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What Does the Bible Say About Manifestation?

Released Friday, 27th November 2020
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What is the Formula to Manifestation according to the Bible? In today’s new age spirituality like the teaching of the Law of Attraction, the Mastermind Principles by Napolean Hills, the Law of Balance by Vadim Zeland in the book Reality Transurfing Steps I-V. ALL follow the formula give, then receive. But what does it mean to give? We tend to think of material things, I have learn to use energy, when I give my mind and heart, I create a state of prayer. And in hypnosis, prayer is a form of trance. Prayer is like self hypnosis. While in this state of prayer, you create a frequency. This frequency is very enjoyable. It feels light, like an opening, an expanding. I use an induction to help people get into this state. Once you can do it, you can do it. You need nothing outside yourself.

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