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Helping The Birds and Ghostnets and Stuff with Casey Margaret Craig

Released Wednesday, 18th April 2018
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Hello! And Good News! Another long break between episodes brings us together once again. This month’s good news guest is Casey Margaret Craig. Casey is a very funny lady who works in film and television here in Los Angeles on shows you probably know like Workaholics, Silicon Valley and Ghosted. Casey and I sit together on the true blue couch and talk about:
       3D printed houses! ICON has developed a method for printing a single-story 650-square-foot house out of cement in only 12 to 24 hours. If all goes according to plan, a community made up of about 100 homes will be constructed for residents in El Salvador next year        
        Parley, a global cleanup organization that works internationally to develop solutions to current and future pollution problems within our oceans. Parley is currently partnering with Adidas by releasing shoes made from Parley Ocean Plastic™ - materials created from upcycled plastic waste intercepted on Maldivian beaches and in coastal communities before it reaches the ocean. Parley also has many other creative collaborations in the works to prevent ocean pollutants and cut down on plastic manufacturing  that Hannah attempts to tell Casey about.
        A new documentary, Even When I Fall, brings awareness to human trafficking in Nepal by following the story of Circus Kathmandu, a troupe founded and comprised of trafficking survivors. As children they were kidnapped and sold into a travelling circus, and now they use their unique skills as an educational artform to share their own story.
In animal corner we talk about the city of Toronto and how it has changed it’s architecture to become “bird friendly”.
     Casey is from Sayre Pennsylvania and we talk about her hometown and the nearby Wounded Warriors, a bereavement group in Horsehead that holds support meetings. counseling, and family support for those experiencing death or a life-threatening illness.
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