friends. She came up with the name “Sparkleprenuer” because as a kid, she remembered loving sparkles. The first step she did when she began her business was that she created an opt in and got an email list. She became confident on how she showed up and told her story which lead her to grow her Facebook and email list. She also only emails when she is inspired to do so. Her tip is to put her blinders on, don’t pay attention to anyone else and how they did things and just do what you need to do to focus on the money making activities.

10:26 Time Wasting Eliminators
Holly has noticed that a lot of people feel they need certain things before they start the actual work. She is so the opposite. She believes that it’s whatever marketing tool your using that you’re going to send people to is what you need to create – and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a website.  People get caught up on having to do sales pages and this in turn becomes the excuse created in order to stop from actually doing. She is a big advocate for doing.

12:21 How to connect with your community without a Sales Page
Holly’s first tip is to look at your community and asses the kind of community you have. How can they pay you without a sales page? Those are the people you need to talk to and give them a payment link whether it be through a post or email with a payment link. It’s only if you make it hard is that it becomes hard. Sometimes sales pages work if you believe you want them too, however Holly has sold thousands of programs without one. If you’re really inspired to do something, your momentum comes to a halt when you think about sales pages and having to invest the time and resources into creating something.

15:37 Favourite Platform To Use to Grow The Business
In terms of picking a platform for growth, Holly explains that this depends on the mood she is in. She’s work through Facebook, Instagram to her email list. When she goes to post, she will start it on her Facebook group, then recycle everywhere. She’s learnt to be in her business on an inspire basis. If she’s not feeling it for two weeks, she won’t show up and post anything which has proved that this forced feeling, or forcing yourself to do something or be somewhere is so counterproductive. She learnt to trust herself and knew it was just going to work out.

17:37 Tips for Hiring and Knowing When To Hire
As a former HR specialist and now entrepreneur, one of the most solid tips Holly gives in terms of hiring people is that you make a list of things you don’t like to do and to pick the things that you aren’t excited about and outsource them first.  It’s just whatever you’re really feeling. If you need to hire somebody before you start your business – do it. The first person she hired was after she booked her first client when she was able to get support. Her first VA only did 3 or 4 hours a month. It wasn’t a huge thing then. She started where she needed to and made it work. 

19::57 Vision for Business Expansion
Holly’s hard goal is to be a millionaire by 35. In her business, she has courses, one on one programs and she is now moving towards a business model that takes less one on one clients to being able to help and serve more people through courses and programs.

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“People need to hear that there’s no right way to do something. The moment you
get that out of your head, the moment you try to stop being somebody else.”
“Do things how you want to do them.”