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Making their way down from the floating city of Elturel, the Guild of Goons touch down on the surface of Avernus proper. From there, it doesn't take long for chaos to ensue.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_hereforthero
The Guild of Goons help unlock some crucial memories and information that shed some light on where they need to go after Elturel.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   TikTok: @_herefortherolls   Email:
Isadore makes a friend. Galleon tries to survive his curse. A powerful man is found powerless.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   TikTok: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We v
The rest of the High Hall Cathedral is explored and then the journey continues toward Elturel's cemetery...   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We very much apprecia
The Guild of Goons reach the High Hall Cathedral of Elturel, where they continue their search for survivors and anyone who might have useful information.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email: heref
The title says it all. This is where the fun begins.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We very much appreciate those 5-Star Reviews and Subscribes!   Baldur's Ga
Act 1 of BG: Descent Into Avernus comes to a close as the Guild of Goons meet with Sylvira Savikas, a tiefling mage and expert on the Nine Hells.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email: herefortherol
Jake #2 (Edson, Varicose Ken) returns to the DM throne to take us through Wizards of the Coast 5e classic, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Join him, Nobuo, Avrik, Bentley, and Paints-with-Blades as they investigate the strange disturbances of Tiamat
A very important shield is discovered, as is a new lead on how to decipher the secret of the infernal puzzle box.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We very much ap
Our Guild of Goons descend beneath Vanthampur Villa with the hopes of finally meeting with the powerful Duke Thalamra.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We very mu
With the help of Mortlock and a new ally named Reya, our Burning Fist crew come up with a plan to infiltrate the Villa in search of Thalamra Vanthampur and the answers she may possess.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_h
The Guild of Goons continue their investigation into the Vanthampur family by seeking out Amrik Vanthampur at a shady tavern ship.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:  
Isadore and Monroe meet a family member as our group continues their cultist purge.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We very much appreciate those 5-Star Reviews
Our new Flaming Fist recruits infiltrate a local bathhouse in search of the hideout of the Cult of the Dead Three.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We very much a
SEASON 2 BEGINS as our new, yet-to-be-named squad are recruited by the Flaming Fist mercenary group and tasked with eliminating a murder cult from the streets of Baldur's Gate. Featuring Mackenzie Pedersen.   Patreon:
The Yeet Fleet's journey comes to a close.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We very much appreciate those 5-Star Reviews and Subscribes!   Story Written By Jake
The Yeet Fleet descend deep into the Temple of Tharizdun with the goal of annihilating the third demigod and claiming the final Ascension Fragment.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email: hereforther
Our heroes launch a rescue mission for Tishan in the City of Brass before heading to the Vine in pursuit of their confrontation with the third, final, and most mysterious demigod.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefo
A demigod now on their side, the final march continues as the Yeet Fleet head back to the Twin Isles of Kord, where Mum plans to have more than words with his God.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Em
The Yeet Fleet prepare for a showdown with the Goddess herself.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We very much appreciate those 5-Star Reviews and Subscribes!  
The great battle for the home of the Doubles comes to a tense resolution as the Yeet Fleet prepare for their final trials.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We ver
The final Here for the Rolls episode of 2020 is here. Teanca hops in the DM saddle for the evening and transports us to the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, where naught but holiday shenanigans await some third year wizards...   Patreon: patreon.c
The Final Chapter begins as the Fleet gather their allies to plan a full-scale attack on the base camp fortress of the Doubles. Also, Melgoth casts Zone of Truth.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Ema
A terrifying enemy is encountered within the Submerged Mountain as the Yeet Fleet look for answers explaining Melgoth's intel.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   We
The Yeet Fleet search Fivestep for the entrance to the secret passage that is said to lead them to a lost temple under the sea.   Patreon:   Instagram: @_herefortherolls   Email:   W
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