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Episodes of Heels In The Courtroom

Have you ever avoided talking to a co-worker who is not performing up to expectations, or put off telling a client you can’t take their case just because you don’t want to have that uncomfortable conversation? How you set expectations can make
Opposing counsel is being difficult, or the client is confused. You’re trying to be nice, but the message isn’t getting through. Before you throw up your hands and shout “What do you want?!”….try our 7 tips for more effective communication. The
You’re out of the office, but the clients and the cases never stop. Do you send an email at the Washington Monument, or wait until you get home? What will happen if you don’t respond immediately? And is the anxiety of being “disconnected” when
How can you successfully advocate for your client if you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes? Going beyond a five-minute intake phone call will help you better understand your client’s needs, fears, and goals, open new avenues in your argument
Women often back down from conflict. It’s in our nature, but is it in our best interest? Today’s episode offers insight on when to stand down and when to stand your ground when a co-worker gives you a work product that doesn’t meet your expecta
A reporter requests information on your case. Do you have an ethical responsibility to respond to their inquiry? Are there benefits to be gained from pre- or post-trial publicity? Or is “no comment” always the best response? This episode review
File the motions. Schedule the depos. Read the records. Prep the exhibits. When should you write your open, directs, crosses, and close? Who is getting the hotel for the expert? And why should you write this all down? This episode outlines key
Her house is bigger. He did an expert depo and you haven’t. She’s got four trials in the next two months and you only have one. Does it really matter? Will attaining that thing actually make you happy? And why do we compare ourselves to others
Location, location, location. Strategic attorneys know where you file your lawsuit has a big impact. Today’s discussion covers important considerations such as damage caps, jury pool, and what to do if your case is removed from state to federal
Mediation poses unique challenges and isn’t always successful. In order to present your most persuasive case, what facts or documents should you prepare for the mediator? If you think the mediator is being biased, what can you do? And when the
There are three key concepts to keep in mind during oral arguments. Do you know what they are? Should you hope for a hot bench or a cold bench? And what do you say if the judge asks a question you can’t answer? Find answers to these questions a
Are you thinking about appealing your case even before you go to court? You should. This episode explains how to preserve an error for the record, clarifies when a judgment is actually final, and outlines the major writs to remember. We’ll also
It’s business, don’t take it personally.” How many times have you heard that, and how do you react? Is there a middle ground that allows tough skin and a tender heart? Today’s thought-provoking discussion examines how we can make business decis
Opposing counsel's expert’s report raises doubts in your mind about scientific methodology or adherence to industry-standard practices….do you file a Daubert motion to seek to exclude the presentation of that expert’s testimony to the jury? You
As a lawyer, you may think you are a good listener. But could you listen more effectively, and in turn, be heard more clearly? With tips from the Heels in the Courtroom trial attorneys and insights from Kate Murphy’s book, You’re Not Listening:
We all know the feeling…your stomach is tight, your heart is pounding, and if you’re like one law colleague, you might be hoping you get into a motor vehicle accident to avoid going to court. This episode of Heels in the Courtroom focuses on ho
We all know the feeling…your heart starts racing, your stomach starts turning and your palms are getting sweaty…. This episode of Heels in the Courtroom focuses on how to reduce negative nervousness and turn apprehension into motivation. But if
Mentorship isn’t just giving work advice to a younger attorney. It’s a professional and personal relationship built on trust and mutual respect that benefits the mentor and the mentee. And you shouldn’t stop with just one! Learn how to find men
Every case requires some legal research, and we don’t mean Google. This hard-skills episode focuses on pro tips like how to use Westlaw more efficiently, where to start your research and whether or not it’s a smart move to omit case law that co
Did you know the average person makes over 35,000 conscious decisions every day? Decision fatigue is real but there are ways to cope. Today’s discussion examines asking for and evaluating advice, setting decision-making boundaries, and recogniz
When determining whether you can sue a hospital, municipality, or the federal government in wrongful death or personal injury litigation, it’s vital you understand the nuances of sovereign immunity. Many government entities and municipalities a
Opposing counsel is hammering your client with irrelevant questions, an intimidating tone, and maybe even false evidence. Under this intense pressure, your client may take the bait and respond in a manner that could derail your case. What can y
How does it feel when you open your email and it’s addressed to “Gentlemen?” Have you been asked on the phone if you are an assistant just because you have a feminine voice? And why are women fifty percent of law school grads but still only 15%
Even if you and your firm are completely above reproach, you could be sued. Your conduct may be scrutinized and every document you ever sent in a case may be discoverable. Are you prepared for that? This episode offers key insight into basic le
Sloppy jury instructions can lead to appeal due to instructional error or confusion in deliberations, and nobody wants that. In this episode, you’ll learn about verdict directors, clean and dirty instructions, roving commissions, potential pitf
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