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224 Yes, She Can! with Andrea Flores
I’m always looking for topics I find inspiring and thought-provoking in this time when we as women feel uncertain, unheard, and like we are losing hope. Today’s show is all about hope and change--and how young, intelligent women are making a differ…
223 Write a World-Changing Book with Cynthia Morris
Have you ever been told that you have a book inside of you just waiting to get out? Today’s show addresses why that might be true! We’re talking to a dear friend who is making it her mission to bring out the writer in everyone! Cynthia Morris is a …
50 Reasons Why Your Work Matters
Feeling unclear about your creative ideas? This 50 Reasons exercise will help you get clear right away. Join the Rich Creatrix 14-Day Challenge, starting June 7th, 2019: www.herrulesradio.com/shop
222 3 Thinking Traps: Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, Analysis-Paralysis
In today’s short Power Pod episode, we are diving deep into a particular topic that comes up a lot in my work with clients. We’re discussing 3 Thinking Traps that are stopping driven and success-minded woman from achieving what they want. Today’s w…
221 It's Not Too Late To Try
Our youth-obsessed culture has brainwashed us to believe that we are somehow past our prime. (Actually, it’s a flavor of the toxic patriarchy that we live in: us womxn are always told we’re too old… or too young!) We see stories that exalt The 30 U…
Your Other Ticking Clock Vs. Imposter Syndrome
Imposter Syndrome is real, especially for certain high-achieving women How to end imposter syndrome Online training with Alexandra Jamieson
219 Do Less with Kate Northrup
If you’re a mom, then you know what it feels like to always be pressured to do more. You run yourself ragged trying to keep up the appearance of being a great mom, and getting to and from all the kids’ activities is about to push you over the edge.…
218 My Mother of Dragons Moment
This is a story about coming out of hiding, admitting what we want, who we are, and taking bold, bright, beautiful action on behalf of our dreams.   This is a story about becoming the Mother of Dragons.
217 Get BARE with Susan Hyatt
Why do most of us equate our worth as a woman with our body weight? There is no good answer, but we can all agree that things need to change! Our size and body weight has nothing to do with how we deserve love and respect. We’re diving into transfo…
216: Your Creative Legacy
The stuff that's burning to be created through you? It could be the key to your happiness, wellness, and life satisfaction. Listen in and get inspired to stop stopping yourself.
215: Mantras in Motion with Erin Stutland
The mind-body connection is a hot topic today, but there is much more to this phenomenon than you probably realize. In today’s show, we are talking positive psychology, positive mindset, and positive movement. We’re diving deep into a new book writ…
It's spring and it's my birthday week! Get the scoop on how to quickly enter an amazing book give away! 
213: Period Power with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
We’re talking all things female health in today’s show as we take a deep dive with an incredible coach and educator. Join us as we discuss menstruation, birth control, fertility, period pain, hormones, inflammation, and more! Lisa Hendrickson-Jack …
The Power Of Your Intentions
Revisiting the classic 80s book Energy Medicine, I'm reminded of the value of "mental rehearsal."  Olympic coaches and athletes use visualization and embodiment practices to bring intentions and goal setting to life. Discover how creating and exper…
211 Happy Menopause with Dr. Anna Cabeca
Happy Menopause - is that really how we think of it? Let’s be real and say that menopause and its symptoms are NOT the things we look forward to! In honor of February, when we’re focusing on self-love and women’s pleasure, we are diving deep into a…
210 Your Story Is Your Magic
We humans define ourselves and learn best through stories. Story tellers are revered members of society, and your story is totally unique to you... Stories help us evolve, change, and envision a bigger, different life. It's time to reexamine and te…
209 Xanet Pialet on Living An Orgasmic Life
We’re serving up some self-love for Valentine’s Day. It’s time to ask yourself what you really want and to listen to your body and soul. We are diving deep today into all things pleasure. Join us. Xanet Pialet is a teacher, and author of the bestse…
208 Essential Oil for Hormones with Dr. Mariza Snyder
Essential oils---you hear about them everywhere! Whether you’re a skeptic, a novice, or an experienced EO user, today’s show is packed with useful and practical information that you don’t want to miss! As the child of a hippie mom in Oregon in the …
207 Black Maternal Death Rates with Marsha Jones and the Afiya Center
It’s a new year, and I, for one, am glad 2018 is over! We are changing up the format of the show, going from a weekly show format to doing two shows monthly with quality guests and conversations. I’m also spending more time and attention in my pain…
206 BE In Your Body For Success In 2019
Are you stuck? Sometimes the ways we think and behave keep us stuck, and those pitfalls can come from childhood programming, society’s brainwashing, or old habits that started out as survival tools. The sad news is that all of these things keep us …
205 Rage Becomes Her with Soraya Chemaly
When was the last time you were REALLY angry? Did you notice how people around you reacted?  Why are rage and anger assessed differently in men and women? My guest today discusses why we have strong opinions about these emotions, why we’re so judgm…
204 Don't Call Me Crazy with Dr. Meg Poe
Are you living your best life? You know, this show exists to help you find and create your own rules for living and boundaries that honor your desires. Today’s show covers creative ways to live with connection and authenticity---no matter what othe…
203 Stress-Free Holidays (AKA Boundaries are the Best Presents)
It's that time of year again- it's officially holiday season. This is the time for getting together with family and friends to feast and celebrate. It's also the time for emotional eating and holiday stress. Because, regardless of how successful we…
202 Holidays, Feasts, and Family with Leanne Ely
It’s coming soon---one of the most important meals of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, along with the other opportunities for feasting with friends and family. Today’s show is all about making the most of your holiday fe…
201 Soul Models and Self Knowing
Are you DOING it all without HAVING it all? Are you getting the return on investment for your effort? Join me for today’s discussion about soul models and self-knowing and we will hash it out together. From my webinars and the questions some women …
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